Authors that match 'williams'.

Robert Williams Buchanan British Poet (1841-1901)
Peter McWilliams American Writer (1949-2000)
Alvin Williams (-)
Andy Williams American Musician (1927-)
Anson Williams American Actor (1949-)
Anthony A. Williams American Politician (1951-)
Armstrong Williams American Journalist (1959-)
Barry Williams American Actor (1954-)
Bern Williams (-)
Bert Williams American Entertainer (1875-1922)
Bill Williams American Celebrity (1960-1998)
Billy Dee Williams American Actor (1937-)
Brian Williams American Journalist (1959-)
Carey Williams (-)
Charles Williams English Editor (1886-1945)
Clarence Williams American Musician (1898-1965)
Claude Williams (-)
Dar Williams American Musician (1967-)
Edward Bennett Williams American Lawyer (1920-1988)
Eric Williams Historian (1911-1981)
Esther Williams American Actress (1921-)
George C. Williams American Scientist (1926-)
Hank Williams American Musician (1923-1953)
Ian Williams American Musician (1970-)
Jason Williams American Athlete (1975-)
Jayson Williams American Athlete (1968-)
JoBeth Williams American Actress (1948-)
Joe Williams American Musician (1918-1999)
John Sharp Williams American Politician (1854-1932)
John Williams American Composer (1932-)
Juan Williams American Journalist (1954-)
Kenneth Williams British Actor (1926-1988)
Kit Williams Author (-)
Larry Williams American Musician (1935-1980)
Lucinda Williams American Musician (1953-)
Mary Lou Williams American Musician (1910-1981)
Michael Williams (1935-2001)
Montel Williams American Entertainer (1956-)
Otis Williams American Musician (1939-)
Pat Williams American Athlete (1972-)
Paul Williams (1939-1973)
Pharrell Williams American Musician (1973-)
Ralph Vaughan Williams English Composer (1872-1958)
Raymond Williams Welsh Novelist (1921-1988)
Richard Williams Canadian Director (1933-)
Ricky Williams American Athlete (1977-)
Robbie Williams British Musician (1974-)
Roberta Williams American Designer (1953-)
Robin Williams American Comedian (1952-)
Roger Williams English Theologian (1603-)
Rowan D. Williams (-)
Rowan Williams English Theologian (1950-)
Roy H. Williams American Businessman (-)
Saul Williams American Musician (1972-)
Serena Williams American Athlete (1981-)
Shirley Williams British Politician (1930-)
Tad Williams American Writer (1957-)
Ted Williams American Athlete (1918-2002)
Tennessee Williams American Dramatist (1911-1983)
Tony Williams American Musician (1945-1997)
Treat Williams American Actor (1951-)
Vanessa Williams American Musician (1963-)
Venus Williams American Athlete (1980-)
Walter Jon Williams American Writer (1953-)
Wayne Williams (1958-)
Wendy O. Williams American Musician (1949-1998)
Henry Williamson English Author (1895-1977)
Hugh Williamson American Politician (1735-1819)
Kevin Williamson American Author (1965-)
Malcolm Williamson Australian Composer (1931-2003)
Marianne Williamson American Author (1952-)

Quotations that match 'williams'.

My manager was Buddy Glee, who put me together with Mike Curb, and was basically the idea to bring some soul to the label and bring something different to the label besides the Hank Williams situation.
[ Basically Besides Bring Buddy Curb Different Hank Idea Label Manager Mike Put Situation Some Something Soul Together Williams]
I was a beginner again. I practiced hard and used to listen very closely to recordings of American jazz drummers such as Tony Williams and Kenny Clarke.
[ Again American Beginner Clarke Closely Drummers Hard Jazz Kenny Listen Practiced Recordings Such Tony Used Very Williams]
I feel that I'm leaving Williamstown too early, but I'd rather leave too early than too late.
[ Early Feel Late Leave Leaving Rather Than Too]
Ted Williams was the greatest hitter I ever saw, but DiMaggio was the greatest all around player.
[ Around Dimaggio Ever Greatest Hitter Player Saw Ted Williams]
We got to go to Lucas Ranch and, at that time, my brother was still living in a condo about a mile from Robin Williams, and so I made all of the other comics jealous because I got to get a ride home with him.
[ Because Brother Comics Condo Get Go Got Him Home Jealous Living Lucas Made Mile Other Ranch Ride Robin Still Time Williams]
A man has to have goals - for a day, for a lifetime - and that was mine, to have people say, 'There goes Ted Williams, the greatest hitter who ever lived.'
[ Day Ever Goals Goes Greatest Hitter Lifetime Lived Man Mine Say Ted Williams]
The Lotus is a couple of years newer than the Williams was, and as the pace of development in F1 cars is so quick, I expect it to be another completely different experience, but still one that I know I'm going to enjoy.
[ Another Cars Completely Couple Development Different Enjoy Expect Experience F1 Going Know Lotus Newer Pace Quick Still Than Williams Years]
I think Robbie Williams is an utter and complete prat. His last record was a pile of rubbish.
[ Complete His Last Pile Record Rubbish Think Utter Williams]
Again like Williams, with the emphasis now regrettable, when a man makes a poem, makes it mind you, he takes the words as he finds them lying interrelated about him.
[ Again Emphasis Finds Him Interrelated Lying Makes Man Mind Now Poem Regrettable Takes Them Williams Words]
I recently did a piece for the Boston Pops and John Williams, and I hope that it's as well a composed piece as I've ever done for any other medium or occasion.
[ Any Boston Composed Did Done Ever Hope John Medium Occasion Other Piece Pops Recently Well Williams]
Do you think I am standing here, making this up as I go? I am sorry to disillusion you. I am not Robin Williams. I am the king of the pen.
[ Am Disillusion Go Here King Making Pen Robin Sorry Standing Think Up Williams]
General: I attempted to take Williamsport yesterday, but found too large a force of infantry and artillery. After a long fight, I withdrew to this place.
[ After Artillery Attempted Fight Force Found General Infantry Large Long Place Take Too Withdrew Yesterday]
Tennessee Williams was a gifted talker with a beautiful accent and we had lots of things in common.
[ Accent Beautiful Common Gifted Had Lots Talker Tennessee Things Williams]
Which Esther Williams do you want to hear about?
[ Hear Want Which Williams]
I own four copies of Robin WIlliams's Live on Broadway comedy special for HBO. One in Wilmington, one in L.A., one in my trailer, and one at my parents' house. I can watch it over and over again and it never gets old. He is the funniest, wittiest man on the planet!
[ Again Broadway Comedy Copies Four Funniest Gets Hbo House Live Man Never Old Over Own Parents Planet Robin Special Trailer Watch Williams Wilmington]
Jim Norton and Harland Williams always make me laugh.
[ Always Jim Laugh Make Norton Williams]
I wish there was a painter who could paint as well as Ted Williams could hit.
[ Could Hit Paint Painter Ted Well Williams Wish]
I don't love comedy but I can watch someone who's kind of interesting forever. I think a waitress who's having a bad day is a lot more fun than Robin Williams doing forty minutes of material.
[ Bad Comedy Day Doing Forever Forty Fun Having Interesting Kind Lot Love Material Minutes More Robin Someone Than Think Waitress Watch Williams]
I always wanted a guitar. I always wanted to be a cowboy singer because I also listened to Hank Williams, and he would always sing these neat romantic songs.
[ Also Always Because Cowboy Guitar Hank Listened Neat Romantic Sing Singer Songs These Wanted Williams Would]
I thought it was terrible. I don't know who to believe. Williams was very loyal and honest. Nobody could ever say different. Sometimes, that got him into a lot of trouble. But after he died and they cut his head off, that made me sick.
[ After Believe Could Cut Died Different Ever Got Head Him His Honest Into Know Lot Loyal Made Nobody Off Say Sick Sometimes Terrible Thought Trouble Very Williams]
I like a very dry wit, not the big kind of humor like Robin Williams. I don't think I'm capable of that.
[ Big Capable Dry Humor Kind Robin Think Very Williams Wit]
We've gotta give Richard Williams a lot of credit - to give us two number one champions is a phenomenal feat.
[ Champions Credit Feat Give Gotta Lot Number Phenomenal Richard Two Us Williams]
I indeed had only one scene, one speech, one little speech, but it was with Robin Williams.
[ Had Indeed Little Only Robin Scene Speech Williams]
One guy that I wish was here right now, Ted Williams, helped me so much, our long talks, not about hitting but about fishing, one of Ted's passions, and I wish he was here today to share this with me because I owe so much to Ted Williams.
[ Because Fishing Guy Helped Here Hitting Long Much Now Our Owe Passions Right Share Talks Ted Today Williams Wish]
Whether it's people walking off 'The View' when Bill O'Reilly makes a statement about radical Islam or Juan Williams being fired for expressing his opinion, over-reaching political correctness is chipping away at the fundamental American freedoms of speech and expression.
[ American Away Being Bill Chipping Correctness Expressing Expression Fired Freedoms Fundamental His Islam Juan Makes Off Opinion Political Radical Reilly Speech Statement View Walking Whether Williams]
NBC anchor Brian Williams is a standup comic in disguise.
[ Anchor Brian Comic Disguise Nbc Standup Williams]
I have no doubt that there are great people about though... the thing of it is, nothing to this day moves me like classical music (Debussy, Vaughn Williams).
[ Classical Day Debussy Doubt Great Moves Music Nothing Thing Though Vaughn Williams]
The way those clubs shift against Ted Williams, I can't understand how he can be so stupid not to accept the challenge to him and hit to left field.
[ Accept Against Challenge Clubs Field Him Hit How Left Shift Stupid Ted Those Understand Way Williams]
I met my wife and, for the next ten years, we did no films at all. She did the first movie and then I did several after. My first movie was written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Kazan and was called Baby Doll.
[ After Baby Called Did Directed Doll Films First Kazan Met Movie Next Several She Ten Tennessee Then Wife Williams Written Years]
I think people think Jim Carrey's just wild and crazy. He really is very disciplined. It is true of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams as well.
[ Carrey Crazy Disciplined Eddie Jim Just Murphy Really Robin Think True Very Well Wild Williams]
When I worked with Robin Williams, now there is improv! He is just as funny as you think he is. We did at least five or six takes of every scene, improvising every scene differently. He was a riot.
[ Did Differently Every Five Funny Improv Improvising Just Least Now Riot Robin Scene Six Takes Think Williams Worked]
You were saying that once when visiting Yale, you were struck that unlike Pound, Williams's thinking was volatile, I mean, did not stay locked into a pattern of concepts that then defined his subsequent necessary behavior, whereas Pound did.
[ Behavior Concepts Defined Did His Into Locked Mean Necessary Once Pattern Pound Saying Stay Struck Subsequent Then Thinking Unlike Visiting Volatile Were Whereas Williams Yale]
I was down with Lucinda Williams and Mary Chapin-Carpenter. We did an acoustic tour, just the three of us, three chicks and three guitars.
[ Acoustic Chicks Did Down Guitars Just Mary Three Tour Us Williams]
We have this morning dropped anchor, just off Williamstown.
[ Anchor Dropped Just Morning Off]
The president of the branch in Atlanta was a pastor of a church, the Reverend Sam Williams, a wonderful guy. He was middle-class and fairly militant for the time and place.
[ Atlanta Branch Church Fairly Guy Middle-Class Militant Pastor Place President Reverend Sam Time Williams Wonderful]
I think most people read and re-read the things that they have liked. That's certainly true in my case. I re-read Pound a great deal, I re-read Williams, I re-read Thomas, I re-read the people whom I cam to love when I was at what you might call a formative stage.
[ Call Cam Case Certainly Deal Formative Great Liked Love Might Most Pound Re-Read Read Stage Things Think Thomas True Whom Williams]
All my life I've been waiting for this, and now it can happen. A Williams is going to win.
[ Been Going Happen Life Now Waiting Williams Win]
If Ted Williams just tip his cap once he could be elected Mayor of Boston in five minutes.
[ Boston Cap Could Elected Five His Just Mayor Minutes Once Ted Tip Williams]
Few if any teenagers can relate to getting up for school and finding famous comics like Pryor and Williams hanging out in your living room after a hard night of partying. But that's Hollywood.
[ After Any Comics Famous Few Finding Getting Hanging Hard Hollywood Living Night Out Partying Pryor Relate Room School Teenagers Up Williams Your]
That's something Mary Lou Williams used to tell me: If you're not feeling right about what you're doing and you play a minor tune it all comes back, falls into place. I don't know if that's true, but I do it.
[ Back Comes Doing Falls Feeling Into Know Lou Mary Minor Place Play Right Something Tell True Tune Used Williams]
When Ted Williams was here, inducted into the Hall of Fame 37 years ago, he said he must have earned it, because he didn't win it because of his friendship with the writers. I guess in that way, I'm proud to be in this company that way.
[ Ago Because Company Earned Fame Friendship Guess Hall Here His Inducted Into Must Proud Said Ted Way Williams Win Writers Years]
I didn't get to meet Hank Williams. I was in the Air Force on Okinawa when he passed away.
[ Air Away Force Get Hank Meet Okinawa Passed Williams]
For a man who purports to have learned of media ethics only this month, Mr. Williams has spent an undue amount of time appearing as a media ethicist on both CNN and the cable news networks of NBC.
[ Amount Appearing Both Cable Cnn Ethics Learned Man Media Month Mr Nbc Networks News Only Spent Time Undue Williams]
As an actor, I felt I couldn't compete. I wasn't as cute as the leading man; I wasn't as brilliant as Robin Williams.
[ Actor Brilliant Compete Cute Felt Leading Man Robin Williams]
My father had a varied ear, from Hank Williams to Ravel.
[ Ear Father Had Hank Ravel Varied Williams]
I got Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie and he also plays now with Hank Williams Jr.
[ Also Got Hall Hank Jimmy Jr Now Plays Wet Williams Willie]
I don't want to be nasty but let's just say Robbie Williams is no Freddie Mercury.
[ Freddie Just Mercury Nasty Say Want Williams]
And, I'd never done Tennessee Williams, and I had done Broadway musicals, so it was a challenge.
[ Broadway Challenge Done Had Musicals Never Tennessee Williams]
I am very proud of my name. My full name is Richard Treat Williams.
[ Am Full Name Proud Richard Treat Very Williams]
I think you have everyone kind of pulling on the same end of the rope. It's not like you're Robin Williams and everyone else is a deaf mute. It's like - there's plenty of help.
[ Deaf Else End Everyone Help Kind Mute Plenty Pulling Robin Rope Same Think Williams]