Authors that match 'smith'.

Nancy Banks-Smith (-)
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (-)
Margaret Smith Court Australian Athlete (1942-)
James Goldsmith French Businessman (1933-1997)
Jerry Goldsmith American Composer (1929-2004)
Martin Goldsmith Writer (-)
Oliver Goldsmith Irish Poet (1730-1774)
Olivia Goldsmith American Writer (1949-2004)
George Grossmith English Actor (1847-1912)
Weedon Grossmith English Writer (1852-1919)
Patricia Highsmith American Novelist (1921-1995)
James Naismith Canadian Inventor (1861-1939)
Michael Nesmith American Musician (1942-)
Annie Smith Peck (-)
Adam Smith Scottish Economist (1723-1790)
Adrian Smith English Musician (1957-)
Al Smith American Politician (1873-1944)
Alan Smith English Athlete (1980-)
Alexander Smith Scottish Poet (1830-1867)
Alexis Smith Canadian Actress (1921-1993)
Alfred E. Smith American Politician (1873-1944)
Alfred Emanuel Smith American Politician (1873-1944)
Anna Nicole Smith American Model (1967-2007)
Ashley Smith American Celebrity (-)
Barbara Smith American Activist (1946-)
Bessie Smith American Musician (1894-1937)
Betty Smith American Novelist (1896-1972)
Bradley A. Smith (-)
Bubba Smith American Athlete (1945-)
Chad Smith American Musician (1961-)
Charles Ferguson Smith American Soldier (1807-1862)
Charlotte Smith English Poet (1749-1806)
Connie Smith (-)
Courtney Thorne Smith American Actress (1967-)
Cyrus Rowlett Smith American Businessman (1899-1990)
Daniel Smith American Politician (1748-1818)
David Smith Educator (1930-)
Dean Smith American Athlete (1931-)
Delia Smith British Entertainer (1941-)
Dodie Smith English Dramatist (1896-1990)
Ed Smith (-)
Elizabeth Joan Smith Canadian Politician (1928-)
Elliott Smith American Musician (1969-2003)
Emmitt Smith American Athlete (1969-)
F. E. Smith British Statesman (1872-1930)
Frederick Smith American Businessman (1944-)
Frederick W. Smith American Businessman (1944-)
George A. Smith American Clergyman (1817-1875)
George Adam Smith Scottish Clergyman (1856-1942)
Gerrit Smith American Politician (1797-1874)
Goldwin Smith Canadian Historian (1823-1910)
Gordon Smith American Politician (1952-)
H. Allen Smith American Journalist (1907-1976)
Horace Smith English Poet (1779-1849)
Howard K. Smith American Journalist (1914-2002)
Huston Smith American Theologian (1919-)
Iain Duncan Smith British Politician (1954-)
Ian Smith (1919-2007)
Jaclyn Smith American Actress (1947-)
Jada Pinkett Smith American Actress (1971-)
Jeff Smith American Entertainer (1939-2004)
Jimmy Smith (-)
John M. Smith (-)
Joseph Smith, Jr. American Clergyman (1805-1844)
Kate Smith American Musician (1907-1986)
Kevin Smith American Director (1970-)
Kim Smith American Actress (1983-)
Kurtwood Smith American Actor (1943-)
L. Neil Smith American Writer (1946-)
Lamar S. Smith American Politician (1947-)
Lillian Smith American Novelist (1867-1966)
Liz Smith American Journalist (1923-)
Logan P. Smith American Writer (1865-1946)
Logan Pearsall Smith American Critic (1865-1946)
Maggie Smith British Actress (1934-)
Margaret Chase Smith American Politician (1897-1995)
Margaret Smith Comedian (-)
Mark E. Smith English Musician (1957-)
Martha Smith American Actress (1953-)
Martin C. Smith (-)
Martin Cruz Smith American Writer (1942-)
Mel Smith British Actor (1952-)
Michael W. Smith American Musician (1957-)
Nancy Banks Smith (-)
Nathaniel Smith American Politician (1762-1822)
Ozzie Smith American Athlete (1954-)
Patti Smith American Musician (1946-)
Red Smith American Journalist (1905-1982)
Robert Paul Smith American Writer (1915-1977)
Robert Smith English Musician (1959-)
Roy L. Smith American Clergyman (-)
Russell Smith Canadian Novelist (1963-)
Samantha Smith American Celebrity (1972-1985)
Shepard Smith American Journalist (1964-)
Stan Smith American Athlete (1946-)
Stevie Smith British Poet (1902-1971)
Susan Smith American Criminal (1971-)
Sydney Smith English Clergyman (1771-1845)
Thomas L. Smith American Explorer (1801-1866)
Thomas Smith (-)
Thomas V. Smith (-)
Thorne Smith American Writer (1892-1934)
Tommy Smith (1945-)
Vernon L. Smith American Economist (1927-)
W. Eugene Smith American Photographer (1918-1978)
Walter Smith Scottish Athlete (1948-)
Will Smith American Actor (1968-)
William Robertson Smith Scottish Scientist (1846-1894)
Yeardley Smith American Actress (1964-)
James Smithson British Scientist (1765-1829)
Robert Smithson American Artist (1938-1973)
Stanley Smith Stevens American Psychologist (1906-1973)
Robert Smith Surtees English Novelist (1805-1864)

Quotations that match 'smith'.

The turntable is now an instrument at the Smithsonian.
[ Instrument Now Smithsonian Turntable]
The Smithsonian museums are among this country's most endearing treasures and I look forward to helping maintain and enhance their coveted works of art.
[ Among Art Country Coveted Endearing Enhance Forward Helping Look Maintain Most Museums Smithsonian Their Treasures Works]
I was sent there by the Free Congress Committee, headed by Paul Weyrich. Fred Smith and I were sent down as observers, with reporters' credentials, so we could witness the events.
[ Committee Congress Could Credentials Down Events Fred Free Headed Observers Paul Reporters Sent Smith Were Witness]
My role models in the business were the older guys on my team when I first got there: Gray Scott, Adrian Smith, Roland Taylor. These were the guys who took me under their wing, and really schooled me in terms of what the business was about.
[ Adrian Business First Got Gray Guys Models Older Really Roland Role Schooled Scott Smith Taylor Team Terms Their These Took Under Were Wing]
If I had been at a University I don't think I would have been able to have the experience I had in my Smithsonian work. I don't think I have been as successful.
[ Able Been Experience Had Smithsonian Successful Think University Work Would]
Fortunately, as we all know, it's impossible for anybody but Jimmy Smith to really sound like Jimmy Smith.
[ Anybody Fortunately Impossible Jimmy Know Really Smith Sound]
Modern sociology is virtually an attempt to take up the larger program of social analysis and interpretation which was implicit in Adam Smith's moral philosophy, but which was suppressed for a century by prevailing interest in the technique of the production of wealth.
[ Adam Analysis Attempt Century Implicit Interest Interpretation Larger Modern Moral Philosophy Prevailing Production Program Smith Social Sociology Suppressed Take Technique Up Virtually Wealth Which]
I love to sing old Motown songs to myself, or some Patti Smith Edith Piaf or Billie Holiday. That gets me in the mood for singing.
[ Billie Edith Gets Holiday Love Mood Motown Myself Old Patti Sing Singing Smith Some Songs]
The first time I met Patti Smith was in a laundromat. We knew some of the same people, including Richard Hell.
[ First Hell Including Knew Met Patti Richard Same Smith Some Time]
Smith and Carlos aside, I object to using the Olympic awards stand to make a political statement.
[ Aside Awards Carlos Make Object Olympic Political Smith Stand Statement Using]
I was at the Smithsonian for twenty years, and I'm still at the Smithsonian as a curator emeritus, and I still plan to figure out what that means for me at this point in my life.
[ Curator Figure Life Means Out Plan Point Smithsonian Still Twenty Years]
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is one of the greatest films of all time.
[ Films Goes Greatest Mr Smith Time Washington]
Well it's not a matter for me to say what Llew Smith can or cannot do, he's an elected Member of Parliament.
[ Cannot Elected Matter Member Parliament Say Smith Well]
Will Smith is young, he's cool and my kids have his CDs.
[ Cds Cool His Kids Smith Will Young]
The first willing concert I went to was Aerosmith when I was like 14.
[ Aerosmith Concert First Went Willing]
Aerosmith went on The Simpsons and they had fun.
[ Aerosmith Fun Had Simpsons Went]
I truly loved doing the videos, but it has been hard hearing all the time that you're just the Aerosmith chick.
[ Aerosmith Been Chick Doing Hard Hearing Just Loved Time Truly Videos]
If I owe Smith ten dollars and God forgives me, that doesn't pay Smith.
[ Dollars Forgives God Owe Pay Smith Ten]
The question I always get is, Why didn't you throw Dr. Smith off the Jupiter? I get that all the time.
[ Always Dr Get Jupiter Off Question Smith Throw Time Why]
We were now back at Smith Landing, and fired with a desire to make another Buffalo expedition on which we should have ampler time and cover more than a mere corner of the range.
[ Another Back Buffalo Corner Cover Desire Expedition Fired Landing Make Mere More Now Range Should Smith Than Time Were Which]
The Smiths was an incredibly personal thing to me. It was like launching your own diary to music.
[ Diary Incredibly Launching Music Own Personal Thing Your]
I'm in total sympathy with Dick Smith's sentiments; I only wish there were grounds for saying we Australians would never tolerate such appalling treatment of refugees being carried out in our name.
[ Appalling Australians Being Carried Grounds Name Never Only Our Out Refugees Saying Sentiments Smith Such Sympathy Tolerate Total Treatment Were Wish Would]
I'm glad that it didn't take as long to get Shepard off the ground as it's taken this series. I'd begun to think the Congo would be ahead of us in the space race before Whispering Smith ever got on the air.
[ Ahead Air Before Begun Congo Ever Get Glad Got Ground Long Off Race Series Shepard Smith Space Take Taken Think Us Whispering Would]
Fort Smith, being the place of my longest stay, was the scene of my largest medical practice.
[ Being Fort Largest Longest Medical Place Practice Scene Smith Stay]
When Hank Jones had his night off, I would get somebody to take my place as intermission pianist and I'd play the show with Ella, so I would get a chance to play with Ray Brown and Charlie Smith as well.
[ Brown Chance Charlie Ella Get Had Hank His Intermission Jones Night Off Pianist Place Play Ray Show Smith Somebody Take Well Would]
In his brief 21 years on this earth, Michael Smith Jr. touched countless lives.
[ Brief Countless Earth His Jr Lives Michael Smith Touched Years]
After The Ventures I dug Johnny Smith quite a bit.
[ After Bit Dug Johnny Quite Smith Ventures]
Then there was Clark Ashton Smith, who wrote for Weird Tales and who had a wild imagination. He wasn't a very talented writer, but his imagination was wonderful.
[ Clark Had His Imagination Smith Talented Tales Then Very Weird Wild Wonderful Writer Wrote]
This process is alchemy: its founder is the smith Vulcan.
[ Alchemy Founder Process Smith]
The Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife, actually, was an effort to put something on the mall in Washington so American tourists could walk through America, and in their minds everything on the mall would be American.
[ Actually America American Could Effort Everything Festival Mall Minds Put Smithsonian Something Their Through Tourists Walk Washington Would]
I'm absolutely obsessed with The Jesus And Mary Chain and Patti Smith, but I'm a massive pop fan. I love pop culture, It's a total reflection of the zeitgeist.
[ Absolutely Chain Culture Fan Jesus Love Mary Massive Obsessed Patti Pop Reflection Smith Total]
The only person who had any control was Jonathan Harris. His character was so flamboyant that he was able to make things happen. My character was fairly one-dimensional, so I had my relationship with Dr. Smith and with the family.
[ Able Any Character Control Dr Fairly Family Flamboyant Had Happen Harris His Jonathan Make One-Dimensional Only Person Relationship Smith Things]
Kevin Smith is a very challenging conversationalist and Jay has many great stories.
[ Challenging Great Jay Kevin Many Smith Stories Very]
I'm as much influenced by Joseph Smith and the Mormons as I am, more so, than by Eliot. Actually, I'm much more influenced by the poetry of the Mormons.
[ Actually Am Eliot Influenced Joseph More Mormons Much Poetry Smith Than]
The country blacksmith who employs no journeyman is never conscious of any conflict between the capital invested in his anvil, hammer and bellows, and the labor he performs with them, because in fact, there is none.
[ Anvil Any Because Bellows Between Capital Conflict Conscious Country Employs Fact Hammer His Invested Journeyman Labor Never None Performs Them]
Will Smith said if I ever need some help, he was there for me.
[ Ever Help Need Said Smith Some Will]
Then a neighbor, Mr Smith, had a dairy cow and an couple bulls. He showed me how to bluff a bull.
[ Bluff Bull Bulls Couple Cow Dairy Had How Mr Neighbor Showed Smith Then]
I met David Smith through my former wife, Cornelia, who'd studied with him.
[ David Former Him Met Smith Studied Through Wife]
I'm disappointed. I don't care about Will Smith, I don't want to.
[ Care Disappointed Smith Want Will]
We will often talk to Liz Smith about couples and relationships because she always has an inside track, too.
[ Always Because Couples Inside Liz Often Relationships She Smith Talk Too Track Will]
With Dick Smith there, and the words of Peter Shaffer... they've got to be the most beautiful descriptions in music ever written on film or in literature. And we could hear the music accompanying the words... What more can you ask for?
[ Accompanying Ask Beautiful Could Descriptions Ever Film Got Hear Literature More Most Music Peter Smith Words Written]
In childhood I developed a serious throat infection, and my heart stopped beating. I recovered from that illness with a voice that boomed forth like Kate Smith's!
[ Beating Childhood Developed Forth Heart Illness Infection Kate Recovered Serious Smith Stopped Throat Voice]
I had to focus and create a character in Bagger Vance, not just do my 'Will Smith' thing and get paid.
[ Character Create Focus Get Had Just Paid Smith Thing Will]
Joe Smith and Brigham Young laid out Independence, but very soon thereafter enough citizens of the county collected to drive them off, after several stubborn fights.
[ After Brigham Citizens Collected County Drive Enough Fights Independence Joe Laid Off Out Several Smith Soon Stubborn Them Thereafter Very Young]
Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths.
[ Brass Fair Gold Ignorant Shines]
I have asked the village blacksmith to forge golden chains to tie our ankles together. I have gathered all the gay ribbons in the world to wind around and around and around and around and around and around again around our two waists.
[ Again Ankles Around Asked Chains Forge Gathered Gay Golden Our Ribbons Tie Together Two Village Waists Wind World]
As a regent, I hope to bring that important perspective of a typical family visitor in combination with my background as a Member of Congress and a proponent of the Smithsonian's efforts to reach all Americans.
[ Americans Background Bring Combination Congress Efforts Family Hope Important Member Perspective Proponent Reach Smithsonian Typical Visitor]
It appears from Mr. Smith's account that there is no scarcity of buffalo as he penetrated the country.
[ Account Appears Buffalo Country Mr Penetrated Scarcity Smith]
And there had to be a dagger thrust in the heart of the left to tell them that you are no longer gonna give five years for a Smith Act prosecution or one year for Contempt of Court, but we're gonna kill ya!
[ Act Contempt Court Dagger Five Give Gonna Had Heart Kill Left Longer Prosecution Smith Tell Them Thrust Ya Year Years]
The photograph, the clothes, the sets - this was about 1974, and I started hanging out with my friend Richard Sold, who was playing in a band with Patti Smith.
[ Band Clothes Friend Hanging Out Patti Photograph Playing Richard Sets Smith Sold Started]
I don't want to be known as the Aerosmith chick, but it's fun to put on the boots and makeup and act like a tough girl.
[ Act Aerosmith Boots Chick Fun Girl Known Makeup Put Tough Want]
You know, with bands like Kiss back out on the road and Aerosmith coming out, we are going to be a band like that, in the sense that it's a big rock band.
[ Aerosmith Back Band Bands Big Coming Going Kiss Know Out Road Rock Sense]
Gary Smith, when I came to America, taught me a great deal about racing.
[ America Came Deal Gary Great Racing Smith Taught]
As time goes on, I realize more and more that, beginning in the early 30's, David Smith began setting the precedent for what was to come later for many of us.
[ Began Beginning Come David Early Goes Later Many More Precedent Realize Setting Smith Time Us]
Those who speak ill of the spiritual life, although they come and go by day, are like the smith's bellows: they take breath but are not alive.
[ Alive Although Bellows Breath Come Day Go Ill Life Smith Speak Spiritual Take Those]
I have taught history on the high school and college levels, and am or have been a lecturer at the Smithsonian, The National Institutes of Health, and numerous colleges and universities, mostly on science fiction and technology subjects.
[ Am Been College Colleges Fiction Health High History Institutes Lecturer Levels Mostly National Numerous School Science Smithsonian Subjects Taught Technology Universities]
The only way to ensure a film is going to sell is put Will Smith in it and you open it in 3,000 theaters and make sure we have all the top promotional spots in each venue.
[ Each Ensure Film Going Make Only Open Put Sell Smith Spots Sure Theaters Top Venue Way Will]
The Smithsonian Institute is one of the most popular agencies of government in the United States.
[ Agencies Government Institute Most Popular Smithsonian States United]
In the last 17 years of his working life, my father was finally rewarded with having landed a great job as first, a maintenance engineer, and then a senior locksmith with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
[ Bank Engineer Father Federal Finally First Great Having His Job Landed Last Life Maintenance New Reserve Rewarded Senior Then Working Years York]
I had a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' experience as governor.
[ Experience Goes Governor Had Mr Smith Washington]
I don't think Capote loved Smith. But he did make a deep connection. It upset some people, because that had never been the approach to journalistic crime writing, to look into the mind of the killer.
[ Approach Because Been Capote Connection Crime Deep Did Had Into Journalistic Killer Look Loved Make Mind Never Smith Some Think Upset Writing]
At boarding school you had to wear your name across your chest and your back, and obviously I had a pretty funny name. It wasn't Brown or Smith or Hughes.
[ Across Back Boarding Brown Chest Funny Had Hughes Name Obviously Pretty School Smith Wear Your]
I was ordained one of the standing High Council in Zion, under the hands of President Joseph Smith.
[ Council Hands High Joseph Ordained President Smith Standing Under]
Our site should be like Paddington Station with a much better version of WH Smith's in it.
[ Better Much Our Should Site Smith Station Version]
I started graduate school in 1971, I started working at the Smithsonian in the festival in 1972. I went full-time at the Smithsonian in 1974. And I got my doctorate in 1975.
[ Doctorate Festival Full-Time Got Graduate School Smithsonian Started Went Working]
Again I entered my smithy to work and forge something from the noble material of time past.
[ Again Entered Forge Material Noble Past Something Time Work]
I played as a 17-year-old with Walter Smith, who must have been about 32. So I've known Walter for 21 years.
[ Been Known Must Played Smith Walter Years]
In the '50s Morris Louis and I were not known, David Smith and Helen Frankenthaler were not much known.
[ David Helen Known Louis Morris Much Smith Were]
The first job I had with the Smithsonian was as a field researcher among African American communities in Southwest Louisiana and Arkansas for the festival.
[ African American Among Arkansas Communities Festival Field First Had Job Louisiana Researcher Smithsonian Southwest]
But Dr. Smith says, and I believe it to be a true state of the case, that he himself gave a course of Lectures in Natural Philosophy, during the same winter, and that the money raised by them was also applied towards paying for the Orrery.
[ Also Applied Believe Case Course Dr During Gave Himself Lectures Money Natural Paying Philosophy Raised Same Says Smith State Them Towards True Winter]
To be compared to Will Smith is probably one of the coolest things because that's who I came up admiring.
[ Admiring Because Came Compared Coolest Probably Smith Things Up Will]
I wouldn't be surprised if some day, they put the Simpsons in the Smithsonian. It's become part of our culture, those characters.
[ Become Characters Culture Day Our Part Put Simpsons Smithsonian Some Surprised Those]
It's been a strange day - a day when I thought I was on top of the world, planning my life. I planned all of my courses for the rest of the semester at Smith, and talked to my advisor about honoring in History.
[ Advisor Been Courses Day History Honoring Life Planned Planning Rest Semester Smith Strange Talked Thought Top World]
I respect people who can do both careers, like Will Smith and a couple of other people who have done it, but I just don't know when they sleep.
[ Both Careers Couple Done Just Know Other Respect Sleep Smith Will]
I think there is a way to be formal and elegant and classy, but more modern. Brad Pitt has been changing it, and Will Smith has been doing it in his own way.
[ Been Brad Changing Classy Doing Elegant Formal His Modern More Own Pitt Smith Think Way Will]
A Yale University management professor in response to student Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service: The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible.
[ Better Concept Delivery Earn Feasible Fred Idea Interesting Management Must Order Overnight Paper Professor Proposing Reliable Response Service Smith Student Than University Yale]
One of my major competitors was Harold Smith. Smith beat me in 1977. I was loafing during that competition.
[ Beat Competition Competitors During Harold Loafing Major Smith]
I was pretty taken with Patti Smith, she was my heroine.
[ Heroine Patti Pretty She Smith Taken]
Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser, is right there... she's in town because her father was at Johnson Smith College... and she was delivering a speech there.
[ Adviser Because College Condoleezza Delivering Father Her Johnson National Rice Right Security She Smith Speech Town]
The cast gets along pretty well, it's a good work environment. I hang out a lot with Brett Claywell, he plays Tim Smith on the show. We play plenty of basketball.
[ Along Basketball Brett Cast Environment Gets Good Hang Lot Out Play Plays Plenty Pretty Show Smith Tim Well Work]