Authors that match 'simon'.

Simone de Beauvoir French Writer (1908-1986)
Simon Bolivar Venezuelan Revolutionary (1783-1830)
Simon Le Bon English Musician (1958-)
Simon Callow English Actor (1949-)
Simon Cameron American Politician (1799-1889)
Simon Cowell British Entertainer (1959-)
Simon Dach German Poet (1605-1659)
Charles Simon Favart French Dramatist (1710-1792)
Simon Forman British Celebrity (1552-1611)
Simon Fowler English Musician (1965-)
Simon Greenleaf American Judge (1783-1853)
Simon Hoggart British Journalist (1946-)
Simon LeBon English Musician (-)
Simon van der Meer Dutch Physicist (1925-)
Simon Conway Morris British Scientist (1951-)
Simon Newcomb Canadian Mathematician (1835-1909)
Simon Pegg British Comedian (1970-)
Simon Raven English Novelist (1927-2001)
Simone Schwarz-Bart (-)
Simone Signoret German Actress (1921-)
Carly Simon American Musician (1945-)
Claude Simon Writer (1913-2005)
David Simon American Author (1960-)
Herbert Simon American Scientist (1916-2001)
Joe Simon (-)
John Simon Critic (1925-)
Julian Lincoln Simon American Educator (1932-1998)
Neil Simon American Playwright (1927-)
Norton Simon American Businessman (1907-1993)
Paul Simon American Musician (1941-)
William E. Simon American Public Servant (1927-2000)
John A. Simone, Sr. (-)
Nina Simone American Musician (1933-2003)
Howard Simons American Editor (1929-1989)
Charles Simonyi (-)
Simon Travaglia Author (-)
Simone Veil French Lawyer (1927-)
Simone Weil French Philosopher (1909-1943)
Simon Wiesenthal Austrian Activist (1908-2005)

Quotations that match 'simon'.

Well it was sent to me, well because almost everything that is written in Baltimore is sent to me. And David Simon, who was a writer for the Baltimore Sun, spent one year following the homicide squad in Baltimore and he chronicled that period of time.
[ Almost Baltimore Because David Everything Following Homicide Period Sent Simon Spent Squad Sun Time Well Writer Written Year]
Simon drives me crazy. We are still arguing.
[ Arguing Crazy Drives Simon Still]
There is love there. And then there's times when I can't even stomach Simon. You don't have to sit next to him. That's all I have to say.
[ Even Him Love Next Say Simon Sit Stomach Then Times]
There are singers that I have enjoyed, from Nina Simone and Ray Charles onward. But the music that made music the number one thing for me as a youth was jazz.
[ Charles Enjoyed Jazz Made Music Nina Number Onward Ray Singers Thing Youth]
There are some good songs, but not the kind of song-writing that I remember, that I like. Springsteen still does it. Paul Simon, and there are also good writers, but that doesn't dominate the charts.
[ Also Charts Does Dominate Good Kind Paul Remember Simon Some Songs Springsteen Still Writers]
Nick and Simon had come to a natural end of their working relationship with Warren, which obviously opened the door for a reunion of the original five.
[ Come Door End Five Had Natural Nick Obviously Opened Original Relationship Reunion Simon Their Warren Which Working]
I think Nina Simone has had an amazing journey. She was spicy and she had attitude and she didn't care, she wanted her money in a paper bag and don't mess with me and I've been doing some research on that so.
[ Amazing Attitude Bag Been Care Doing Had Her Journey Mess Money Nina Paper Research She Some Spicy Think Wanted]
When I was in high school, I read all of Neil Simon's plays.
[ High Neil Plays Read School Simon]
There is nothing worse than being ashamed of parsimony or poverty.
[ Ashamed Being Nothing Parsimony Poverty Than Worse]
But we had a fantastic coach, Simon Clifford, who runs a British football youth game which teaches Brazilian techniques - which is what we wanted to incorporate into the film. And some of those things we eventually got in.
[ Brazilian British Clifford Coach Eventually Fantastic Film Football Game Got Had Incorporate Into Runs Simon Some Teaches Techniques Things Those Wanted Which Youth]
So it's sheer terror, but then, this is the whole reason that we went so long to Doctor Simons, was to get rid of all these... mixed feelings that we had.
[ Doctor Feelings Get Had Long Mixed Reason Rid Sheer Terror Then These Went Whole]
You can trust a Neil Simon script. Every dot. Every dash; that pause means something. He takes all the jokes out, practically.
[ Dash Dot Every Jokes Means Neil Out Pause Practically Script Simon Something Takes Trust]
I don't think that Simon and Garfunkel as a live act compares to Simon and Garfunkel as a studio act.
[ Act Compares Live Simon Studio Think]
I've never seen American Idol but I am grateful to them. That show is one of Fox's biggest moneymakers, and some of that money goes to pay for shows like Prison Break. Simon Cowell's been signing my paychecks and for that I say thanks.
[ Am American Been Biggest Break Fox Goes Grateful Idol Money Never Pay Prison Say Seen Show Shows Signing Simon Some Thanks Them]
You know, Simon he's an artist representative, but Randy and Paula actually were in the industry as artists so they had, you know, the information that they offered to us from their aspect.
[ Actually Artist Artists Aspect Had Industry Information Know Offered Paula Randy Representative Simon Their Us Were]
Paul Simon started piling up a lot of words, more than the bar could handle, and I stopped!
[ Bar Could Handle Lot More Paul Piling Simon Started Stopped Than Up Words]
Somehow you can tell the difference when a song is written just to get on the radio and when what someone does is their whole life. That comes through in Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson. There is no separating their life from their music.
[ Bob Comes Difference Does Dylan Get Just Life Music Nelson Paul Radio Separating Simon Somehow Someone Song Tell Their Through Whole Willie Written]
My mother's side of the family was in the production side of theatre. My grandfather, Jose Vega, was a general manager for Neil Simon shows on Broadway.
[ Broadway Family General Grandfather Manager Mother Neil Production Shows Side Simon Theatre Vega]
I am writing my second novel for children for Simon and Schuster.
[ Am Children Novel Second Simon Writing]
One of the things that upset me was some of the criticism leveled at Simon and Garfunkel. I always took exception to it, but actually I agree with a lot of it.
[ Actually Agree Always Criticism Exception Leveled Lot Simon Some Things Took Upset]
I could have a degree in music and come on the show, and Simon could still say 'You stink'.
[ Come Could Degree Music Say Show Simon Still Stink]
Can you imagine Simon as a kid? His imaginary friends probably never wanted to play with him.
[ Friends Him His Imaginary Imagine Kid Never Play Probably Simon Wanted]
Simon is cool. You know, it's different if you ever see him around his mom. He acts totally different.
[ Acts Around Cool Different Ever Him His Know Mom See Simon Totally]
Randy said I could call him for anything, Paula said that she loved me and said how much of a star I was. Simon was like, keep up the good work and I'll have nothing to worry about.
[ Anything Call Could Good Him How Keep Loved Much Nothing Paula Randy Said She Simon Star Up Work Worry]
For what the horse does under compulsion, as Simon also observes, is done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer.
[ Also Any Beauty Compulsion Dancer Does Done Either Horse More Observes Should Simon Spur Than Under Understanding Whip Without]
By the time we went to Doctor Simon I think Barney had been totally disabled for at least six months.
[ Barney Been Disabled Doctor Had Least Months Simon Six Think Time Totally Went]
Then on to all the terrific american songwriters, from Tin Pan Alley to the Beatles, from Bob Dylan to Paul Simon. Whoever wrote and sang in the song form I have appreciated.
[ Alley American Appreciated Beatles Bob Dylan Form Pan Paul Sang Simon Song Songwriters Terrific Then Tin Whoever Wrote]
If time is money, it seems moral to save time, above all one's own, and such parsimony is excused by consideration for others. One is straight-forward.
[ Above Consideration Excused Money Moral Others Own Parsimony Save Seems Such Time]
Mere parsimony is not economy. Expense, and great expense, may be an essential part in true economy.
[ Economy Essential Expense Great May Mere Parsimony Part True]
I have been working up until recently with Neil Simon, who has been adapting the character to me.
[ Adapting Been Character Neil Recently Simon Until Up Working]
I can't touch Simon anymore.
[ Anymore Simon Touch]
Simon would not want to audition in front of Simon.
[ Audition Front Simon Want Would]
My look was even more solidified when I started singing in Greenwich Village with my sister Lucy. We wore matching dresses as the Simon Sisters.
[ Dresses Even Greenwich Look Lucy Matching More Simon Singing Sister Sisters Started Village Wore]
I talk to Simon, I write to him. I never used to write a diary. But now I'm writing a diary to him. I think it's not just me, but lots of others, family and friends, can still feel him around.
[ Around Diary Family Feel Friends Him Just Lots Never Now Others Simon Still Talk Think Used Write Writing]
First of all there was a guy named Charles Nicholas, who used to do all of the inking that Jack and Simon didn't do. Simon used to do splashes and covers, but Charles Nicholas, after a while, did the inside of all of the stuff.
[ After Charles Covers Did First Guy Inking Inside Jack Named Nicholas Simon Stuff Used While]
It's true that I'm taking a break from writing a regular column to do other things but it's got nothing to do with what dear Simon has or has not written.
[ Break Column Dear Got Nothing Other Regular Simon Taking Things True Writing Written]
I had to go and sing with the musical director of the film, Simon Lee, who is just incredible, and it went great. I sang with him about five things, things we'd worked on. And then I went to sing for Andrew Lloyd Weber.
[ Andrew Director Film Five Go Great Had Him Incredible Just Lee Lloyd Musical Sang Simon Sing Then Things Went Worked]
Simon Hale, the British arranger, does all string and wood arrangements on my records.
[ Arrangements Arranger British Does Hale Records Simon String Wood]