Authors that match 'samuel'.

Samuel Adams American Revolutionary (1722-1803)
Samuel Hopkins Adams American Writer (1871-1958)
Charles Samuel Addams American Cartoonist (1912-1988)
Samuel Alexander Australian Philosopher (1859-1938)
Samuel Alito (1950-)
Samuel Barber American Composer (1910-1981)
Samuel Beckett Irish Playwright (1906-1989)
Samuel Butler British Poet (1835-1902)
Samuel de Champlain French Explorer (1570-1635)
Samuel Chase American Judge (1741-1811)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge English Poet (1772-1834)
Samuel McChord Crothers (-)
Samuel Daniel English Poet (1562-1619)
Samuel Dash American Lawyer (1925-2004)
Samuel G. Engel American Writer (1904-1984)
Samuel Foote English Dramatist (1720-1777)
Samuel Fuller American Director (1911-1997)
Samuel Goldwyn American Producer (1882-1974)
Samuel Gompers American Activist (1850-1924)
Samuel Hahnemann French Scientist (1755-1843)
Samuel Hoffenstein Russian Writer (1890-1947)
Samuel Hopkins American Clergyman (1721-1803)
Samuel Horsley English Clergyman (1733-1806)
Samuel P. Huntington Sociologist (1927-)
Samuel L. Jackson Actor (1948-)
Samuel Johnson English Author (1709-1784)
William Samuel Johnson American Politician (1727-1819)
Samuel Lover Irish Artist (-)
Samuel Marsden Welsh Clergyman (1764-1838)
Samuel E. Morison American Historian (1887-1976)
Samuel Morse American Inventor (1791-1872)
Samuel George Morton American Scientist (1799-1851)
Samuel Pepys English Writer (1633-1703)
Samuel Prout English Artist (1783-1852)
Samuel Richardson English Novelist (1689-1761)
Samuel Rogers English Poet (1763-1855)
Samuel Rutherford Scottish Theologian (1600-1661)
Herbert Samuel British Statesman (1870-1963)
Jim Samuels (-)
Paul Samuelson American Economist (1915-)
Samuel Schmid Swiss Politician (1947-)
Samuel Smiles Scottish Author (1812-1904)
Samuel Ullman American Poet (1840-1924)
Samuel Wesley English Composer (1766-1837)
Samuel West British Actor (1966-)
Samuel Wilson American Public Servant (1766-1854)
Stephen Samuel Wise American Clergyman (1874-1949)

Quotations that match 'samuel'.

Jane Austen is at the end of the line that begins with Samuel Richardson, which takes wonder and magic out of the novel, treats not the past but the present.
[ Austen Begins End Jane Line Magic Novel Out Past Present Samuel Takes Treats Which Wonder]
To go back and read Swift and Defoe and Samuel Johnson and Smollett and Pope - all those people we had to read in college English courses - to read them now is to have one of the infinite pleasures in life.
[ Back College Courses English Go Had Infinite Johnson Life Now Pleasures Pope Read Samuel Swift Them Those]
There must have been something in the air of Gary that led one into economics: the first Nobel Prize winner, Paul Samuelson, was also from Gary, as were several other distinguished economists.
[ Air Also Been Distinguished Economics Economists First Gary Into Led Must Nobel Other Paul Prize Several Something Were Winner]
Yes well I've done three movies with Samuel L. Jackson, so I've met him a couple of times already. Well, I see him everyday, but its only on the screen.
[ Already Couple Done Everyday Him Jackson Met Movies Only Samuel Screen See Three Times Well Yes]
The revision of the books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings, undertaken towards the end of the Babylonian exile, a revision much more thorough than is commonly assumed, condemns as heretical the whole age of the Kings.
[ Age Assumed Books Commonly Condemns End Exile Heretical Judges Kings More Much Revision Samuel Than Thorough Towards Undertaken Whole]
During the Samuel Johnson days they had big men enjoying small talk; today we have small men enjoying big talk.
[ Big Days During Enjoying Had Johnson Men Samuel Small Talk Today]
I did a thesis in experimental nuclear physics under the direction of Samuel K. Allison.
[ Allison Did Direction Experimental Nuclear Physics Samuel Thesis Under]
The first play I saw was a Samuel Beckett play which was great.
[ Beckett First Great Play Samuel Saw Which]
I don't think there's been any writer like Samuel Beckett. He's unique. He was a most charming man and I used to send him my plays.
[ Any Beckett Been Charming Him Man Most Plays Samuel Send Think Unique Used Writer]
I produced and directed a movie a couple years ago that won some awards that Samuel Goldwyn released called 'The Last Good Time'. I wrote, produced and directed it, but I wasn't in it.
[ Ago Awards Called Couple Directed Good Last Movie Produced Released Samuel Some Time Won Wrote Years]
On the day I was born, or possibly on one of the following days, my father went on a walk in the forested hills and thought of a name for me. His first son was called Daniel, and Samuel in memory of one of his forefathers.
[ Born Called Daniel Day Days Father First Following Forefathers Hills His Memory Name Possibly Samuel Son Thought Walk Went]
Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best actors there is.
[ Actors Best Jackson Samuel]