Authors that match 'roger'.

Roger Ailes American Businessman (1940-)
Roger Angell American Writer (1920-)
Roger Ascham English Writer (1515-1568)
Roger Babson American Educator (1875-1967)
Roger Bacon English Philosopher (1214-1294)
Roger Nash Baldwin American Activist (1884-1981)
Roger Bannister British Athlete (1929-)
Roger Caras American Activist (1928-2001)
Roger B. Chaffee American Astronaut (1935-)
George Rogers Clark American Soldier (1752-1818)
Roger Clemens American Athlete (1962-)
Roger Corman American Producer (1926-)
Roger Craig American Athlete (1960-)
Roger Daltrey English Musician (1944-)
Roger Ebert American Critic (1942-)
Roger Federer Swiss Athlete (1981-)
Roger Fry English Artist (1866-1934)
Roger Goodell American Businessman (1959-)
Roger Gould (-)
Rogers Hornsby American Athlete (1896-1963)
Roger Kahn American Writer (1927-)
Roger Knapman British Politician (1944-)
Roger Mahony American Clergyman (-)
Roger Maris Athlete (1934-1985)
Roger McGough British Poet (1937-)
Roger McGuinn American Musician (1942-)
Roger Milla Cameroonian Athlete (1952-)
Roger Miller American Musician (1936-1992)
Roger Q. Mills American Politician (1832-1911)
Roger Moore English Actor (1927-)
Roger Mudd American Journalist (1928-)
Roger von Oech (-)
Roger Penrose English Physicist (1931-)
Roger Tory Peterson American Environmentalist (1908-1996)
Roger Peyrefitte French Diplomat (1907-2000)
Roger de Rabutin French Writer (1618-1693)
Carl Rogers American Psychologist (1902-1987)
Edith Rogers American Politician (1881-1960)
Fred Rogers American Celebrity (1928-2003)
Ginger Rogers American Actress (1911-1995)
James E. Rogers American Educator (-)
Jim Rogers American Businessman (1942-)
Kenny Rogers American Musician (1938-)
Mike Rogers (1958-)
Mimi Rogers American Actress (1956-)
Richard Rogers British Architect (1933-)
Roy Rogers American Entertainer (1911-1998)
Samuel Rogers English Poet (1763-1855)
Wayne Rogers American Actor (1933-)
Will Rogers American Actor (1879-1935)
Roger Sessions American Composer (1896-1985)
Roger Sherman American Politician (1721-1793)
Roger Spottiswoode Canadian Director (1945-)
Roger Staubach American Athlete (1942-)
Roger Stone American Politician (1952-)
Roger Andrew Taylor English Musician (1960-)
Roger Vadim French Journalist (1928-2000)
Roger Waters British Musician (1943-)
Roger Wicker American Politician (1951-)
Roger Wilkins (1932-)
Roger Williams English Theologian (1603-)
Roger Zelazny American Writer (1937-1995)

Quotations that match 'roger'.

I am George Rogers Clark. You have just become a prisoner of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
[ Am Become Clark Commonwealth George Just Prisoner Rogers Virginia]
I loved old black and white movies, especially the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals. I loved everything about them - the songs, the music, the romance and the spectacle. They were real class and I knew that I wanted to be in that world.
[ Astaire Black Class Especially Everything Fred Ginger Knew Loved Movies Music Musicals Old Real Rogers Romance Songs Spectacle Them Wanted Were White World]
Roger. Clear the tower. I got a pitch and a roll program, and this baby's really going.
[ Baby Clear Going Got Pitch Program Really Roger Roll Tower]
He was very commanding, and you had to know what you were doing to work for Mr. Rogers. I learned how to ride very quickly with him as my riding teacher.
[ Commanding Doing Had Him How Know Learned Mr Quickly Ride Riding Rogers Teacher Very Were Work]
I guess I'm like Roger Miller who used to say that he didn't have as many jokes as he thought he did.
[ Did Guess Jokes Many Miller Roger Say Thought Used]
Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore.
[ Actors Because Favourite Fun Great Moore Roger Yes]
Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and I wanted to be a hard rock band - we wanted to play rock and roll only.
[ Band Hard Ian Only Play Rock Roger Roll Wanted]
I got a couple on per album but my problem was that I wanted to sing the songs and not let Roger sing them.
[ Album Couple Got Per Problem Roger Sing Songs Them Wanted]
Roger King is, without a doubt, the greatest salesman in the history of anything. And I don't ever limit him just to television. He could sell you anything.
[ Anything Could Doubt Ever Greatest Him History Just King Limit Roger Salesman Sell Television Without]
I think that in some ways everybody is like Roger. Everybody thinks that when their friends have a problem, that they know the answer and that it's much easier to analyze the problems of other people than your own.
[ Analyze Answer Easier Everybody Friends Know Much Other Own Problem Problems Roger Some Than Their Think Thinks Ways Your]
If you write a movie for Roger Corman, it's going to get made. You saw it almost the next day.
[ Almost Corman Day Get Going Made Movie Next Roger Saw Write]
Roger Corman exploited all of the young people who worked for him, but he really gave you responsibility and opportunity. So it was kind of a fair deal.
[ Corman Deal Exploited Fair Gave Him Kind Opportunity Really Responsibility Roger Worked Young]
We were only allowed to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and 3-2-1 Contact!
[ Allowed Contact Mr Only Rogers Sesame Street Watch Were]
Greatest hits is easy because one has nothing to do - except that we both, Roger and I, felt that new songs should be there because I've been away for awhile.
[ Away Awhile Because Been Both Easy Except Felt Greatest Hits New Nothing Roger Should Songs]
It was a good experience working with Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda.
[ Experience Fonda Good Jane Roger Vadim Working]
I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch.'
[ Grouch Mr Only Oscar Percent Really Rogers]
Basically, if you could get a good trailer out of the script, Roger had no objection to you making a really good movie. He liked it if you did. He liked the more cleverness and ingenuity you could bring to it. He just wasn't going to give you any more money.
[ Any Basically Bring Cleverness Could Did Get Give Going Good Had Ingenuity Just Liked Making Money More Movie Objection Out Really Roger Script Trailer]
And when Roger talks about the frightened ones running away from the bombs, I immediately thought of my days when I was young and I had to wear these gas masks.
[ Away Bombs Days Frightened Gas Had Immediately Masks Ones Roger Running Talks These Thought Wear Young]
One night Roger was in a foul mood and he threw his entire bloody drumset across the stage. The thing only just missed me - I might have been killed.
[ Across Been Bloody Entire Foul His Just Killed Might Missed Mood Night Only Roger Stage Thing Threw]
I was staying with my sister and messing around with the guitar every day for my own amusement. Then she took me around and introduced me to Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, and the first time I saw that onstage, it inspired me to play. I thought that was the world.
[ Amusement Around Day Every First Guitar Inspired Introduced Jimmy Little Messing Muddy Onstage Own Play Rogers Saw She Sister Staying Then Thought Time Took Walter Waters World]
I suppose Roger had the license to do anything that fitted the venue.
[ Anything Fitted Had License Roger Suppose Venue]
This person should not be directly connected with the President Ford Committee nor should he be seen as a member of the liberal wing of the Republican Party. He should be someone like Laird or Rogers Morton.
[ Committee Connected Directly Ford Liberal Member Nor Party Person President Republican Rogers Seen Should Someone Wing]
Roger Maris was as good a man and as good a ballplayer as there ever was.
[ Ballplayer Ever Good Man Roger]
There were not fifteen people in the story department and twenty-five producers and stuff. And Roger had produced 1,000 movies and directed a couple of hundred, and their comments were always very, very specific.
[ Always Comments Couple Department Directed Fifteen Had Hundred Movies Produced Producers Roger Specific Story Stuff Their Twenty-Five Very Were]
Roger became a part of me, and when he went off the deep end and became a mad snake, I felt sorry for him.
[ Became Deep End Felt Him Mad Off Part Roger Snake Sorry Went]
People would say I really loved Buck Rogers until the Hawk guy came on.
[ Buck Came Guy Hawk Loved Really Rogers Say Until Would]
The only actor who I think probably might have possibly taken a swing at me if he could have would be Burt Reynolds. He used to call Roger and me the Bruise Brothers, out of Chicago.
[ Actor Brothers Bruise Burt Call Chicago Could Might Only Out Possibly Probably Reynolds Roger Swing Taken Think Used Would]
One thing led to another and I didn't have to take tickets any more because I now worked for Mr. Rogers. He said if I was going to take care of his horses than I'd better learn how to ride. He was very kind to me.
[ Another Any Because Better Care Going His Horses How Kind Learn Led More Mr Now Ride Rogers Said Take Than Thing Tickets Very Worked]
In those days I was new to covers; merely felt pleased that a story of mine had been honored. I later met Rogers who did some of my early covers and I was impressed with him.
[ Been Covers Days Did Early Felt Had Him Honored Impressed Later Merely Met Mine New Pleased Rogers Some Story Those]
And Roger was crazy with his robots and everything.
[ Crazy Everything His Robots Roger]
Roger Revelle died of a heart attack three months after the Cosmos story was printed. Oh, how I wish he were still alive today. He might be able to stop this scientific silliness and end the global warming scam. He might well stand beside me as a global warming denier.
[ Able After Alive Attack Beside Cosmos Died End Global Heart How Might Months Oh Printed Roger Scam Scientific Silliness Stand Still Stop Story Three Today Warming Well Were Wish]
I grew up with the television product being old Western serials like Roy Rogers, and John Wayne and Gary Cooper, and many others were my favorites when I was a young person going to films.
[ Being Cooper Favorites Films Gary Going Grew John Many Old Others Person Product Rogers Roy Serials Television Up Wayne Were Western Young]
I never apologized for anything in my life. The only thing I'm sorry about is putting a curse on Roger Ebert's colon. If a fat pig like Roger Ebert doesn't like my movie, then I'm sorry for him.
[ Anything Apologized Colon Curse Ebert Fat Him Life Movie Never Only Pig Putting Roger Sorry Then Thing]
I really liked them, not just Syd, but all of them. Roger was very important, I thought, his contribution. And so was Rick's organ playing. It was a good band. It became something else completely, obviously.
[ Band Became Completely Contribution Else Good His Important Just Liked Obviously Organ Playing Really Rick Roger Something Them Thought Very]
If Roger stopped right now and never won another match, to me he'd already be one of the greatest players to ever play the game. To me, he's the greatest all around talent that I've ever seen.
[ Already Another Around Ever Game Greatest Match Never Now Play Players Right Roger Seen Stopped Talent Won]
In a way, I'm like Will Rogers, never having met a man I really disliked. I'm not a vamp. I just like men.
[ Disliked Having Just Man Men Met Never Really Rogers Way Will]
I just never fantasized about Mr. Rogers, but I like his whole vibe.
[ Fantasized His Just Mr Never Rogers Vibe Whole]
Then I got the offer to play Buck Rogers, but I turned it down thinking it was a cartoon character. Well I was wrong, it wasn't at all. So I read the script and decided I liked the character, it had a good concept.
[ Buck Cartoon Character Concept Decided Down Good Got Had Liked Offer Play Read Rogers Script Then Thinking Turned Well Wrong]
The big turning point, really, was the Beatles' influence on American folk music, and then Roger took it to the next step, and then along came the Lovin' Spoonful and everybody else.
[ Along American Beatles Big Came Else Everybody Folk Influence Music Next Point Really Roger Spoonful Step Then Took Turning]
I don't think Roger Dodger is really about men. I think it is more about relationships and about how you present yourself, not only to the opposite sex, but to yourself. What lies are you going to tell yourself in order to get through the day?
[ Day Dodger Get Going How Lies Men More Only Opposite Order Present Really Relationships Roger Sex Tell Think Through Yourself]
But you know, really, if you think about it Roger and I and all critics really have one absolute essential part of our credentials and that is that you believe that that is actually what we think.
[ Absolute Actually Believe Credentials Critics Essential Know Our Part Really Roger Think]
Suddenly Star Wars came out while we were on hiatus, and we looked like the old Buck Rogers series, where they had cigarette smoke blowing out the back of the rocket ship.
[ Back Blowing Buck Came Cigarette Had Hiatus Looked Old Out Rocket Rogers Series Ship Smoke Star Suddenly Wars Were Where While]
And that's the mistake that was made with Steel Pier. Roger was caught between a rock and hard place. It would have cost a couple of million dollars more to take it to Boston or someplace first. So we opened about a month too early.
[ Between Boston Caught Cost Couple Dollars Early First Hard Made Million Mistake Month More Opened Place Rock Roger Someplace Steel Take Too Would]
I landed a job with Roger Corman. The job was to write the English dialogue for a Russian science fiction picture. I didn't speak any Russian. He didn't care whether I could understand what they were saying; he wanted me to make up dialogue.
[ Any Care Corman Could Dialogue English Fiction Job Landed Make Picture Roger Russian Saying Science Speak Understand Up Wanted Were Whether Write]
I touched Roger's bat and held it to my heart. My bat will lie next to his. I'm damn proud of that.
[ Bat Damn Heart Held His Lie Next Proud Roger Touched Will]
When Ginger Rogers danced with Astaire, it was the only time in the movies when you looked at the man, not the woman.
[ Astaire Danced Ginger Looked Man Movies Only Rogers Time Woman]
I doubt I'll ever do another book collaboration; I've been spoiled. Roger and I both happened to move to New Mexico at about the same time, when we each had a family of young kids to raise. Socializing seemed to lead naturally to working together.
[ Another Been Book Both Collaboration Doubt Each Ever Family Had Happened Kids Lead Mexico Move Naturally New Raise Roger Same Seemed Socializing Spoiled Time Together Working Young]