Authors that match 'moore'.

Frank Moore Colby American Educator (1865-1925)
Alan Moore British Writer (1953-)
Archie Moore American Athlete (1913-1998)
Bobby Moore English Athlete (1941-1993)
Brian Moore Irish Novelist (1921-1999)
Charles Moore (-)
Clayton Moore American Actor (1914-1999)
Clement Clarke Moore American Writer (1779-1863)
Cleo Moore American Actress (1928-)
Demi Moore Actress (1962-)
Dennis Moore American Politician (1945-)
Dudley Moore British Celebrity (1935-2002)
Edward Moore English Dramatist (1712-1757)
Garry Moore American Celebrity (1915-1993)
George A. Moore Irish Novelist (1852-1933)
George Edward Moore English Philosopher (1873-1958)
Gordon Moore American Businessman (1929-)
Greg Moore American Celebrity (1975-1999)
Gregory W. Moore Scientist (-)
Gwen Moore American Politician (1951-)
Henry Moore English Sculptor (1898-1986)
Joe Moore American Celebrity (-)
Judith Moore (-)
Julianna Moore (-)
Julianne Moore American Actress (1960-)
Mandy Moore American Musician (1984-)
Marianne Moore American Poet (1887-1972)
Mary Tyler Moore American Actress (1937-)
Michael Moore American Activist (1954-)
Roger Moore English Actor (1927-)
Roy Moore American Judge (1947-)
Scotty Moore American Musician (1931-)
Shemar Moore American Actor (1970-)
Stanford Moore American Scientist (1913-1982)
Thomas Moore Irish Poet (1779-1852)
Thurston Moore American Musician (1958-)
Michael Moorer American Athlete (1967-)

Quotations that match 'moore'.

I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, Dudley Moore. Liza Minelli
[ Am Dear Death Deeply Friend Moore Saddened]
At some point, Moore's law will break down. Seth Lloyd
[ Break Down Law Moore Point Some Will]
The way Will Moore taught me, and the way I play it, the blues is just something different. John Lee Hooker
[ Blues Different Just Moore Play Something Taught Way Will]
I went to Moorehouse College. There was no track and field there. Edwin Moses
[ College Field Track Went]
This ship was a league from us, and some of the men would have taken her, and I would not consent to it, and this Moore said I always hindered them making their fortunes. Was that not the reason I struck him? Was there a mutiny on board? William Kidd
[ Always Board Consent Fortunes Her Him Hindered League Making Men Moore Mutiny Reason Said Ship Some Struck Taken Their Them Us Would]
I think Michael Moore is loathsome, though, not because he dislikes Bush, but because he seems to dislike America. Tucker Carlson
[ America Because Bush Dislike Dislikes Loathsome Michael Moore Seems Think Though]
Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore. Val Guest
[ Actors Because Favourite Fun Great Moore Roger Yes]
Michael Moore, whether you like him or hate him, has done something very important. John Sayles
[ Done Hate Him Important Michael Moore Something Very Whether]
I see myself as Rhoda, not Mary Tyler Moore. Iris Murdoch
[ Mary Moore Myself See Tyler]
What a blast it is to be here with Michael Moore. Madeleine Albright
[ Blast Here Michael Moore]
When we made that album with Gary Moore, I was still kind of searching for the right direction for myself. Although the music is quite good the direction was like a box of fireworks that caught light all at the same time. Greg Lake
[ Album Although Box Caught Direction Fireworks Gary Good Kind Light Made Moore Music Myself Quite Right Same Searching Still Time]
Alan Moore does have a sheen of class. He's a smart guy, and I'm sure there was a metaphoric level, I'm not denying that, but let's face it. the main reason he was doing a super-hero comic was because he was working for a super-hero comic book company. Chester Brown
[ Alan Because Book Class Comic Company Denying Does Doing Face Guy Level Main Metaphoric Moore Reason Sheen Smart Sure Working]
This is a dream come true. To wake up in a place that I own and go to work in New York City as an actor - I feel like Mary Tyler Moore throwing her friggin' hat in the air. Christopher Meloni
[ Actor Air City Come Dream Feel Go Hat Her Mary Moore New Own Place Throwing True Tyler Up Wake Work York]
I wrote the tunes and sang only nonsense words. Then came Moore and dressed them with the lyrics. Rick Wright
[ Came Dressed Lyrics Moore Nonsense Only Sang Them Then Tunes Words Wrote]
They wanted to jump on their own bandwagon. Bobby Charlton had never made it as a manager. Bobby Moore hadn't either. I think they never stopped trying to put me in the same category. That was the road they went down with me. Bryan Robson
[ Bandwagon Bobby Category Charlton Down Either Had Hadn Jump Made Manager Moore Never Own Put Road Same Stopped Their Think Trying Wanted Went]
Demi Moore is a terrific woman and a hell of an actress. Mark Goddard
[ Actress Hell Moore Terrific Woman]
Michael Moore became an industry hero and the most visible symbol of the Hollywood left. Michael Medved
[ Became Hero Hollywood Industry Left Michael Moore Most Symbol Visible]
I have had lots of friends who've been affected by Aids and a very good friend of mine, Oscar Moore, died of Aids and I was with him in his last year quite a bit. And of course he was a man living in a very rich culture with a wealthy family who was able to afford health care. Emma Thompson
[ Able Affected Afford Aids Been Bit Care Course Culture Died Family Friend Friends Good Had Health Him His Last Living Lots Man Mine Moore Oscar Quite Rich Very Wealthy Year]
Slowly, but with no doubt or hesitation whatever, and in something of a solemn expectancy, the two animals passed through the broken tumultuous water and moored their boat at the flowery margin of the island. Kenneth Grahame
[ Animals Boat Broken Doubt Expectancy Flowery Hesitation Island Margin Passed Slowly Solemn Something Their Through Tumultuous Two Water Whatever]
Because of the nature of Moore's law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later. John Carmack
[ Anything Because Clever Competent Extremely Graphics Later Law Merely Moore Nature Number Point Programmer Some Years]