Authors that match 'mike'.

Mike Butcher (-)
Mike Conaway (1948-)
Mike Curb American Musician (1944-)
Mike Davidson (-)
Mike DeWine American Politician (1947-)
Mike Ditka American Coach (1939-)
Mike Epps American Comedian (1970-)
Mike Farrell American Actor (1939-)
Mike Ferguson American Politician (1970-)
Mike Figgis English Director (1948-)
Mike Fink American Celebrity (-)
Mike Fitzpatrick American Politician (1963-)
Mike Gordon American Musician (1965-)
Mike Gravel American Politician (1930-)
Mike Harding British Musician (1944-)
Mike Hawkins (-)
Mike Honda American Politician (1941-)
Mike Huckabee American Politician (1955-)
Mike James American Athlete (1975-)
Mike Johanns American Politician (1950-)
Mike Judge American Producer (1962-)
Mike Krzyzewski American Coach (1947-)
Mike Leigh British Director (-)
Mike Lookinland American Actor (-)
Mike Love American Musician (-)
Mike Lowry American Politician (-)
Mike Mansfield American Politician (1903-2001)
Mike Marsh American Athlete (1967-)
Mike May American Businessman (1954-)
Mike McCready American Musician (1965-)
Mike McCurry American Public Servant (1954-)
Mike Melville American Aviator (1940-)
George Mikes British Writer (1912-1987)
Mike Murdock American Clergyman (1946-)
Mike Myers Canadian Comedian (1963-)
Mike Nichols German Director (1931-)
Mike Oldfield English Musician (1953-)
Mike Pence American Politician (1959-)
Mike Peters American Cartoonist (1959-)
Mike Piazza American Athlete (1968-)
Mike Ricci (-)
Mike Rogers (1958-)
Mike Ross American Politician (1961-)
Mike Rounds American Politician (1954-)
Mike Royko American Writer (1932-1997)
Mike Rutherford English Musician (1950-)
Mike Schmidt American Athlete (1949-)
Mike Shinoda American Musician (1977-)
Mike Simpson American Politician (1950-)
Mike Singletary American Athlete (1959-)
Mike Thompson American Politician (1951-)
Mike Tice American Coach (1959-)
Mike Todd American Producer (1909-1958)
Mike Tyson American Athlete (1966-)
Mike Watt American Musician (1957-)
Mike Weir Canadian Athlete (1970-)
Mike Wilson (-)

Quotations that match 'mike'.

Nothing is going to stop Mike Tyson that doesn't have a motor attached.
[ Attached Going Mike Motor Nothing Stop Tyson]
They sent me the script and I thought that there was something very appealing and funny about it. Also, I was familiar with Mike Myers' work in Saturday Night Live, but I did not know the extent to which he would make this creation.
[ Also Appealing Creation Did Extent Familiar Funny Know Live Make Mike Myers Night Saturday Script Sent Something Thought Very Which Work Would]
I'm always listening and watching; my ear is like a boom mike. And judging, frankly. Constantly judging.
[ Always Boom Constantly Ear Frankly Judging Listening Mike Watching]
Mike Judge, who I've become friends with over the years never took himself seriously as an artist.
[ Artist Become Friends Himself Judge Mike Never Over Seriously Took Years]
Carl, Dennis and Brian are brothers, and Mike Love's a cousin.
[ Brian Brothers Carl Cousin Dennis Love Mike]
Mike gets to play four roles this time, if we ever did it again, he will play my role as well. He is a comic genius, everyone wants to be in this movie, let's hope that everyone will wish to see it as well.
[ Again Comic Did Ever Everyone Four Genius Gets Hope Mike Movie Play Role Roles See Time Wants Well Will Wish]
Imagine this guy hits Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger and knocks him out. You hit Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger, he'll beat the crap out of you.
[ Beat Crap Guy Hammer Head Him Hit Hits Imagine Knocks Mike Out Over Wooden]
Tom would bring in songs, Mike would engineer, and we recorded about 30 songs.
[ Bring Engineer Mike Recorded Songs Tom Would]
And I coached against Mike when he was an assistant with the Bears and they won that football game.
[ Against Assistant Bears Coached Football Game Mike Won]
For live you need a microphone for the snare and the high hat, the kick drum, a nice stereo overhead and one for the toms - you can get away with using four mikes.
[ Away Drum Four Get Hat High Kick Live Microphone Need Nice Overhead Snare Stereo Toms Using]
The writers led by Mike Scully are fantastic. And they're creating original stories that not only don't repeat what we've already done, they also don't repeat anything I've seen on television.
[ Already Also Anything Creating Done Fantastic Led Mike Only Original Repeat Scully Seen Stories Television Writers]
In the year and a half I was on SNL, I never saw anybody ad lib anything. For a very good reason - the director cut according to the script. So, if you ad libbed, you'd be off mike and off camera.
[ According Ad Anybody Anything Camera Cut Director Good Half Lib Mike Never Off Reason Saw Script Snl Very Year]
My older brother Mike is an excellent trumpet player. By the time he was 12, he was playing around Kansas City in classical situations. He was already an amazing talent.
[ Already Amazing Around Brother City Classical Excellent Kansas Mike Older Player Playing Situations Talent Time Trumpet]
But I think the thing I'm proud of about the film is that there aren't many films - either independent films or mainstream Hollywood films - that are like this; it's of its own times, and it's the film Mike Nichols wanted to make.
[ Either Film Films Hollywood Independent Mainstream Make Many Mike Nichols Own Proud Thing Think Times Wanted]
Mike Watt and I had the same teacher. Mr. Tanaka.
[ Had Mike Mr Same Teacher]
I think of Mike Myers as the Buster Keaton of today. I think he's brought us something so special.
[ Brought Buster Keaton Mike Myers Something Special Think Today Us]
I preferred not to be laden down with a big instrument. If you're behind a guitar, you get used to being behind a guitar, and you don't really perform because you can't. I wanted to be able to just hold on to the mike and sing.
[ Able Because Behind Being Big Down Get Guitar Hold Instrument Just Laden Mike Perform Preferred Really Sing Used Wanted]
I wrote the original Mike Hammer as a comic, Mike Danger.
[ Comic Danger Hammer Mike Original Wrote]
Don may yawn at the idea, which he often does, but the great thing about Don, he has confidence in me and Mike and Ed and Leslie and Steve, that we're not going go out and do stories that will put people to sleep.
[ Confidence Does Ed Go Going Great Idea Leslie May Mike Often Out Put Sleep Steve Stories Thing Which Will Yawn]
The part of Mike Wallace drew me to the movie because I thought, what an outrageous part to play.
[ Because Drew Mike Movie Outrageous Part Play Thought Wallace]
Diana Ross is a big inspiration to all of us. We all grew up watching everything about her - her mike placement, her grace, her style and her class.
[ Big Class Diana Everything Grace Grew Her Inspiration Mike Placement Ross Style Up Us Watching]
I'm into the idea of responsibility and edification and these things have found me and I have found them. I wanted to be in the movie and I made it known to Mike.
[ Found Idea Into Known Made Mike Movie Responsibility Them These Things Wanted]
A simple idea. And the man that worked on it, Mike Gabriel, doubled the value. Beautiful job. I should say triple. We have others like that, but, unfortunately, shorts, which are my favorite approach, are economically of no value.
[ Approach Beautiful Doubled Economically Favorite Gabriel Idea Job Man Mike Others Say Shorts Should Simple Triple Unfortunately Value Which Worked]
Here is Mike Wallace, who is visible to the public, and I have been watching him since the early '50s. Smoking up a storm and insulting his guests and being absolutely wonderfully evil and charming too.
[ Absolutely Been Being Charming Early Evil Guests Here Him His Insulting Mike Public Since Smoking Storm Too Up Visible Wallace Watching Wonderfully]
The important thing is to get the right players on the team so Mike can be successful.
[ Get Important Mike Players Right Successful Team Thing]
My manager was Buddy Glee, who put me together with Mike Curb, and was basically the idea to bring some soul to the label and bring something different to the label besides the Hank Williams situation.
[ Basically Besides Bring Buddy Curb Different Hank Idea Label Manager Mike Put Situation Some Something Soul Together Williams]
There is no law that says a man who earned a hundred million dollars in his first half-dozen years on the job has to be a decent human being, but Mike Eisner is that and more.
[ Being Decent Dollars Earned Eisner First His Human Hundred Job Law Man Mike Million More Says Years]
My own ambition in the ring had always been skillful boxing, speed and defense - on the order of Mike Gibbons.
[ Always Ambition Been Boxing Defense Gibbons Had Mike Order Own Ring Skillful Speed]
As long as we, again, kind of keep earning the sequels with material and I'm confident Mike can, I'm in. You know I always want to do those. But I also want to keep going in some of the direction as Meet the Parents has.
[ Again Also Always Confident Direction Earning Going Keep Kind Know Long Material Meet Mike Parents Sequels Some Those Want]
What I know about Mike Tyson, I see in the boxing ring. As far as all of the gossip stuff that I hear about him, I know first hand to take that with a grain of salt.
[ Boxing Far First Gossip Grain Hand Hear Him Know Mike Ring Salt See Stuff Take Tyson]
Who is Mike Judge? Let me think. The only way I could possibly answer that question would be in a nonverbal fashion. I think I could do an interpretive dance that would answer that question for you.
[ Answer Could Dance Fashion Interpretive Judge Mike Nonverbal Only Possibly Question Think Way Would]
Mike Leigh encourages you to choose a person that you know to base your character on. You write a whole list of people that you know and you go through that list in great depth with him. And then he chooses one of those people from your list.
[ Base Character Choose Chooses Depth Encourages Go Great Him Know Leigh List Mike Person Then Those Through Whole Write Your]
Mike Tyson would have been a good sparring partner for me and Muhammad Ali because Tyson was a fast fighter and he could punch and throw good combinations.
[ Ali Because Been Combinations Could Fast Fighter Good Mike Muhammad Partner Punch Sparring Throw Tyson Would]
We had to do the same thing here. To top that sequel was quite a task. Mike had a couple of good conceptual humour and character ideas, which got me back into it.
[ Back Character Conceptual Couple Good Got Had Here Humour Ideas Into Mike Quite Same Sequel Task Thing Top Which]
I knew I'd conquered America when Mike Tyson told me I was one mean lady.
[ America Conquered Knew Lady Mean Mike Told Tyson]
And my first film was Carnal Knowledge, another amazing experience, largely because of Mike Nichols, who would tell me you can't do anything wrong because you're doing everything right.
[ Amazing Another Anything Because Carnal Doing Everything Experience Film First Knowledge Largely Mike Nichols Right Tell Would Wrong]
Mike Tyson has been given every penny he has coming.
[ Been Coming Every Given Mike Penny Tyson]
I'm playing 10 feet from Mike Campbell every night. I look across the stage, there's Howie. Tom's in the middle and we're playing all this stuff I love. It's great.
[ Across Campbell Every Feet Great Look Love Middle Mike Night Playing Stage Stuff Tom]
Mike Patton is a genius... It is definitely the hardest music I've ever played.
[ Definitely Ever Genius Hardest Mike Music Patton Played]
Mike Bloomberg may be a Republican these days. But he has been a Democrat for most of his adult life.
[ Adult Been Days Democrat His Life May Mike Most Republican These]
Mike and Heather and I rapped once or twice in New York and then we all wound up on a train together on the way out to Maryland. I think it was about a month and a half from the time we got cast until the time we shot the thing.
[ Cast Got Half Heather Maryland Mike Month New Once Out Shot Then Thing Think Time Together Train Twice Until Up Way Wound York]
Some people who love boxing might love Mike Tyson, but people outside of the sport are generally repulsed by him and therefore, repulsed by the sport.
[ Boxing Generally Him Love Might Mike Outside Repulsed Some Sport Therefore Tyson]
Well Bill Martin and Mike Schiff were the creators and they knew we had to do a family show. Everybody came at it from the angle of having been a kid and a teenager.
[ Angle Been Bill Came Creators Everybody Family Had Having Kid Knew Martin Mike Show Teenager Well Were]
Mike Nichols asked if I would do The Birdcage. Mike and I are dear friends but he had never offered me a feature role in a movie. My television career opened other doors for me.
[ Asked Career Dear Doors Feature Friends Had Mike Movie Never Nichols Offered Opened Other Role Television Would]
Of course it's difficult to turn anything down when Mike Nichols calls you personally.
[ Anything Calls Course Difficult Down Mike Nichols Personally Turn]
It doesn't really feel like it's got anything to do with me. I mean, I know I wrote it, and all that and invented the characters and made it up, but it's Mike's film, so doing the press and stuff, it feels a little bit inauthentic. I was just one component of it.
[ Anything Bit Characters Component Doing Feel Feels Film Got Invented Just Know Little Made Mean Mike Press Really Stuff Up Wrote]
As a solo artist, I just felt cemented in front of the mike stand. There was very little time to play with the audience and be a band member.
[ Artist Audience Band Cemented Felt Front Just Little Member Mike Play Solo Stand Time Very]
Rock 'n' roll... but I also like sporting events a lot. I love Mike Piazza.
[ Also Events Lot Love Mike Rock Roll Sporting]