Quotations that match 'leisure'.

It is in his pleasure that a man really lives; it is from his leisure that he constructs the true fabric of self.
[ Constructs Fabric His Leisure Lives Man Pleasure Really Self True]
As to that leisure evening of life, I must say that I do not want it. I can conceive of no contentment of which toil is not to be the immediate parent.
[ Conceive Contentment Evening Immediate Leisure Life Must Parent Say Toil Want Which]
If you are losing your leisure, look out; you may be losing your soul.
[ Leisure Look Losing May Out Soul Your]
I'd rather spend my leisure time doing what some people call my work and I call my fun.
[ Call Doing Fun Leisure Rather Some Spend Time Work]
The present letter is a very long one, simply because I had no leisure to make it shorter.
[ Because Had Leisure Letter Long Make Present Shorter Simply Very]
The artist is a member of the leisured classes who cannot pay for his leisure.
[ Artist Cannot Classes His Leisure Member Pay]
People have become shallower. They view spending, entertaining, seeking leisure and enjoying as the main objectives of their life.
[ Become Enjoying Entertaining Leisure Life Main Objectives Seeking Spending Their View]
Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night.
[ Five Hours Leisure Night Six Sleep Time]
War should be the only study of a prince. He should consider peace only as a breathing-time, which gives him leisure to contrive, and furnishes as ability to execute, military plans.
[ Ability Consider Contrive Execute Furnishes Gives Him Leisure Military Only Peace Plans Prince Should Study War Which]
I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste.
[ Bad Collar Employee Felt Hut Leisure Pizza Red Remember Sort Suit Taste Turtleneck Ultimate White]
The busier we are the more leisure we have.
[ Busier Leisure More]
Do not love leisure. Waste not a minute. Be bold. Realize the Truth, here and now!
[ Bold Here Leisure Love Minute Now Realize Truth Waste]
All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.
[ Breakfast Depends Happiness Leisurely]
How many inner resources one needs to tolerate a life of leisure without fatigue.
[ Fatigue How Inner Leisure Life Many Needs Resources Tolerate Without]
He hath no leisure who useth it not.
[ Hath Leisure]
Do not mistake a crowd of big wage-earners for the leisure class.
[ Big Class Crowd Leisure Mistake Wage-Earners]
What we do during our working hours determines what we have; what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.
[ Determines During Hours Leisure Our Working]
Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. But what is most truly is is disguised combat. For all its gentility, its almost leisurely pace, baseball is violence under wraps.
[ Almost Also Baseball Business Combat Disguised Game Leisurely Most Pace Truly Under Violence Wraps Yes]
To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization. Intelligence
[ Able Civilization Fill Intelligently Last Leisure Product]
Americans will listen, but they do not care to read. War and Peace must wait for the leisure of retirement, which never really comes: meanwhile it helps to furnish the living room.
[ Americans Care Comes Furnish Helps Leisure Listen Living Meanwhile Must Never Peace Read Really Retirement Room Wait War Which Will]
To describe my scarce leisure time in today's terms, I always default to reading.
[ Always Default Describe Leisure Reading Scarce Terms Time Today]
We moved leisurely towards Mount Foster, on the 22nd, and arrived opposite to it a little before sunset.
[ Arrived Before Foster Leisurely Little Mount Moved Opposite Sunset Towards]
Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure.
[ Conspicuous Consumption Gentleman Goods Leisure Means Valuable]
Manuscript: something submitted in haste and returned at leisure.
[ Haste Leisure Manuscript Returned Something Submitted]
Basically, particularly in Britain, it's a hegemonic thing that people who write tend to come from the leisure classes. They can afford the time and the books.
[ Afford Basically Books Britain Classes Come Leisure Particularly Tend Thing Time Write]
Convent - a place of retirement for women who wish for leisure to meditate upon the sin of idleness.
[ Convent Idleness Leisure Meditate Place Retirement Sin Upon Wish Women]
The basis on which good repute in any highly organized industrial community ultimately rests is pecuniary strength; and the means of showing pecuniary strength, and so of gaining or retaining a good name, are leisure and a conspicuous consumption of goods.
[ Any Basis Community Conspicuous Consumption Gaining Good Goods Highly Industrial Leisure Means Name Organized Pecuniary Repute Rests Retaining Showing Strength Ultimately Which]
The end of labor is to gain leisure.
[ End Gain Labor Leisure]
Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed.
[ Complaining Everybody Leisure More Must Now Saying Unemployed]
The best intelligence test is what we do with our leisure.
[ Best Intelligence Leisure Our Test]
Automation and technology would be a great boon if it were creative, if there were more leisure, more opportunity to engage in raising a family, providing guidance to the young, all the stuff we say we need. America will work if we're all in it together. It'll work when there's a shared sense of destiny. It can be done!
[ America Automation Boon Creative Destiny Done Engage Family Great Guidance Leisure More Need Opportunity Providing Raising Say Sense Shared Stuff Technology Together Were Will Work Would Young]
Like every other good thing in this world, leisure and culture have to be paid for. Fortunately, however, it is not the leisured and the cultured who have to pay.
[ Culture Cultured Every Fortunately Good However Leisure Other Paid Pay Thing World]
What with making their way and enjoying what they have won, heroes have no time to think. But the sons of heroes - ah, they have all the necessary leisure.
[ Ah Enjoying Heroes Leisure Making Necessary Sons Their Think Time Way Won]
I am moreover inclined to be concise when I reflect on the constant occupation of the citizens in public and private affairs, so that in their few leisure moments they may read and understand as much as possible.
[ Affairs Am Citizens Concise Constant Few Inclined Leisure May Moments Moreover Much Occupation Possible Private Public Read Reflect Their Understand]
A broad margin of leisure is as beautiful in a man's life as in a book. Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping. Keep the time, observe the hours of the universe, not of the cars.
[ Beautiful Book Broad Cars Haste Hours Housekeeping Keep Leisure Less Life Makes Man Margin Observe Than Time Universe Waste]
When Culture Club broke up, I hadn't been going out a lot because we'd been working all the time, so I suddenly had this period of leisure. And it was just around the time that the whole acid house thing kicked off in London.
[ Acid Around Because Been Broke Club Culture Going Had Hadn House Just Kicked Leisure London Lot Off Out Period Suddenly Thing Time Up Whole Working]
In itself and in its consequences the life of leisure is beautiful and ennobling in all civilised men's eyes.
[ Beautiful Civilised Consequences Ennobling Eyes Itself Leisure Life Men]
If there is such a thing as a workaholic, I'm it, and that's what passes for leisure.
[ Leisure Passes Such Thing Workaholic]
The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.
[ Busy Leisure More]
Now hatred is by far the longest pleasure; men love in haste but they detest at leisure.
[ Detest Far Haste Hatred Leisure Longest Love Men Now Pleasure]
They talk of the dignity of work. The dignity is in leisure.
[ Dignity Leisure Talk Work]
You can give men food and leisure and amusements and good conditions of work, and still they will remain unsatisfied. You can deny them all these things, and they will not complain so long as they feel that they have something to die for.
[ Amusements Complain Conditions Deny Die Feel Food Give Good Leisure Long Men Remain Something Still Them These Things Unsatisfied Will Work]
Tourism, human circulation considered as consumption is fundamentally nothing more than the leisure of going to see what has become banal.
[ Banal Become Circulation Considered Consumption Fundamentally Going Human Leisure More Nothing See Than Tourism]
Grief walks upon the heels of pleasure; married in haste, we repent at leisure.
[ Grief Haste Heels Leisure Married Pleasure Repent Upon Walks]
I'm never less at leisure than when at leisure, or less alone than when alone.
[ Alone Leisure Less Never Than]
All this time I lived with my parents, and wrought on the plantation; and having had schooling pretty well for a planter, I used to improve myself in winter evenings, and other leisure times.
[ Evenings Had Having Improve Leisure Lived Myself Other Parents Plantation Planter Pretty Schooling Time Times Used Well Winter Wrought]
For mothers who must earn, there is indeed no leisure time problem. The long hours of earning are increased by the hours of domestic labor, until no slightest margin for relaxation or change of thought remains.
[ Change Domestic Earn Earning Hours Increased Indeed Labor Leisure Long Margin Mothers Must Problem Relaxation Remains Slightest Thought Time Until]
It takes application, a fine sense of value, and a powerful community-spirit for a people to have serious leisure, and this has not been the genius of the Americans.
[ Americans Application Been Fine Genius Leisure Powerful Sense Serious Takes Value]
My hobbies and leisure activities include cars and golf.
[ Activities Cars Golf Hobbies Include Leisure]
Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good plays, good company, good conversation - what are they? They are the happiest people in the world.
[ Books Company Conversation Decide Development Good Happiest Leisure Love Means Mental Music Pictures Plays Those Use World]
No president who performs his duties faithfully and conscientiously can have any leisure.
[ Any Duties Faithfully His Leisure Performs President]
The challenge of screenwriting is to say much in little and then take half of that little out and still preserve an effect of leisure and natural movement.
[ Challenge Effect Half Leisure Little Movement Much Natural Out Preserve Say Screenwriting Still Take Then]
Increased means and increased leisure are the two civilizers of man.
[ Increased Leisure Man Means Two]
Wisdom and penetration are the fruit of experience, not the lessons of retirement and leisure. Great necessities call out great virtues.
[ Call Experience Fruit Great Leisure Lessons Necessities Out Penetration Retirement Virtues Wisdom]
How to use your leisure time is the biggest problem of a ballplayer.
[ Ballplayer Biggest How Leisure Problem Time Use Your]
If work and leisure are soon to be subordinated to this one utopian principle - absolute busyness - then utopia and melancholy will come to coincide: an age without conflict will dawn, perpetually busy - and without consciousness.
[ Absolute Age Busy Busyness Coincide Come Conflict Consciousness Dawn Leisure Melancholy Perpetually Principle Soon Then Utopia Utopian Will Without Work]
Politicians also have no leisure, because they are always aiming at something beyond political life itself, power and glory, or happiness. Politics
[ Aiming Also Always Because Beyond Glory Happiness Itself Leisure Life Political Politicians Power Something]
A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave.
[ Enough Grave Laziness Leisure Life Sleeping Things Two Will]
Leisure is the Mother of Philosophy.
[ Leisure Mother Philosophy]
Men love in haste, but they detest at leisure.
[ Detest Haste Leisure Love Men]
We are closer to the ants than to the butterflies. Very few people can endure much leisure.
[ Ants Butterflies Closer Endure Few Leisure Much Than Very]
The soul is dyed with the color of its leisure thoughts.
[ Color Dyed Leisure Soul Thoughts]
Leisure is the handmaiden of the devil.
[ Devil Handmaiden Leisure]
Any reading not of a vicious species must be a good substitute for the amusements too apt to fill up the leisure of the labouring classes.
[ Amusements Any Apt Classes Fill Good Labouring Leisure Must Reading Species Substitute Too Up Vicious]
The primary purpose of a liberal education is to make one's mind a pleasant place in which to spend one's leisure.
[ Education Leisure Liberal Make Mind Place Pleasant Primary Purpose Spend Which]
I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.
[ Another Believe Day Girls Happy Leisure Lipstick Miracles Pink Prettiest Tomorrow Wearing]
In our leisure we reveal what kind of people we are.
[ Kind Leisure Our Reveal]
The only place where people in Manhattan walk for leisure is in the park.
[ Leisure Manhattan Only Park Place Walk Where]
Friendship is a very taxing and arduous form of leisure activity.
[ Activity Arduous Form Friendship Leisure Taxing Very]
I sort of leave the character at the end of the day. I don't carry anything around with me - no excess baggage or unnecessary thoughts. I think it's too exhausting to do that. To put things into perspective - your work is your work, and your leisure time is something else.
[ Anything Around Baggage Carry Character Day Else End Excess Exhausting Into Leave Leisure Perspective Put Something Sort Things Think Thoughts Time Too Unnecessary Work Your]