Authors that match 'kelly'.

Kelly Bishop (1944-)
Kelly Brook English Model (1979-)
Kelly Clarkson American Musician (1982-)
Frank Kelly Freas American Writer (1922-2005)
Kelly Hu American Actress (1968-)
Kelly Jones Welsh Musician (1974-)
Craig Kelly American Athlete (1966-2003)
Emmett Kelly American Entertainer (1898-1979)
Frederick Kelly American Athlete (1891-1974)
Gene Kelly American Actor (1912-1996)
Grace Kelly American Actress (1929-1982)
Johnny Kelly American Musician (1968-)
Kevin Kelly American Editor (1952-)
Marguerite Kelly (-)
Mark Kelly Musician (1961-)
Moira Kelly American Actress (1968-)
Patsy Kelly American Comedian (1910-1981)
Petra Kelly German Politician (1947-1992)
R. Kelly American Musician (1969-)
Sue Kelly American Politician (1936-)
Thomas R. Kelly American Celebrity (1893-1941)
Walt Kelly American Cartoonist (1913-1973)
Kelly LeBrock British Actress (-)
Kelly Lynch American Actress (-)
Kelly McGillis American Actress (1957-)
Kelly Millar (-)
Kelly Miller American Sociologist (1863-1939)
Kelly Osbourne English Actress (1984-)
Kelly Preston American Actress (1962-)
Kelly Ripa American Entertainer (1970-)
Kelly Rowland American Musician (1981-)

Quotations that match 'kelly'.

I was like Gene Kelly, it was called singing in the rain. No seriously, I wasn't really born with a singing voice, but my friends Joe and John taught me how to sing. Chris Burke
[ Born Called Friends Gene How Joe John Kelly Rain Really Seriously Sing Singing Taught Voice]
When I was 11, I won my first nationals at Savannah, defeating Kelly Henry in the finals. Tracy Austin
[ Defeating Finals First Henry Kelly Nationals Savannah Won]
I've done that I was touring a couple of years ago with R. Kelly and the Lillith Fair, I would do the late night underground gigs as well because it's always around those times that there was a hot song, either on the radio or in the clubs, it would just be simultaneous. Deborah Cox
[ Ago Always Around Because Clubs Couple Done Either Fair Gigs Hot Just Kelly Late Night Radio Simultaneous Song Those Times Touring Underground Well Would Years]
My first job was at a Chicago night club called Mr. Kelly's. Shelley Berman
[ Called Chicago Club First Job Kelly Mr Night]
Kelly has a rather bad habit of interrupting. Jack Osbourne
[ Bad Habit Interrupting Kelly Rather]
I'm just steadily building myself up as Kelly Rowland, not just Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, which is a blessing to be able to do that. Kelly Rowland
[ Able Blessing Building Child Destiny Just Kelly Myself Steadily Up Which]
I didn't smoke. I didn't smoke then, and I don't smoke now. We worked every day - that keeps you in pretty good shape. We could go for a long time in one take. You had to be in good shape with Gene Kelly. Donald O'Connor
[ Could Day Every Gene Go Good Had Keeps Kelly Long Now Pretty Shape Smoke Take Then Time Worked]
I wanted to be Gene Kelly. Well really, I just wanted to dance with Cyd Charisse. Robin Cousins
[ Dance Gene Just Kelly Really Wanted Well]
We have one of our priests in prison right now, Steve Kelly, for his antiwar actions, and three of us in the community are forbidden to visit him because we're all convicted felons. Daniel Berrigan
[ Actions Antiwar Because Community Convicted Forbidden Him His Kelly Now Our Priests Prison Right Steve Three Us Visit]
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I love your voice man, you give me chills... Brilliant. Randy Jackson
[ Brilliant Chills Give Kelly Love Man Voice Your]
My best kiss was on stage. Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child gave me a really nice soft kiss on my lips during a performance on my birthday. It was amazing. Chris Brown
[ Amazing Best Birthday Child Destiny During Gave Kelly Kiss Lips Nice Performance Really Soft Stage]
My first encounter with a Kelly was not on a musical scale. It was from primary school. Dave and I went to primary school together and we were like boy scouts. Wayne Wonder
[ Boy Dave Encounter First Kelly Musical Primary Scale School Scouts Together Went Were]
I spent an entire evening seated between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, being charmed from either side. It was pure Hollywood magic. Lorna Luft
[ Astaire Being Between Charmed Either Entire Evening Fred Gene Hollywood Kelly Magic Pure Seated Side Spent]
I love all music. Right now I am loving Josh Grobin and Kelly Clarkson. Kaley Cuoco
[ Am Josh Kelly Love Loving Music Now Right]
I wish I was born in that era: dancing with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, going to work at the studio dressed in beautiful pants, head scarves, and sunglasses. Catherine Zeta-Jones
[ Astaire Beautiful Born Dancing Dressed Era Fred Gene Going Head Kelly Pants Studio Sunglasses Wish Work]
I just want people to remember me like I remember Buster Keaton. When they talk about Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, people say, 'Ah yes, they good.' Maybe one day, they remember Jackie Chan that way. Jackie Chan
[ Ah Buster Chan Day Gene Good Jackie Just Keaton Kelly Maybe Remember Say Talk Want Way Yes]