Authors that match 'joseph'.

Joseph Addison English Writer (1672-1719)
Ben Joseph Akiba Clergyman (50-135)
Kenneth Joseph Arrow American Economist (1921-)
Joseph Auslander American Poet (1897-1965)
Josephine Baker French Dancer (1906-1975)
Joseph Banks English Environmentalist (1743-1820)
Joseph Barbara American Actor (1967-)
Joseph Barbera American Cartoonist (1911-2006)
Joseph Beuys German Artist (1921-1986)
Joseph Bologna American Actor (1934-)
Joseph Brant Mohawk Soldier (1742-1807)
Joseph Brodsky American Poet (1940-1996)
Joseph E. Brown American Politician (1821-1894)
Joseph Butler English Clergyman (1692-1752)
Joseph Campbell American Author (1904-1987)
Joseph Cannon American Politician (1836-1926)
Joseph Chamberlain British Politician (1836-1914)
Joseph L. Chamberlain (-)
Joseph Conrad Polish Novelist (1857-1924)
Joseph Cook Australian Politician (1860-1947)
E. Joseph Cossman Businessman (-)
Joseph Force Crater American Judge (1909-1930)
Joseph Crowley (1962-)
Josephus Daniels American Politician (1862-1948)
Joseph J. Ellis American Writer (1943-)
Joseph Epstein American Writer (1937-)
Joseph Fiennes British Actor (1970-)
Joseph Gallivan (-)
Joseph Glanvill English Writer (1636-1680)
Joseph Goebbels German Politician (1897-1945)
Arthur Joseph Goldberg American Statesman (1908-1990)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (1981-)
Joseph Greenberg American Writer (1915-2001)
Sarah Josepha Hale American Writer (1788-1879)
Joseph Hall English Clergyman (1574-1656)
Josephine Hart Irish Writer (-)
Joseph Haydn Austrian Composer (1732-1809)
Joseph Heller American Novelist (1923-1999)
Joseph Henry American Scientist (1797-1878)
Josephine K. Henry (-)
Joseph Howe Canadian Politician (1804-1873)
Joseph Hume Scottish Scientist (1777-1855)
Joseph Jackson American Businessman (1929-)
Joseph Jarman American Musician (1937-)
Joseph Jefferson American Artist (1829-1905)
Chief Joseph Leader (1840-1904)
Curtis Joseph Canadian Athlete (1967-)
Nafisa Joseph Indian Model (1978-2004)
Terry Josephson (-)
Flavius Josephus Roman Historian (37-100)
Joseph Joubert French Writer (1754-1824)
Joseph P. Kennedy American Diplomat (1888-1969)
Joseph Kirkland American Novelist (1830-1894)
Joseph Wood Krutch American Environmentalist (1893-1970)
Joseph Lancaster English Educator (-)
Joseph Lelyveld American Editor (-)
Joseph E. Levine Producer (-)
Joseph Lewis American Writer (-)
Joseph Barber Lightfoot Theologian (-)
Joseph C. Lincoln (-)
Joseph Lister English Scientist (-)
Oliver Joseph Lodge Physicist (-)
Joseph Lyons Australian Statesman (-)
Joseph de Maistre French Diplomat (-)
Joseph L. Mankiewicz American Writer (1909-1993)
Joseph McCabe English Writer (1867-1955)
Joseph R. McCarthy American Politician (1909-1957)
Joseph McKenna American Politician (1843-1926)
Joseph Mitchell American Writer (1908-1996)
Joseph Needham British Scientist (1900-1995)
Joseph Parry Welsh Composer (1841-1903)
Joseph Chilton Pearce American Writer (-)
Joseph Priestley English Scientist (1733-1804)
Joseph Prince Clergyman (1963-)
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon French Economist (1809-1865)
Joseph Pulitzer American Publisher (1847-1911)
Joseph Ratzinger German Clergyman (1927-)
Joseph Rotblat Polish Physicist (1908-2005)
Joseph Roux French Clergyman (1834-1905)
Joseph Franklin Rutherford American Clergyman (1869-1942)
Bernard Joseph Saurin (-)
Joseph A. Schumpeter American Economist (1883-1950)
David Joseph Schwartz American Businessman (-)
Joseph Smith, Jr. American Clergyman (1805-1844)
Joseph Sobran American Activist (1946-)
Joseph Stalin Russian Leader (1879-1953)
Joseph Stefano American Writer (1922-2006)
Joseph E. Stiglitz American Economist (1943-)
Joseph Stiglitz (1943-)
Joseph Story American Judge (1779-1845)
James Joseph Sylvester English Mathematician (1814-1897)
Joseph Thomson Scientist (-)
Joseph Wambaugh American Writer (1937-)
Joseph C. Wilson American Public Servant (1949-)

Quotations that match 'joseph'.

Like Joseph Mitchell, I would scour the streets of New York and find little pieces of what other people think of as junk - and collect it.
[ Collect Find Joseph Junk Little Mitchell New Other Pieces Streets Think Would York]
I was ordained one of the standing High Council in Zion, under the hands of President Joseph Smith.
[ Council Hands High Joseph Ordained President Smith Standing Under]
I like visiting people's homes on Saint Joseph's Day, when people set up altars, serve food as a tribute to the saint, and invite the public - I enjoy that much more than Mardi Gras.
[ Altars Day Enjoy Food Homes Invite Joseph More Much Public Saint Serve Set Than Tribute Up Visiting]
Joseph Stalin is a titan of thought. His name is to be given to an entire century.
[ Century Entire Given His Joseph Name Stalin Thought]
I believe in mythology. I guess I share Joseph Campbell's notion that a culture or society without mythology would die, and we're close to that.
[ Believe Campbell Close Culture Die Guess Joseph Mythology Notion Share Society Without Would]
We were now arrived at the close of our solitary journeyings along the St. Joseph's trail.
[ Along Arrived Close Joseph Now Our Solitary St Trail Were]
Much as I cared for Joseph Kennedy, he was a classic example of that person in the arts with lots of brains and drive but little taste or talent.
[ Arts Brains Cared Classic Drive Example Joseph Kennedy Little Lots Much Person Talent Taste]
Joseph and his mother come from the black kings who were before the white man.
[ Before Black Come His Joseph Kings Man Mother Were White]
John Ashcroft is not a patriot, John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy.
[ Ashcroft Descendant John Joseph Mccarthy Patriot]
It was so strange. I knew that Josephine Baker had performed on the same stage but that night I felt it. Many of the same people who worked with Josephine Baker are still here. They know what they're doing. And that was a very comfortable feeling.
[ Baker Comfortable Doing Feeling Felt Had Here Knew Know Many Night Performed Same Stage Still Strange Very Worked]
In two months Joseph Kennedy had taken over my entire life, and I trusted him implicitly to make the most of it.
[ Entire Had Him Implicitly Joseph Kennedy Life Make Months Most Over Taken Trusted Two]
I wasn't with Joseph, but I believe him. My faith did not come to me through science, and I will not permit so-called science to destroy it.
[ Believe Come Destroy Did Faith Him Joseph Permit Science So-Called Through Will]
The great medley of Oregon and California emigrants, at their camps around Independence, had heard reports that several additional parties were on the point of setting out from St. Joseph's farther to the northward.
[ Additional Around California Camps Emigrants Farther Great Had Heard Independence Joseph Oregon Out Parties Point Reports Setting Several St Their Were]
I'm as much influenced by Joseph Smith and the Mormons as I am, more so, than by Eliot. Actually, I'm much more influenced by the poetry of the Mormons.
[ Actually Am Eliot Influenced Joseph More Mormons Much Poetry Smith Than]
I must admit to being greatly influenced by Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces.
[ Admit Being Campbell Faces Greatly Hero Influenced Joseph Must Thousand]
I wanted to write it long before I wrote Every Night, Josephine! I'd been thinking about it a long time.
[ Been Before Every Long Night Thinking Time Wanted Write Wrote]
Scrooge pushed past Mary number 1 and Joseph number 2 in the wings without so much as an "excuse me". Typical.
[ Excuse Joseph Mary Much Number Past Pushed Typical Wings Without]
We were now, as I before mentioned, upon this St. Joseph's trail. It was evident, by the traces, that large parties were a few days in advance of us; and as we too supposed them to be Mormons, we had some apprehension of interruption.
[ Advance Apprehension Before Days Evident Few Had Interruption Joseph Large Mentioned Mormons Now Parties Some St Supposed Them Too Traces Trail Upon Us Were]
I think of Oprah as a Mother Joseph wannabe, a daytime oracle rewarding the good and punishing the bad.
[ Bad Daytime Good Joseph Mother Oprah Oracle Punishing Rewarding Think]
I named my new son James Joseph Brown II. I think he's going to be a lot better than I was.
[ Better Brown Going Ii James Joseph Lot Named New Son Than Think]
Rove and his attorneys can parse the words all they want, but it is now clear that while Rove may not have given a reporter Plame's name, he clearly identified her by telling the reporter that Joseph Wilson's wife was a CIA agent.
[ Agent Attorneys Cia Clear Clearly Given Her His Identified Joseph May Name Now Parse Plame Reporter Rove Telling Want While Wife Wilson Words]
My faith, inasmuch as I have any, is more like a kind of Joseph Campbell thing, and even that frequently finds itself tested to oblivion in siren waters.
[ Any Campbell Even Faith Finds Frequently Inasmuch Itself Joseph Kind More Oblivion Siren Tested Thing Waters]