Authors that match 'harvey'.

Harvey Ball American Celebrity (1921-2001)
Harvey Cox American Theologian (1929-)
Harvey Cushing American Scientist (1869-1939)
Harvey Fierstein American Actor (1954-)
Harvey S. Firestone American Businessman (1868-1938)
Brian Harvey British Musician (1974-)
Doug Harvey Canadian Athlete (1924-1989)
Larry Harvey American Celebrity (1948-)
Laurence Harvey Lithuanian Actor (1928-1973)
P. J. Harvey British Musician (1969-)
Paul Harvey American Journalist (1918-2009)
Steve Harvey American Actor (1956-)
Will Harvey American Businessman (1967-)
William Harvey English Scientist (1578-1657)
Harvey Keitel American Actor (1939-)
John Harvey Kellogg American Businessman (1852-1943)
Harvey Korman American Actor (1927-)
Harvey Martin American Athlete (1950-2001)
Harvey Milk American Politician (1930-1978)
Lee Harvey Oswald American Criminal (1939-1963)
Harvey Pekar American Writer (1939-)
Harvey Penick American Athlete (1904-1995)
James Harvey Robinson American Historian (1863-1936)
Harvey Weinstein American Producer (1952-)

Quotations that match 'harvey'.

My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you. Harvey Milk
[ Harvey Here Milk Name Recruit]
They say now in America that final cut doesn't mean anything. As Harvey Weinstein said to some film-maker, 'You can have final cut. I'll open your film in Arkansas.' Mira Nair
[ America Anything Arkansas Cut Film Film-Maker Final Harvey Mean Now Open Said Say Some Weinstein Your]
I keep referring to them in the plural but all I'm dealing with is Bob. I don't know where Harvey fits in the equation. He was very present at the beginning, winding his brother up. I don't know where he is now. Terry Gilliam
[ Beginning Bob Brother Dealing Equation Fits Harvey His Keep Know Now Plural Present Referring Them Up Very Where Winding]
I'd like to do Harvey again. I did it two years ago with Helen Hayes in New York. It was a joy. I was so glad to do it again because I never thought I did it right the first time. James Stewart
[ Again Ago Because Did First Glad Harvey Helen Joy Never New Right Thought Time Two Years York]
I went to see Harvey again in Fiddler. Harvey's throat is getting better. Rip Taylor
[ Again Better Fiddler Getting Harvey See Throat Went]
I'm a pretty big P.J. Harvey record fan and you can really hear New York in his record. Duncan Sheik
[ Big Fan Harvey Hear His New Pretty Really Record York]
I made the film in spite of Harvey, not because of Harvey. Daniel Day-Lewis
[ Because Film Harvey Made Spite]
I've known Harvey for over 40 years and I worked with him on the Burnett show for 11 years. I guess you could say we're about as close as you can get to being a comedy team. Tim Conway
[ Being Burnett Close Comedy Could Get Guess Harvey Him Known Over Say Show Team Worked Years]
If PJ Harvey ever came to town I'd definitely go try to go see her. Matt Cameron
[ Came Definitely Ever Go Harvey Her See Town Try]
We also listen to PJ Harvey; a lot of driving music. You need something a little more relaxing in the car. Brody Armstrong
[ Also Car Driving Harvey Listen Little Lot More Music Need Relaxing Something]
The only time I commit to conspiracy theories is when something way retarded happens. Like Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. Joe Rogan
[ Acting Alone Commit Conspiracy Happens Harvey Lee Only Oswald Retarded Something Theories Time Way]
Harvey never had an original idea or thought in his life. I was out wandering around the country doing charity benefits, mainly, when I asked him to come along. Tim Conway
[ Along Around Asked Benefits Charity Come Country Doing Had Harvey Him His Idea Life Mainly Never Original Out Thought Wandering]
Meet them once and you're innocent; meet them twice and you're not. So if you see me having drinks again with Harvey Weinstein then, okay, you've got me. Matt Drudge
[ Again Drinks Got Harvey Having Innocent Meet Okay Once See Them Then Twice Weinstein]