Quotations that match 'hanger'.

A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.
[ Closet Dangerous Full Most Place Wire World]
Actually, it was first a movie called Gale Force, which was a hurricane movie. That script never came together, and then the same deal was replaced with Cliffhanger.
[ Actually Called Came Deal First Force Gale Hurricane Movie Never Replaced Same Script Then Together Which]
Each book will have a lot of cliffhangers, because I like that.
[ Because Book Each Lot Will]
Be able to tell whether garments that look good on the hanger actually look good on you.
[ Able Actually Garments Good Look Tell Whether]
Careful?! Was my mother careful when she stabbed me in the heart with a coat hanger while I was still in womb?
[ Careful Coat Heart Mother She Stabbed Still While Womb]
Imagine this guy hits Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger and knocks him out. You hit Mike Hammer over the head with a wooden coathanger, he'll beat the crap out of you.
[ Beat Crap Guy Hammer Head Him Hit Hits Imagine Knocks Mike Out Over Wooden]
The wealthy are always surrounded by hangers-on; science and art are as well.
[ Always Art Science Surrounded Wealthy Well]
Christians should be ready for a change because Jesus was the greatest changer in history.
[ Because Change Christians Greatest History Jesus Ready Should]