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Corey Feldman American Actor (1971-)
Marty Feldman English Comedian (1933-1982)
Morton Feldman American Composer (1926-1987)

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Corey feldman and I did sneak into the screening room one day during Lost Boys.
[ Boys Corey Day Did During Feldman Into Lost Room Screening Sneak]
I wasn't really interested in doing television. I don't have that much ambition. My agent, Eileen Feldman, has all the ambition for me.
[ Agent Ambition Doing Eileen Feldman Interested Much Really Television]
You've got Corey Feldman doing his thing, and the problem is, they're trying to be pop stars. You can't compare Salty to any of the other actors out there playing music.
[ Actors Any Compare Corey Doing Feldman Got His Music Other Out Playing Pop Problem Salty Stars Thing Trying]