Quotations that match 'examines'.

It hinders the creative work of the mind if the intellect examines too closely the ideas as they pour in.
[ Closely Creative Examines Hinders Ideas Intellect Mind Pour Too Work]
The historian is, by definition, absolutely incapable of observing the facts which he examines.
[ Absolutely Definition Examines Facts Historian Incapable Observing Which]
The state of minds vary according to the angle under which one examines them.
[ According Angle Examines Minds State Them Under Vary Which]
Our film examines the heroism, courage and prowess of the Soviet submarine force in ways never seen before.
[ Before Courage Examines Film Force Heroism Never Our Prowess Seen Soviet Submarine Ways]
The absurd consequences of neglecting structure but using the concept of order just the same are evident if one examines the present terminology of information theory.
[ Absurd Concept Consequences Evident Examines Information Just Neglecting Order Present Same Structure Terminology Theory Using]