Quotations that match 'conspicuously'.

We shall say clearly that any symbol conspicuously displaying religious affiliation in school is prohibited.
[ Affiliation Any Clearly Conspicuously Displaying Prohibited Religious Say School Shall Symbol]
But picketing - picketing for or against something, and handing out literature - these are conspicuously formal actions. They have to be understood as indirect communication.
[ Actions Against Communication Conspicuously Formal Handing Indirect Literature Out Picketing Something These Understood]
Famous, adj.: Conspicuously miserable.
[ Adj Conspicuously Famous Miserable]
Nothing stands out so conspicuously, or remains so firmly fixed in the memory, as something which you have blundered.
[ Blundered Conspicuously Firmly Fixed Memory Nothing Out Remains Something Stands Which]
The conspicuously wealthy turn up urging the character building values of the privation of the poor.
[ Building Character Conspicuously Poor Privation Turn Up Urging Values Wealthy]
Poise: the ability to be ill at ease inconspicuously.
[ Ability Ease Ill Poise]
Of course it can be said of jails, too, that they try - by punishing the troublesome - to deter others. No doubt, in certain instances this deterrence actually works. But generally speaking it fails conspicuously.
[ Actually Certain Conspicuously Course Deter Deterrence Doubt Fails Generally Instances Jails Others Punishing Said Speaking Too Troublesome Try Works]