Authors that match 'christie'.

Christie Brinkley American Model (1954-)
Agatha Christie English Writer (1890-1976)
Chris Christie American Politician (1962-)
Julie Christie British Actress (1941-)
Linford Christie British Athlete (1960-)
Perry Christie Bahamian Statesman (1944-)
Christie Hefner American Businessman (1952-)
Christie Todd Whitman American Politician (1946-)

Quotations that match 'christie'.

Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.
[ Any Bed Christie Given More Other Pleasure Than Woman]
President Obama has created at least three jobs that I know of - Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, and Scott Brown.
[ Bob Brown Chris Christie Created Jobs Know Least Obama Obama President Scott Three]
I think it makes a lot of sense and of course I love Christie Clark. I think she's awesome; she's beautiful and fun to work with. I think she has some really unique qualities to her that would bring a lot to the show.
[ Awesome Beautiful Bring Christie Clark Course Fun Her Lot Love Makes Qualities Really Sense She Show Some Think Unique Work Would]
I made a big mistake with him the first day I shot. We're shooting the scene where I come back from the party, the dance, in the sleigh with Julie Christie and we turn the corner and go past the camera and the camera follows us just a little bit and we disappear.
[ Back Big Bit Camera Christie Come Corner Dance Day Disappear First Follows Go Him Julie Just Little Made Mistake Party Past Scene Shooting Shot Turn Us Where]