Authors that match 'can'.

Scipio Africanus Roman Soldier (-)
Candice Bergen American Actress (1946-)
Candace Bushnell American Writer (1959-)
Candace Cameron American Actress (1976-)
Wilhelm Canaris German Soldier (1887-1945)
David Canary American Actor (1938-)
Henry S. Canby (-)
Vincent Canby American Critic (1924-2000)
John Candy Canadian Comedian (1950-1994)
Elias Canetti Swiss Author (1905-1994)
Cass Canfield (-)
Milton Caniff American Cartoonist (1907-1988)
Trishelle Cannatella American Celebrity (1979-)
George Canning English Statesman (1770-1827)
Annie Jump Cannon American Scientist (1863-1941)
Chris Cannon American Politician (1950-)
Dyan Cannon American Actress (1937-)
Howard Cannon American Politician (1912-2002)
James P. Cannon American Activist (1890-1974)
Jimmy Cannon American Journalist (1973-)
Joseph Cannon American Politician (1836-1926)
Max Cannon American Artist (-)
Nick Cannon American Musician (1980-)
Jose Canseco Cuban Athlete (1964-)
Jim Cantalupo American Businessman (1943-2004)
Anselm of Canterbury (-)
Eric Cantona French Athlete (1966-)
Eddie Cantor American Comedian (1892-1964)
Eric Cantor American Politician (1963-)
Georg Cantor German Mathematician (1845-1918)
Blu Cantrell American Musician (1976-)
Jerry Cantrell American Musician (1966-)
Maria Cantwell American Politician (1958-)
Arne Duncan American Public Servant (1964-)
Arnie Duncan (-)
Isadora Duncan American Dancer (1877-1927)
Michael Clarke Duncan American Actor (1957-)
Patrick Duncan South African Politician (1870-1943)
Raymond Duncan (-)
Robert Duncan (-)
Sandy Duncan American Musician (1946-)
Tim Duncan American Athlete (1976-)
Todd Duncan American Actor (1903-1998)
Dorothy Canfield Fisher American Author (1879-1958)
Duncan Forbes British Writer (1798-1868)
Duncan Hunter American Politician (1948-)
Jacques Lacan French Psychologist (1901-1981)
Lucan Roman Poet (-)
Marcus Annaeus Lucan (-)
Candice S. Miller American Politician (1954-)
Duncan Sheik American Musician (1969-)
Iain Duncan Smith British Politician (1954-)
Arturo Toscanini Italian Musician (1867-1957)
Henry Cantwell Wallace (-)

Quotations that match 'can'.

Here he tells us that the new birth is first of all 'not of blood'. You don't get it through the blood stream, through heredity. Your parents can give you much, but they cannot give you this. >>7573<<
[ Birth Blood Cannot First Get Give Here Heredity Much New Parents Stream Tells Through Us Your]
They who overcome their desires once can overcome them always. >>3347<<
[ Always Desires Once Overcome Their Them]
We can't control it, and we've basically quit trying. People are going to talk, and people are going to lie. >>8325<<
[ Basically Control Going Lie Quit Talk Trying]
Canadians tend to be a bit more religious than most Europeans - though not more than the Poles or Ukrainians. Most important, their attitude to immigration and ethnic minorities is more positive than that of most Europeans. >>590<<
[ Attitude Bit Canadians Ethnic Europeans Immigration Important Minorities More Most Poles Positive Religious Tend Than Their Though]
When American presidents prepare for foreign wars, they lie. >>6716<<
[ American Foreign Lie Prepare Presidents Wars]
The older painting - well, it does have an effect all at once, I suppose, but it's of a lesser intensity than a lot of the American work in the last ten or fifteen years. >>7649<<
[ American Does Effect Fifteen Intensity Last Lesser Lot Older Once Painting Suppose Ten Than Well Work Years]
My secret? A desire to work, years of dedication and loving what you do; I can't live without music. >>12884<<
[ Dedication Desire Live Loving Music Secret Without Work Years]
You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself. >>9541<<
[ Anyone Else Further Gone Lead Than Yourself]
Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it. >>132<<
[ Back Committed Completely Could Day Every Get Grind Had Hard Just Meant Myself Nothing Out Plain Prove Put Still Substitute Sweating Time Training Work Working]
Our port facilities should have the freedom to levy a market-based container fee which will provide new revenue and make our system more equitable to the American taxpayer and American manufacturers. >>12228<<
[ American Container Equitable Facilities Fee Freedom Levy Make Manufacturers Market-Based More New Our Port Provide Revenue Should System Taxpayer Which Will]
New standards for safety are now in place and Canada has helped provide tools and techniques that were needed. Technologies like these are innovative and represent great achievements for us. >>5362<<
[ Achievements Canada Great Helped Innovative Needed New Now Place Provide Represent Safety Standards Techniques Technologies These Tools Us Were]
I know it's a rare privilege, but if one can really tackle something in adult life that means that much to you, then it's more rewarding than anything I can imagine. >>15199<<
[ Adult Anything Imagine Know Life Means More Much Privilege Rare Really Rewarding Something Tackle Than Then]
You know, for an actor to come into the midst of that, it's - It can either be difficult and somewhat unnerving, or it can be very embracing and like, kind of stepping into a nice hot tub. >>2565<<
[ Actor Come Difficult Either Embracing Hot Into Kind Know Midst Nice Somewhat Stepping Tub Unnerving Very]
We can either allow our youth to shoot baskets or watch them continue to shoot people. >>2945<<
[ Allow Baskets Continue Either Our Shoot Them Watch Youth]
There's only one shot you have at a movie, and that's your best shot. If you can't give it that, don't go. They're paying you! You gotta do a job for them. >>15217<<
[ Best Give Go Gotta Job Movie Only Paying Shot Them Your]
There are two kinds of writers; the great ones who can give you truths, and the lessor ones, who can only give you themselves. >>4673<<
[ Give Great Kinds Ones Only Themselves Truths Two Writers]
The presence of American troops is fueling the insurgency in Iraq, as acknowledged by General Casey and numerous other experts, and is helping terrorist recruiters build their numbers across the globe. >>3263<<
[ Acknowledged Across American Build Casey Experts General Globe Helping Insurgency Iraq Numbers Numerous Other Presence Terrorist Their Troops]
I'll let you in on a secret: I can't stand Jay Ward. I hate being compared to Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's just a different style of humor. >>8239<<
[ Being Compared Different Hate Humor Jay Just Rocky Secret Stand Style Ward]
I don't think Auden liked my poetry very much, he's very Anglican. >>13394<<
[ Anglican Liked Much Poetry Think Very]
I can't read a note of music. I just do it all from ear. >>6962<<
[ Ear Just Music Note Read]
We fear violence less than our own feelings. Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict. >>10296<<
[ Anyone Else Fear Feelings Inflict Less More Our Own Pain Personal Private Solitary Terrifying Than Violence]
What's the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback? He loses his confidence. >>1896<<
[ Confidence Happen His Loses Quarterback Thing Worst]
But, on another level it's really sort of this really cool coming of age story, it reminds me of like The Breakfast Club or something like that, if I can be so bold to associate with The Breakfast Club. >>4615<<
[ Age Another Associate Bold Breakfast Club Coming Cool Level Really Reminds Something Sort Story]
It's sad that the most glorious of sexual experiences can make us feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and abnormal. >>7474<<
[ Abnormal Ashamed Embarrassed Experiences Feel Glorious Guilty Make Most Sad Sexual Us]
Women in the service put themselves in harms way to protect us and our Nation from threats at home and abroad. The least we can do is ensure they are protected when facing a horrible tragedy. >>13289<<
[ Abroad Ensure Facing Harms Home Horrible Least Nation Our Protect Protected Put Service Themselves Threats Tragedy Us Way Women]
It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw. >>2561<<
[ Canada Feel Raw Wonderful]
Failures of perspective in decision-making can be due to aspects of the social utility paradox, but more often result from simple mistakes caused by inadequate thought. >>7686<<
[ Aspects Caused Decision-Making Due Failures Inadequate Mistakes More Often Paradox Perspective Result Simple Social Thought Utility]
You can do great things with low-tech stuff. >>388<<
[ Great Stuff Things]
As I go to sleep I remember what my father said-that one can never be sure if one will awake. The way my health is now, this is becoming more and more real. >>8194<<
[ Awake Becoming Father Go Health More Never Now Real Remember Sleep Sure Way Will]
The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that. >>12795<<
[ Else Everybody Hate Same Thing Worst]
He can't imagine the result of the mission because he never saw it. >>3997<<
[ Because Imagine Mission Never Result Saw]
Political chaos is connected with the decay of language... one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end. >>10945<<
[ Bring Chaos Connected Decay End Improvement Language Political Probably Some Starting Verbal]
I'm plagued with indecision in my life. I can't figure out what to order in a restaurant. >>3049<<
[ Figure Indecision Life Order Out Plagued Restaurant]
The character and fight against fascism moved centre stage when, in 1936, Franco attempted to overthrow by force the Popular Front Government of Republican Spain. >>208<<
[ Against Attempted Centre Character Fascism Fight Force Franco Front Government Moved Overthrow Popular Republican Spain Stage]
Man is not logical and his intellectual history is a record of mental reserves and compromises. He hangs on to what he can in his old beliefs even when he is compelled to surrender their logical basis. >>3969<<
[ Basis Beliefs Compelled Compromises Even Hangs His History Intellectual Logical Man Mental Old Record Reserves Surrender Their]
Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed. >>10154<<
[ Child Feels Help Never Succeed Task Which]
You must try to match your colors as nearly as you can to those you see before you, and you must study the effects of light and shade on nature's own hues and tints. >>2814<<
[ Before Colors Effects Hues Light Match Must Nature Nearly Own See Shade Study Those Tints Try Your]
Some guy refuses to fight and we call that the sin, but he's standing up for what he believes in and that seems pretty damned American to me. >>3899<<
[ American Believes Call Damned Fight Guy Pretty Refuses Seems Sin Some Standing Up]
I enjoy the videos with the sound off, where you can look at the belly buttons and everything. Really some pretty girls, but I don't know about the music. >>6113<<
[ Belly Buttons Enjoy Everything Girls Know Look Music Off Pretty Really Some Sound Videos Where]
In the coming year, I believe we can make sure America lives up to its legacy as a land of opportunity if the President is willing to back up his rhetoric with substance. >>8001<<
[ America Back Believe Coming His Land Legacy Lives Make Opportunity President Rhetoric Substance Sure Up Willing Year]
I really look at my childhood as being one giant rusty tuna can that I continue to recycle in many different shapes. >>2253<<
[ Being Childhood Continue Different Giant Look Many Really Recycle Rusty Shapes Tuna]
Of prosperity mortals can never have enough. Wisdom>>126<<
[ Enough Mortals Never Prosperity]
Pessimism is a luxury that a Jew can never allow himself. >>9820<<
[ Allow Himself Jew Luxury Never Pessimism]
Guess, if you can, and choose, if you dare. >>3347<<
[ Choose Dare Guess]
Clearly, we need to have the very best advice and counsel on what actions can be taken to help lower the cost of gasoline. >>1422<<
[ Actions Advice Best Clearly Cost Counsel Gasoline Help Lower Need Taken Very]
Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement. >>8671<<
[ Cannot Movement Revolutionary Theory Without]
But no one can praise Roosevelt for doing this and then insist that he restored our traditional political and economic systems to their former vitality. >>4967<<
[ Doing Economic Former Insist Our Political Praise Restored Roosevelt Systems Their Then Traditional Vitality]
Fundamentalists are panicked by the apparent disintegration of the family, the disappearance of certainty and the decay of morality. Fear leads them to ask, if we cannot trust the Bible, what can we trust? >>6280<<
[ Apparent Ask Bible Cannot Certainty Decay Disappearance Disintegration Family Fear Fundamentalists Leads Morality Panicked Them Trust]
Your allegiance is with your spouse; you cannot break that by showing allegiance to your ex-spouse. >>12900<<
[ Allegiance Break Cannot Showing Spouse Your]
Space offers extraordinary potential for commerce and adventure, for new innovations and new tests of will. As Americans, we can't help but reach for the stars. It's our nature. It's our destiny. >>5218<<
[ Adventure Americans Commerce Destiny Extraordinary Help Innovations Nature New Offers Our Potential Reach Space Stars Tests Will]
You cannot teach old dogs new tricks. >>2729<<
[ Cannot Dogs New Old Teach Tricks]
Hopefully, we can build bridges, but we also have to draw lines. >>14198<<
[ Also Bridges Build Draw Hopefully Lines]
Rearranging furniture, adding some candles, or making even small tweaks can really make the difference. >>14437<<
[ Adding Candles Difference Even Furniture Make Making Really Rearranging Small Some]
The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through. >>9956<<
[ Face God Shine Sky Soul Split Through Two]
I think luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it... The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on. >>5701<<
[ Ability Advantage Breaks Chances Gets Grab His Luck Man Opportunity Recognize Sense Smile Take Think]
There are a lot of other things in this world that can and will bring me joy. Acting is one of them. >>11582<<
[ Acting Bring Joy Lot Other Them Things Will World]
Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other. Pet>>1205<<
[ Already Cannot Child Children Dogs Harm Ideal Length Much Other Pulled Small Stretched Such Way]
A Mac is a closed box, so Apple can make decisions about things that they don't include. That makes, it in some ways, simpler for them. >>15406<<
[ Apple Box Closed Decisions Include Mac Make Makes Simpler Some Them Things Ways]
All around us are the consequences of the most significant technological, and hence cultural, revolution in generations. >>8707<<
[ Around Consequences Cultural Generations Hence Most Revolution Significant Technological Us]
Also, if you're in a TV show that does turn out to be very successful, you then can do whatever you want to do in theater for a very long time. >>15282<<
[ Also Does Long Out Show Successful Theater Then Time Turn Tv Very Want Whatever]
In the United States, commentators recognize that, generally speaking, most people who hold liberal positions over a range of issues will likely vote Democratic, while most people, again generally speaking, who hold conservative positions will vote Republican. >>3828<<
[ Again Commentators Conservative Democratic Generally Hold Issues Liberal Likely Most Over Positions Range Recognize Republican Speaking States United Vote While Will]
The secret is to cook the aubergines the day before and let them dry of all the oil they drank in cooking. When you cook aubergine, they eat a lot of oil. It can be very heavy. >>10354<<
[ Before Cook Cooking Day Drank Dry Eat Heavy Lot Oil Secret Them Very]
The cost of justice can be justly paid only by the invader. >>14415<<
[ Cost Invader Justice Justly Only Paid]
Russell Crowe is very difficult, but it's worth it. He's the real thing. I can tell you this. Russell Crowe was just as difficult before he was an international star as he was afterwards. >>6093<<
[ Afterwards Before Crowe Difficult International Just Real Russell Star Tell Thing Very Worth]
Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. >>14219<<
[ Any Fool Make Mind Rule Will]
If somebody can inspire me, it feels really special. >>13155<<
[ Feels Inspire Really Somebody Special]
The most insignificant people are the most apt to sneer at others. They are safe from reprisals. And have no hope of rising in their own self esteem but by lowering their neighbors. >>6504<<
[ Apt Esteem Hope Insignificant Lowering Most Neighbors Others Own Rising Safe Self Sneer Their]
It is always pleasant to be urged to do something on the ground that one can do it well. >>12595<<
[ Always Ground Pleasant Something Urged Well]
Numbers are the product of counting. Quantities are the product of measurement. This means that numbers can conceivably be accurate because there is a discontinuity between each integer and the next. >>1054<<
[ Accurate Because Between Conceivably Counting Discontinuity Each Means Measurement Next Numbers Product Quantities]
One can drink too much, but one never drinks enough. >>8709<<
[ Drink Drinks Enough Much Never Too]
And I'm as attached to my wife as anybody can be to another human being. >>12120<<
[ Another Anybody Attached Being Human Wife]
In the late 1950s a major topic under discussion was whether Canada should acquire nuclear weapons. >>11477<<
[ Acquire Canada Discussion Late Major Nuclear Should Topic Under Weapons Whether]
I'm a whore. If they have a check and camera and a script and stuff for me to say, I am mostly there, unless I just can't take it. >>4169<<
[ Am Camera Check Just Mostly Say Script Stuff Take Unless]
I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority. >>15114<<
[ Bright Feel Future Her Less Man More Nature Optimistic Outwit Proving Respecting Seniority Spent Sweetness Tasting Time Would]
The papers reveal that in several key abortion cases, justices were keenly interested in the perceived public reaction to their rulings - indicating that courts can be influenced by public sentiment. >>5937<<
[ Abortion Cases Courts Indicating Influenced Interested Justices Keenly Key Papers Perceived Public Reaction Reveal Sentiment Several Their Were]
Tobacco exports should be expanded aggressively because Americans are smoking less. >>11691<<
[ Aggressively Americans Because Expanded Exports Less Should Smoking Tobacco]
You know, I have found a new way to get high and stay spaced out for hours on end, and the government can't stop me... It's called senility. >>15350<<
[ Called End Found Get Government High Hours Know New Out Senility Stay Stop Way]
You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led. >>8484<<
[ Horse Lead Led Must Pencil Water]
The god can no more exist without his people than the nation without its god. >>13406<<
[ Exist God His More Nation Than Without]
If you can't play the blues... you might as well hang it up. >>5747<<
[ Blues Hang Might Play Up Well]
The librarian must be the librarian militant before he can be the librarian triumphant. >>3970<<
[ Before Librarian Militant Must Triumphant]
Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. >>10652<<
[ Achieved Doing Hope Lifetime Must Nothing Saved Therefore Worth]
Ladies and gentlemen: There can be no greater investment in Alabama's future than an investment in education. >>12057<<
[ Alabama Education Future Gentlemen Greater Investment Ladies Than]
Where do these arms come from, these Saturday night specials that constitute the instrument of threats in bank robberies, or the hand grenades used by terrorists? How can their sales and their import be permitted? >>10476<<
[ Arms Bank Come Constitute Grenades Hand How Import Instrument Night Permitted Robberies Sales Saturday Specials Terrorists Their These Threats Used Where]
The American people depend on these federal employees to process, investigate, and adjudicate applications for immigration rights and benefits in a timely and thorough manner. >>725<<
[ American Applications Benefits Depend Employees Federal Immigration Investigate Manner Process Rights These Thorough Timely]
Nor in truth, can Forreign Trade subsist without the Home Trade, both being connected together. >>10719<<
[ Being Both Connected Home Nor Subsist Together Trade Truth Without]
It seems that we have it backward in our society. We tend to look up to people who are under a great deal of stress, who can handle loads of stress, and those who are under a great deal of pressure. >>2525<<
[ Backward Deal Great Handle Loads Look Our Pressure Seems Society Stress Tend Those Under Up]
Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. Time>>12570<<
[ Careful Coin Determine How Lest Life Only Other Spend Spent Time Will Your]
As I said in my state of the state address, we can no longer rely on gaming and sales taxes to pay our way. Indian gaming next door in California is eroding our major industry in Nevada. >>6044<<
[ Address California Door Eroding Gaming Indian Industry Longer Major Nevada Next Our Pay Rely Said Sales State Taxes Way]
My doctor said, for want of a better word, now that we've got medicines out here that can help, let's put you on one of them and say we're treating MS. >>5370<<
[ Better Doctor Got Help Here Medicines Ms Now Out Put Said Say Them Treating Want Word]
I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better. >>8805<<
[ Anybody Better Faster Than Write]
I hope that I can get people to read it without having to change it. Especially now that the strip has more different kinds of characters. It's really not all lesbians any more. >>1125<<
[ Any Change Characters Different Especially Get Having Hope Kinds Lesbians More Now Read Really Strip Without]
No more duty can be urged upon those who are entering the great theater of life than simple loyalty to their best convictions. >>2767<<
[ Best Convictions Duty Entering Great Life Loyalty More Simple Than Theater Their Those Upon Urged]
You know, people can't fall in love with me just because I'm good at what I do. >>11442<<
[ Because Fall Good Just Know Love]
Yes, I am Algerian of Moroccan origin through my parents, but all my life is Algeria. I was born there. >>1187<<
[ Algeria Am Born Life Origin Parents Through Yes]
Our national determination to keep free of foreign wars and foreign entanglements cannot prevent us from feeling deep concern when ideals and principles that we have cherished are challenged. >>12266<<
[ Cannot Challenged Cherished Concern Deep Determination Feeling Foreign Free Ideals Keep National Our Prevent Principles Us Wars]
I cannot exist as a solo artist. >>9017<<
[ Artist Cannot Exist Solo]
We can no longer let the threat of an early frost send a chill of fear throughout a large portion of our workforce. Diversification is the only answer. >>692<<
[ Answer Chill Diversification Early Fear Frost Large Longer Only Our Portion Send Threat Throughout Workforce]
As you know, in America there's no rights for the artist, so whatever films I've made kind of belong to the studio, so if they want to remake it they can. >>7459<<
[ America Artist Belong Films Kind Know Made Remake Rights Studio Want Whatever]
You can be tops in Australia and be unheard of everywhere else. >>5504<<
[ Australia Else Everywhere Tops Unheard]
It's definitely going to be harder than it sounds to acquire millions of users in the U.S. It's going to be a lot of work, and you can't make light of that. >>8024<<
[ Acquire Definitely Going Harder Light Lot Make Millions Sounds Than Users Work]
My training was that you fill in the canvas where it needs colour and polishing. You start with the words on the first night and keep adding bits of business. >>10172<<
[ Adding Bits Business Canvas Colour Fill First Keep Needs Night Polishing Start Training Where Words]
It is a paradox that far too few Americans participate in the wonderful ritual of democracy that we call Election Day. >>6601<<
[ Americans Call Day Democracy Election Far Few Paradox Participate Ritual Too Wonderful]
Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it. >>852<<
[ Any Fool Genius Novel Real Sell Takes Write]
You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God. Education>>816<<
[ Educate God Out Relationship Right Yourself]
The beauty of it is when you can just show up and hit the notes. >>8961<<
[ Beauty Hit Just Notes Show Up]
The boy can do anything, but to be the star of the World Cup you have got to get to the final and win it! >>6263<<
[ Anything Boy Cup Final Get Got Star Win World]
The American people are not anti-immigrant. We are concerned about the lack of coherence in our immigration policy and enforcement. >>2455<<
[ American Coherence Concerned Enforcement Immigration Lack Our Policy]
It's not how much you do, it's how often you do it. It simply doesn't matter if you make some monumental effort at any given time. You have it in your to give that extra little bit. You know that you could add that finishing touch. You know you can take that extra step. >>7891<<
[ Add Any Bit Could Effort Extra Finishing Give Given How Know Little Make Matter Monumental Much Often Simply Some Step Take Time Touch Your]
You can become an even more excellent person by constantly setting higher and higher standards for yourself and then by doing everything possible to live up to those standards. >>14335<<
[ Become Constantly Doing Even Everything Excellent Higher Live More Person Possible Setting Standards Then Those Up Yourself]
America will always side with those whom she can direct, give orders to and have those orders obeyed. >>4721<<
[ Always America Direct Give Obeyed Orders She Side Those Whom Will]
I cannot know anything of which there is and can be only one. >>13833<<
[ Anything Cannot Know Only Which]
A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. History>>5329<<
[ Alter Body Course Determined Faith Fired History Mission Small Spirits Their Unquenchable]
I can play any instrument if you give me 20 minutes. >>10417<<
[ Any Give Instrument Minutes Play]
Let those who know know, and let me keep what little privacy I can. >>1655<<
[ Keep Know Little Privacy Those]
It gets so boring at home. After all, how many reruns of Abbott and Costello movies can a guy watch on television? >>13<<
[ Abbott After Boring Costello Gets Guy Home How Many Movies Reruns Television Watch]
Once we're inside a tune, we can do anything with it. >>7398<<
[ Anything Inside Once Tune]
A Negro woman has the same kind of problems as other women, but she can't take the same things for granted. >>6543<<
[ Granted Kind Negro Other Problems Same She Take Things Woman Women]
Now I'm way into suits that I can put on whether I took a shower or not, and wear barefoot and paint my toes black or whatever color the suit is. It's very cool to wear suits like that. Roll up the sleeves and just say yee-haw. >>14474<<
[ Barefoot Black Color Cool Into Just Now Paint Put Roll Say Shower Sleeves Suit Suits Toes Took Up Very Way Wear Whatever Whether]
I think the main thing I remembered throughout all of filming it was just that she just was extremely self-destructive. I think everybody can relate to that a little bit. She doesn't like herself. >>13482<<
[ Bit Everybody Extremely Filming Herself Just Little Main Relate Remembered Self-Destructive She Thing Think Throughout]
You can't take up golf on a whim and find yourself competing against Tiger Woods in the Masters six months later. >>12206<<
[ Against Competing Find Golf Later Masters Months Six Take Tiger Up Whim Woods Yourself]
We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory. >>2612<<
[ Again Back Cannot Come Continually Contrivance Deal Develop Earth Make Memory Photographers Print Them Things Vanished Vanishing Which]
Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. >>13458<<
[ Concealed Lie Maintained Only Violence]
I was really desperate. I don't know if you can remember back that far, but when I went to graduate school they didn't want females in graduate school. They were very open about it. They didn't mince their words. But then I got in and I got my degree. >>9071<<
[ Back Degree Desperate Far Females Got Graduate Know Mince Open Really Remember School Their Then Very Want Went Were Words]
On this land, Muslims, Christians and Jews can coexist together, as they have - as they had for the - for hundreds of years in the framework of a democratic state. >>10516<<
[ Christians Coexist Democratic Framework Had Hundreds Jews Land Muslims State Together Years]
Part of treatment for drugs and alcohol is you abstain from these, but with eating disorders you can't abstain from food so the treatment is longer than drugs and alcohol. >>10967<<
[ Abstain Alcohol Disorders Eating Food Longer Part Than These Treatment]
For, quite literally, the whole world today is looking for us to take the lead in carrying out those obligations imposed on the American people as a whole by the beautiful, compassionate and courageous principle of noblesse oblige. >>15012<<
[ American Beautiful Carrying Compassionate Courageous Imposed Lead Literally Looking Obligations Oblige Out Principle Quite Take Those Today Us Whole World]
If a rich person invests in a business, either directly or through stock purchases, it means business can grow and hire more people. >>12639<<
[ Business Directly Either Grow Hire Invests Means More Person Purchases Rich Stock Through]
America must be the teacher of democracy, not the advertiser of the consumer society. It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach the American living standard. >>5740<<
[ Advertiser America American Consumer Democracy Living Must Reach Rest Society Standard Teacher Unrealistic World]
I insist that there is nothing sacred in the life of an invader, and there is no valid principle of human society that forbids the invaded to protect themselves in whatever way they can. >>14415<<
[ Forbids Human Insist Invaded Invader Life Nothing Principle Protect Sacred Society Themselves Valid Way Whatever]
Torture has been privatized now, so you have obviously the whole scandal in America about the abuse of prisoners and the fact that, army people might be made to pay a price, but who are the privatized torturers accountable too? >>12368<<
[ Abuse Accountable America Army Been Fact Made Might Now Obviously Pay Price Prisoners Privatized Scandal Too Torture Torturers Whole]
As long as I'm an hour away from a major airport, I can get to that job. >>10262<<
[ Airport Away Get Hour Job Long Major]
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. >>2163<<
[ May Must Ourselves Path Saves Us Walk]
There's not only emotion in the way you sing but also in what you sing. That way I can compensate it. >>5510<<
[ Also Compensate Emotion Only Sing Way]
It isn't easy to accept that suffering can also be beautiful... it's difficult. It's something you can only understand if you dig deeply into yourself. >>4733<<
[ Accept Also Beautiful Deeply Difficult Dig Easy Into Only Something Suffering Understand Yourself]
You go to the hospital your wife's in labor and you're doing the thing, and then it's very disorienting and scary and you beat yourself up and you go through a whole period of 'woe is me' and then you realize that this a gift, this child is the light, and if you can nourish that light and just let it shine, you have an opportunity to get closer to what I think is God. >>9703<<
[ Beat Child Closer Doing Get Gift Go God Hospital Just Labor Light Nourish Opportunity Period Realize Scary Shine Then Thing Think Through Up Very Whole Wife Woe Your Yourself]
The voters reward good performance. So, I'm going to go out and focus, if I become the governor, to do the very best job I can as governor. The rest of it will take care of itself. >>6551<<
[ Become Best Care Focus Go Going Good Governor Itself Job Out Performance Rest Reward Take Very Voters Will]
You're the only one who's closing your eyes at night. There's no one else who can do it for you. >>2341<<
[ Closing Else Eyes Night Only Your]
Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value. >>8315<<
[ Circulate Circulating Hopefully Increase Knowledge Money Must Quantity Value]
Whoever realizes that the six senses aren't real, that the five aggregates are fictions, that no such things can be located anywhere in the body, understands the language of Buddhas. >>1586<<
[ Anywhere Body Buddhas Fictions Five Language Located Real Realizes Senses Six Such Things Understands Whoever]
Manifesting that order of poetry where we can at last grow up to that which we stored up as we grew. >>6512<<
[ Grew Grow Last Manifesting Order Poetry Stored Up Where Which]
I simply cannot see how denying chemotherapy treatment for Palestinian children increases Israel's security or advances U.S. national interests. >>2486<<
[ Advances Cannot Chemotherapy Children Denying How Increases Interests Israel National Palestinian Security See Simply Treatment]
Unless some misfortune has made it impossible, everyone can have good posture. >>15631<<
[ Everyone Good Impossible Made Misfortune Posture Some Unless]
I can relax in L.A. I think I'm the only person in that town who doesn't want to act. I was an OK singer. I was an OK dancer. But acting? Never could do it. >>1138<<
[ Act Acting Could Dancer Never Ok Only Person Relax Singer Think Town Want]
When you believe in what you're doing and use your imagination and initiative, you can make a difference. >>3714<<
[ Believe Difference Doing Imagination Initiative Make Use Your]
Look, it's one of the great mysteries of the world, I cannot answer that question. I think I'm vaguely blonde. To be perfectly frank, I don't know. >>1508<<
[ Answer Blonde Cannot Frank Great Know Look Mysteries Perfectly Question Think Vaguely World]
Everytime we put a record out, we lose people that can't deal with the growth. >>14502<<
[ Deal Everytime Growth Lose Out Put Record]
We talk about a free press. These people hide, they make a lot of money off the media. They hide behind the slogans of free press, and then they can come out with crap like that. It's just garbage. It's insulting to the readers. >>12681<<
[ Behind Come Crap Free Garbage Hide Insulting Just Lot Make Media Money Off Out Press Readers Slogans Talk Then These]
The attitude of insolent haughtiness is characteristic of the relationships Americans form with what is alien to them, with others. >>12602<<
[ Alien Americans Attitude Characteristic Form Insolent Others Relationships Them]
There can't be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full. >>8071<<
[ Already Crisis Full Next Schedule Week]
The joys of my life are my granddaughters. They are beautiful. You don't have to believe me. You can ask my wife. She'll tell you. >>3896<<
[ Ask Beautiful Believe Joys Life She Tell Wife]
I never not wanted to be a singer. Since I was 3, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Well, I can't say I wanted to do it, but I fantasized and thought about it all the time. I never thought it would actually happen. >>11595<<
[ Actually Fantasized Happen Knew Never Say Since Singer Thought Time Wanted Well Would]
I also mixed David Bowie's Young Americans album in 5.1 earlier this year and it will be available very soon. Even the original stereo mixes have been re-mastered and sound amazingly good, better than ever, in fact! >>14679<<
[ Album Also Amazingly Americans Available Been Better Bowie David Earlier Even Ever Fact Good Mixed Mixes Original Soon Sound Stereo Than Very Will Year Young]
Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than the exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise. >>14425<<
[ Always Answer Approximate Better Exact Far Made Often Precise Question Right Than Vague Which Wrong]
One can love a child, perhaps, more deeply than one can love another adult, but it is rash to assume that the child feels any love in return. >>10945<<
[ Adult Another Any Assume Child Deeply Feels Love More Perhaps Rash Return Than]
Argument is to me the air I breathe. Given any proposition, I cannot help believing the other side and defending it. >>13666<<
[ Air Any Argument Believing Breathe Cannot Defending Given Help Other Proposition Side]
One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like. >>2516<<
[ Area Deserted Know Looks Never Sure]
You can't do things for money. You just can't act them. There's gotta be something about the script that you really want to do. I wouldn't do a job if I didn't think I could do the best work I possibly could. >>15217<<
[ Act Best Could Gotta Job Just Money Possibly Really Script Something Them Things Think Want Work]
There are people who can talk sensibly about a controversial issue; they're called humorists. >>6719<<
[ Called Controversial Issue Sensibly Talk]
A mathematical theory is not to be considered complete until you have made it so clear that you can explain it to the first man whom you meet on the street. >>6723<<
[ Clear Complete Considered Explain First Made Man Mathematical Meet Street Theory Until Whom]
The God that can only love something like this man. And from then on it was all downhill. >>12421<<
[ Downhill God Love Man Only Something Then]
And you can't really cover people critically that you're friends with. >>8921<<
[ Cover Critically Friends Really]
Women's liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It's men who are discriminated against. They can't bear children. And no one is likely to do anything about that. >>9820<<
[ Against Anything Bear Children Discriminated Foolishness Just Liberation Likely Lot Men Women]
Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A "you can do it" when things are tough. >>3965<<
[ Few Hope More Optimism Positive Powerful Push Smile Than Things Tough World]
Smoking is related to practically every terrible thing that can happen to you. >>390<<
[ Every Happen Practically Related Smoking Terrible Thing]
The Korean war has always been an unpopular war among the American people. >>12137<<
[ Always American Among Been Korean Unpopular War]
I cannot sing, dance or act; what else would I be but a talk show host. Funny>>8714<<
[ Act Cannot Dance Else Host Show Sing Talk Would]
As soon as you become complacent your show gets canceled. >>15422<<
[ Become Canceled Complacent Gets Show Soon Your]
For 70 nights, right across America, I've been getting out there with two ex-lovers and we've been playing songs which are so specific about each of us, you just wouldn't know. We're friends now but we can't forget what happened between us. >>10645<<
[ Across America Been Between Each Forget Friends Getting Happened Just Know Nights Now Out Playing Right Songs Specific Two Us Which]
I want to say to you, Help yourself, so you can help someone else. >>2042<<
[ Else Help Say Someone Want Yourself]
Our fielders have to catch a lot of balls, or at least deflect them to someone who can. >>11717<<
[ Balls Catch Deflect Least Lot Our Someone Them]
I think that anything that you do, any accomplishment that you make, you have to work for. And I've worked very hard in the last ten years of my life, definitely, and I can tell you that hard work pays off. It's not just a cliche. >>3986<<
[ Accomplishment Any Anything Cliche Definitely Hard Just Last Life Make Off Pays Tell Ten Think Very Work Worked Years]
You can't help people that don't want to be helped. >>545<<
[ Help Helped Want]
I can't be a legend yet. I'm not dead. >>7810<<
[ Dead Legend Yet]
The American public is sick and tired of being lied to. >>8555<<
[ American Being Lied Public Sick Tired]
He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. >>7715<<
[ Also Animals Becomes Cruel Dealings Hard Heart His Judge Man Men Treatment]
We cannot be any stronger in our foreign policy for all the bombs and guns we may heap up in our arsenals than we are in the spirit which rules inside the country. Foreign policy, like a river, cannot rise above its source. >>13722<<
[ Above Any Arsenals Bombs Cannot Country Foreign Guns Heap Inside May Our Policy Rise River Rules Source Spirit Stronger Than Up Which]
Violence and arms can never resolve the problems of men. >>11165<<
[ Arms Men Never Problems Resolve Violence]
An ordinary man can surround himself with two thousand books and thenceforward have at least one place in the world in which it is possible to be happy. >>1432<<
[ Books Happy Himself Least Man Ordinary Place Possible Surround Thousand Two Which World]
If I can't get the girl, at least give me more money. Money>>195<<
[ Get Girl Give Least Money More]
More than anything else, let me be clear - we need to be willing to fight for freedom, and free markets, and traditional moral values. That's what the American people want to see this movement and this party return to. >>11235<<
[ American Anything Clear Else Fight Free Freedom Markets Moral More Movement Need Party Return See Than Traditional Values Want Willing]
The money can be decent, but I really don't recommend the work-for-hire route as an entry into publishing. Too many things can go wrong. >>11<<
[ Decent Entry Go Into Many Money Publishing Really Recommend Route Things Too Wrong]
When we grow old, there can only be one regret - not to have given enough of ourselves. >>4315<<
[ Enough Given Grow Old Only Ourselves Regret]
Well, I was interested in playing the piano from as early as I can remember. >>15701<<
[ Early Interested Piano Playing Remember Well]
Man can certainly flee from God... but he cannot escape him. He can certainly hate God and be hateful to God, but he cannot change into its opposite the eternal love of God which triumphs even in his hate. >>1001<<
[ Cannot Certainly Change Escape Eternal Even Flee God Hate Hateful Him His Into Love Man Opposite Triumphs Which]
Only very rarely are foreigners or first-generation immigrants allowed to be nice people in American films. Those with an accent are bad guys. >>13980<<
[ Accent Allowed American Bad Films Foreigners Guys Immigrants Nice Only Rarely Those Very]
The devastating punch we took on September 11th still reverberates throughout American society. >>1398<<
[ American Devastating Punch September Society Still Throughout Took]
The United Nations has long sought the ability to raise revenues in this manner as a means of reducing its reliance on American and other member nations' dues to sustain the UN's operations. >>5286<<
[ Ability American Dues Long Manner Means Member Nations Operations Other Raise Reducing Reliance Revenues Sought Sustain Un United]
Clemency is the noblest trait which can reveal a true monarch to the world. >>3347<<
[ Clemency Monarch Noblest Reveal Trait True Which World]
As I was coming up on the stage, there was one source that could make or break you, the New York Times. Inevitably there would be one actor singled out for a better review, or worse, than somebody else. The effect of that was cancerous, divisive. >>746<<
[ Actor Better Break Coming Could Divisive Effect Else Inevitably Make New Out Review Singled Somebody Source Stage Than Times Up Worse Would York]
You can't choose up sides on a round world. >>4333<<
[ Choose Round Sides Up World]
If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or Fight Like Hell. >>547<<
[ Ability Children Choice Emotionally Fight Give Hell Hope Ignore Learn Maybe Medically Odds Options Other Percentages Them Then Think Two Up]
Not for nothing is their motto TGIF - 'Thank God It's Friday.' They live for the weekends, when they can go do what they really want to do. Business>>1633<<
[ Friday Go God Live Motto Nothing Really Thank Their Want Weekends]
A man can believe a considerable deal of rubbish, and yet go about his daily work in a rational and cheerful manner. >>4161<<
[ Believe Cheerful Considerable Daily Deal Go His Man Manner Rational Rubbish Work Yet]
I would like to spend my next two years showing how the aim of making technology available to every young person can be built into the effort to make our nation more secure. That is my latest concern and what I will be pushing over the next two years. >>10994<<
[ Aim Available Built Concern Effort Every How Into Latest Make Making More Nation Next Our Over Person Pushing Secure Showing Spend Technology Two Will Would Years Young]
You can't defend. You can't prevent. The only thing you can do is detect and respond. >>12734<<
[ Defend Detect Only Prevent Respond Thing]
I've helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids. >>7317<<
[ Cancer Children Helped Kids Leukemia Many Thousands]
When we realize we can make a buck cleaning up the environment, it will be done! Environmental>>14936<<
[ Buck Cleaning Done Environment Make Realize Up Will]
Although children are only 24 percent of the population, they're 100 percent of our future and we cannot afford to provide any child with a substandard education. >>9391<<
[ Afford Although Any Cannot Child Children Education Future Only Our Percent Population Provide]
In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write but evidently can't read. If they could read their stuff, they'd stop writing. >>12222<<
[ Could Evidently Full Hollywood Learned Read Stop Stuff Their Woods Write Writing]
France cannot be France without greatness. >>5408<<
[ Cannot France Greatness Without]
We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure. >>3366<<
[ Cure Gold Heart Know Only Sickness Spaniards]
People can undergo a sudden change of thinking and loyalties under threat of death or intense social pressure and isolation from friends and family. >>6616<<
[ Change Death Family Friends Intense Isolation Loyalties Pressure Social Sudden Thinking Threat Under Undergo]
I rise today in support of Bill C-38, the Civil Marriage Act. I rise in support of a Canada in which liberties are safeguarded, rights are protected and the people of this land are treated as equals under the law. >>9455<<
[ Act Bill Canada Civil Equals Land Law Liberties Marriage Protected Rights Rise Safeguarded Support Today Treated Under Which]
Doubt the conventional wisdom unless you can verify it with reason and experiment. >>186<<
[ Conventional Doubt Experiment Reason Unless Verify Wisdom]
While some no other cause for life can give, but a dull habitude to live. >>10875<<
[ Cause Dull Give Life Live Other Some While]
Whatever I can do to win, I'll do it, even if I have to get hit by a pitch, whatever it takes. >>15296<<
[ Even Get Hit Pitch Takes Whatever Win]
Interestingly, the American Embassy mentioned that our efficient relief effort has significantly improved the image of the United States among the Pakistani people. >>11517<<
[ American Among Efficient Effort Embassy Image Improved Interestingly Mentioned Our Pakistani Relief Significantly States United]
As Erykah Badu, it has nothing to do with me, the way I look, my hair wrap, my style, it's about you and what you feel for my music. If I can make you feel like the way that people who influenced me made me feel, that's completion. >>757<<
[ Completion Feel Hair Influenced Look Made Make Music Nothing Style Way Wrap]
Here in the big city people spend their time thinking about work and about money; they don't give some value to friendships and it can be depressing. >>8823<<
[ Big City Depressing Friendships Give Here Money Some Spend Their Thinking Time Value Work]
It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime. >>655<<
[ Ambitions Caught Country Deadly Decay Dime Eye Illness Learn Moral Put Ruthless Took Truth Up]
No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. >>7464<<
[ Glory Height Nation Rise Side Unless Women Your]
All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to be combed. These things she can do herself. I very seldom go to the hairdresser, but when I do, I just marvel. >>8362<<
[ Bath Clean Clothes Go Good Hair Hairdresser Her Herself Just Marvel Needs Seldom She These Things Very Woman]
You know you can get gaudy with something, and they didn't do that. To me, I think it's very tasteful, well done, with the silver and gold and the engraving. I think it's very tasteful. >>12850<<
[ Done Gaudy Get Gold Know Silver Something Tasteful Think Very Well]
I think you have to relax about aging. What else can you do? >>7870<<
[ Aging Else Relax Think]
Violence and smut are of course everywhere on the airwaves. You cannot turn on your television without seeing them, although sometimes you have to hunt around. >>988<<
[ Airwaves Although Around Cannot Course Everywhere Hunt Seeing Smut Sometimes Television Them Turn Violence Without Your]
I don't need a piece of paper to suggest that I can commit myself. >>455<<
[ Commit Myself Need Paper Piece Suggest]
The luxury of our position now is that we can almost assemble any team to address any issue. >>8173<<
[ Address Almost Any Assemble Issue Luxury Now Our Position Team]
No plan can prevent a stupid person from doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time - but a good plan should keep a concentration from forming. >>15315<<
[ Concentration Doing Forming Good Keep Person Place Plan Prevent Should Stupid Thing Time Wrong]
Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do. >>5725<<
[ Barrier Break Corporate Doing Go Independent Media Networks Refuse Silence Sound Where]
The Chinese government is quickly losing its ideological legitimacy, maintain its rule with force, but cannot draw strength from the ideology of Marx and Mao. >>5005<<
[ Cannot Chinese Draw Force Government Ideological Ideology Legitimacy Losing Maintain Mao Marx Quickly Rule Strength]
I think women can cope a lot better than men. >>12841<<
[ Better Cope Lot Men Than Think Women]
What we've proven is that you can protect the environment, use it wisely and grow the economy and that there is no conflict between the two. >>718<<
[ Between Conflict Economy Environment Grow Protect Proven Two Use Wisely]
No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking. >>14701<<
[ Assault Problem Sustained Thinking Withstand]
According to the Privacy Rights Center, up to 10 million Americans are victims of ID theft each year. They have a right to be notified when their most sensitive health data is stolen. >>6072<<
[ According Americans Center Data Each Health Id Million Most Privacy Right Rights Sensitive Stolen Theft Their Up Victims Year]
He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it. >>12910<<
[ Crime Does Encourages Prevent]
I think PSP is going to be the most successful handheld entertainment device ever. What it will do in terms of the versatility, obviously you can download music to it, and you'll be able to enjoy all your great tunes on it. >>7304<<
[ Able Device Download Enjoy Entertainment Ever Going Great Handheld Most Music Obviously Psp Successful Terms Think Tunes Versatility Will Your]
You can do what you want to do. You can be what you want to be. >>14169<<
[ Want]
Success is the child of drudgery and perseverance. It cannot be coaxed or bribed; pay the price and it is yours. >>9370<<
[ Cannot Child Drudgery Pay Perseverance Price Success Yours]
Michael Caine is a movie star, but he's also a great actor. I can't say that about every movie star. It's the concentration he has. >>7459<<
[ Actor Also Concentration Every Great Michael Movie Say Star]
The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy. >>6504<<
[ Cannot Forgiven Hypocrisy Hypocrite Itself Only Repentance Vice]
Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons. >>3985<<
[ Ago Any Cannot Left Long Person Sane Sons Would]
It is the sincere desire of the writer that our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the bible, particularly the New Testament or the Christian religion. >>14964<<
[ Bible Christian Citizens Correct Desire Early Genuine New Our Particularly Principles Religion Republican Should Sincere Source Testament Understand Writer]
I think it is impossible to explain faith. It is like trying to explain air, which one cannot do by dividing it into its component parts and labeling them scientifically. It must be breathed to be understood. >>15124<<
[ Air Breathed Cannot Component Dividing Explain Faith Impossible Into Labeling Must Parts Scientifically Them Think Trying Understood Which]
Like Jermaine was saying, it's a beautiful day, and we're just glad all of this is behind us. We can go on with our lives. And Michael can go on with his life and do what he does best, and that's making good music, making his fans happy, people happy all over the world. >>7329<<
[ Beautiful Behind Best Day Does Fans Glad Go Good Happy His Jermaine Just Life Lives Making Michael Music Our Over Saying Us World]
It would be naive to think that the problems plaguing mankind today can be solved with means and methods which were applied or seemed to work in the past. >>5740<<
[ Applied Mankind Means Methods Naive Past Problems Seemed Solved Think Today Were Which Work Would]
I find it very offensive when the government tells me what I can and cannot watch. Censor yourself. >>756<<
[ Cannot Censor Find Government Offensive Tells Very Watch Yourself]
There is no obstacle in the path of young people who are poor or members of minority groups that hard work and preparation cannot cure. >>7612<<
[ Cannot Cure Groups Hard Members Minority Obstacle Path Poor Preparation Work Young]
The lesson of the last year is this: foreign policy can't be managed through the politics of personality, and our President would do well to take note of an observation John F. Kennedy made once he was in office - that all of the world's problems aren't his predecessor's fault. >>11044<<
[ Fault Foreign His John Kennedy Last Lesson Made Managed Note Observation Office Once Our Personality Policy Politics Predecessor President Problems Take Through Well World Would Year]
Americans have discovered fear. >>12602<<
[ Americans Discovered Fear]
I wrote a great deal... but very little of any importance; there are not more than four of five papers which I can still remember with some satisfaction. >>6291<<
[ Any Deal Five Four Great Importance Little More Papers Remember Satisfaction Some Still Than Very Which Wrote]
God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other. >>10652<<
[ Accept Cannot Change Changed Courage Distinguish Give God Grace Other Serenity Should Things Us Which Wisdom]
All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time. Love>>426<<
[ Changes Know Love Shifts Time Wholeheartedly]
A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. >>15512<<
[ Advise Architect Bury Clients Doctor His Mistakes Only Plant Vines]
The miracles of the church seem to me to rest not so much upon faces or voices or healing power coming suddenly near to us from afar off, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that for a moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear what is there about us always. >>2665<<
[ Afar Always Being Church Coming Ears Eyes Faces Finer Healing Hear Made Miracles Moment Much Near Off Our Perceptions Power Rest See Seem Suddenly Upon Us Voices]
Multitasking? I can't even do two things at once. I can't even do one thing at once. >>2596<<
[ Even Once Thing Things Two]
No one can earn a million dollars honestly. >>2118<<
[ Dollars Earn Honestly Million]
You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it. >>13149<<
[ Alone Orchestra Play Symphony Takes]
I'm really glad I didn't have kids earlier, because I probably would have ignored them. I was so into my career. I could just go and play a ton of shows, night after night after night. I can't do that anymore. >>12882<<
[ After Anymore Because Career Could Earlier Glad Go Ignored Into Just Kids Night Play Probably Really Shows Them Ton Would]
The Republican National Committee hired me, and they hired me because they wanted someone who could look members straight in the eye and tell them the truth. >>9090<<
[ Because Committee Could Eye Hired Look Members National Republican Someone Straight Tell Them Truth Wanted]
You can perform all kind of characters but you cannot change what people feel for you. >>9357<<
[ Cannot Change Characters Feel Kind Perform]
Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away. >>2950<<
[ Around Away Because Change Dream Duties Erase Need Nothing Obscure Real Responsibilities Take Will Within World Your]
As long as I retain my feeling and my passion for Nature, I can partly soften or subdue my other passions and resist or endure those of others. >>2340<<
[ Endure Feeling Long Nature Other Others Partly Passion Passions Resist Retain Soften Subdue Those]
Evolutionary naturalism takes the inherent limitations of science and turns them into a devastating philosophical weapon: because science is our only real way of knowing anything, what science cannot know cannot be real. >>7533<<
[ Anything Because Cannot Devastating Evolutionary Inherent Into Know Knowing Limitations Naturalism Only Our Philosophical Real Science Takes Them Turns Way Weapon]
If I stay alert, then I can challenge myself, and by challenging myself, that helps me to stay alive and to hopefully take something away from the experience. >>7381<<
[ Alert Alive Away Challenge Challenging Experience Helps Hopefully Myself Something Stay Take Then]
Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth. >>1063<<
[ Americans Identity May Teeth Wonderful]
You can see when an actor gets bored: Their eyes go dead. I promised myself I'd never let that happen. If it does, I'll go and live on a desert island for a year. >>5210<<
[ Actor Bored Dead Desert Does Eyes Gets Go Happen Island Live Myself Never Promised See Their Year]
If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong, then 9 times out of ten it will. >>6406<<
[ Chance Go Out Something Ten Then Times Will Wrong]
I have to have the cotton candy shipped in. >>15122<<
[ Candy Cotton Shipped]
Through writing, through that process, they realize that they become more intelligent, and more honest and more imaginative than they can be in any other part of their life. >>890<<
[ Any Become Honest Imaginative Intelligent Life More Other Part Process Realize Than Their Through Writing]
In the tail above the giant resonance, you can get not just one neutron emitted but two, three, four or five, and so there are a lot of things one can measure, looking at the competition with the emission of neutrons and protons and so on. >>2624<<
[ Above Competition Emission Emitted Five Four Get Giant Just Looking Lot Measure Neutrons Resonance Tail Things Three Two]
If you look closely you can see that they are all interconnected, symbolic of a never-ending circle in which it is simply impossible for the dog to catch the rabbit. >>15254<<
[ Catch Circle Closely Dog Impossible Interconnected Look Never-Ending Rabbit See Simply Symbolic Which]
Our hope, and it's a sad hope, is that... well, I mean we need a tip. That's why we have such a big reward. We just hope that someone is holding her for her child and that we can, you know, get her back with a tip. >>11324<<
[ Back Big Child Get Her Holding Hope Just Know Mean Need Our Reward Sad Someone Such Tip Well Why]
At least she's the president of something, which is more than I can say. >>4095<<
[ Least More President Say She Something Than Which]
Enforcement is the long overdue step to protect our Nation from external threats in a time of war. And then once we do that, we can effectively discuss a guest worker program. >>6498<<
[ Discuss Effectively Enforcement External Guest Long Nation Once Our Overdue Program Protect Step Then Threats Time War Worker]
The American people are going to judge the majority party here today. If they go out here and vote for this rule that allows this provision to be stricken, they are voting against the men and women in the military of our country. >>4004<<
[ Against Allows American Country Go Going Here Judge Majority Men Military Our Out Party Provision Rule Stricken Today Vote Voting Women]
So no, it's not all in the genes, but what isn't in the genes isn't in the family environment either. It can't be explained in terms of the overall personalities or the child-rearing practices of parents. >>11412<<
[ Either Environment Explained Family Genes Overall Parents Personalities Practices Terms]
I'm not unknown, yet I'm not super famous where I can't go anywhere. >>6025<<
[ Anywhere Famous Go Super Unknown Where Yet]
I think I can deceive people. I'm like, the nice, sweet girl when you meet me. And I don't have any bad intentions. But I'm a bad girl too. >>13179<<
[ Any Bad Deceive Girl Intentions Meet Nice Sweet Think Too]
They have decided to tour under the name of Ten Years After which I don't think is very cool. To be honest, they have had to do that as it's the only way they can get any work. >>8586<<
[ After Any Cool Decided Get Had Honest Name Only Ten Think Tour Under Very Way Which Work Years]
Americans want action for their money. They are fascinated by its self-reproducing qualities if it's put to work. Finance>>10570<<
[ Action Americans Fascinated Money Put Qualities Their Want Work]
Did you know that, if you visualise, you can actually hug on the phone? >>8971<<
[ Actually Did Hug Know Phone Visualise]
I had very supportive parents that made the way for me, even at a time when there were very few women - no women, really; maybe two or three women - and very few, fewer than that, African-American women heading in this direction, so there were very few people to look up to. You just had to have faith. >>12858<<
[ African-American Direction Even Faith Few Fewer Had Heading Just Look Made Maybe Parents Really Supportive Than Three Time Two Up Very Way Were Women]
This is what I wanted. They tell me that London is the best field in history. I wanted to be part of that. Because everyone will be there it will be a wonderful challenge for me. You can see the best runners, how they look, how they run. For me to beat the best is what counts. >>5424<<
[ Beat Because Best Challenge Counts Everyone Field History How London Look Part Run Runners See Tell Wanted Will Wonderful]
Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. >>8023<<
[ Back Backs Bent Change Comes Continuous Does Freedom Inevitability Man Must Our Ride Roll Straighten Struggle Through Unless Wheels Work Your]
I asked my friend Greg Andersson to introduce me to people that can distribute my album. >>6899<<
[ Album Asked Distribute Friend Greg Introduce]
I know as I'm taking my dying breath, the ambulance guy will ask me why they cancelled Action. >>4149<<
[ Action Ambulance Ask Breath Cancelled Dying Guy Know Taking Why Will]
The theater is the only branch of art much cared for by people of wealth; like canasta, it does away with the brother of talk after dinner. >>9624<<
[ After Art Away Branch Brother Cared Dinner Does Much Only Talk Theater Wealth]
I think loss can fuel how you lead your whole life. >>13125<<
[ Fuel How Lead Life Loss Think Whole Your]
No one can be an unbeliever nowadays. The Christian Apologists have left one nothing to disbelieve. >>10402<<
[ Christian Disbelieve Left Nothing Nowadays Unbeliever]
The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever. >>14406<<
[ Cannot Cradle Earth Forever Humanity Mankind Stay]
I can tell you the day The Beach Boys will no longer exist - never. We'll be on stage in wheelchairs. >>15321<<
[ Beach Boys Day Exist Longer Never Stage Tell Wheelchairs Will]
Thanks to President Bush and Republican principles, businesses now have more confidence to hire workers. >>4125<<
[ Bush Businesses Confidence Hire More Now President Principles Republican Thanks Workers]
No society has been able to abolish human sadness, no political system can deliver us from the pain of living, from our fear of death, our thirst for the absolute. It is the human condition that directs the social condition, not vice versa. >>7236<<
[ Able Abolish Absolute Been Condition Death Deliver Directs Fear Human Living Our Pain Political Sadness Social Society System Thirst Us Versa Vice]
You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle. >>3044<<
[ Eagle Make Pig Put Wings]
We can't afford big symphonies but we commission works that sound rich and symphonic because of the nature of the instrumentation and the people we work with. >>10426<<
[ Afford Because Big Commission Instrumentation Nature Rich Sound Symphonic Symphonies Work Works]
No power in society, no hardship in your condition can depress you, keep you down, in knowledge, power, virtue, influence, but by your own consent. >>2765<<
[ Condition Consent Depress Down Hardship Influence Keep Knowledge Own Power Society Virtue Your]
Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true. >>6384<<
[ Awake Come Dreams Fantastic Make Most True Wide]
The only thing of weight that can be said against modern honor is that it is directly opposite to religion. The one bids you bear injuries with patience, the other tells you if you don't resent them, you are not fit to live. >>9296<<
[ Against Bear Bids Directly Fit Honor Injuries Live Modern Only Opposite Other Patience Religion Resent Said Tells Them Thing Weight]
Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear. Motivational>>13553<<
[ Cannot Fear Hope Nor Without]
I have to understand what my strengths and limitations are, and work from a true place. I try to do this as best I can while still protecting my writer self, which more than ever needs privacy. >>2946<<
[ Best Ever Limitations More Needs Place Privacy Protecting Self Still Strengths Than True Try Understand Which While Work Writer]
Students need to learn how to think critically, how to argue opposing ideas. It is important for them to learn how to think. You can always cook. >>14382<<
[ Always Argue Cook Critically How Ideas Important Learn Need Opposing Students Them Think]
Nature can do more than physicians. >>3487<<
[ More Nature Physicians Than]
Life is a difficult game. You can win it only by retaining your birthright to be a person. >>7695<<
[ Birthright Difficult Game Life Only Person Retaining Win Your]
We're looking for a guy that can step it up. >>2295<<
[ Guy Looking Step Up]
In a world where there is so much sadness and so much to be afraid of, good things do happen to people. Romance is still something we can find even if we're not consciously looking for it. >>11707<<
[ Afraid Consciously Even Find Good Happen Looking Much Romance Sadness Something Still Things Where World]
When people say 'let's do something about it,' they mean 'let's get hold of the political machinery so that we can do something to somebody else.' And that somebody is invariably you. >>2889<<
[ Else Get Hold Invariably Machinery Mean Political Say Somebody Something]
The people who truly love me and loved me before all of this stuff. You can't ever leave them behind. >>2462<<
[ Before Behind Ever Leave Love Loved Stuff Them Truly]
Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment you can grow more surely toward the stars. >>14335<<
[ Beyond Challenges Contending Grow Handle Moment More Only Seem Stars Strength Surely Toward Your]
There are people who can start having very powerful experiences without taking psychedelics. It can happen against their will. This is a universal phenomenon. >>6004<<
[ Against Experiences Happen Having Phenomenon Powerful Psychedelics Start Taking Their Universal Very Will Without]
The pleasures of the imagination are as it were only drawings and models which are played with by poor people who cannot afford the real thing. >>8792<<
[ Afford Cannot Drawings Imagination Models Only Played Pleasures Poor Real Thing Were Which]
It would be enough for me to have the system of a jury of twelve versus the system of one judge as a basis for preferring the U.S. to the Soviet Union. I would prefer the country you can leave to the country you cannot. >>1962<<
[ Basis Cannot Country Enough Judge Jury Leave Prefer Preferring Soviet System Twelve Union Versus Would]
It's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you. >>1222<<
[ Anyone Dangerous Disagrees Each Find First Ignore Mad Pause Progress Same Say Then Time]
But if cattle and horses or lions had hands, or were able to draw with their hands and do the work that men can do, horses would draw the forms of the gods like horses, and cattle like cattle, and they would make their bodies such as they each had themselves. >>15560<<
[ Able Bodies Cattle Draw Each Forms Gods Had Hands Horses Lions Make Men Such Their Themselves Were Work Would]
Composers are the only people who can hear good music above bad sounds. >>13488<<
[ Above Bad Composers Good Hear Music Only Sounds]
Americans want grungy people, stabbing themselves in the head on stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on, they don't get it. >>5305<<
[ Americans Bright Bunch Deodorant Get Head Stabbing Stage Themselves Us Want]
You can hold yourself back from the sufferings of the world, that is something you are free to do and it accords with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could avoid. >>7676<<
[ Accords Avoid Back Could Free Hold Holding Nature Perhaps Something Suffering Sufferings Very World Your Yourself]
I'll also tell you that five hundred thousand people will die this year of cancer. And I'll also tell you that one in every four will be afflicted with this disease, and yet, somehow, we seem to have put it in a little bit of the background. >>14546<<
[ Afflicted Also Background Bit Cancer Die Disease Every Five Four Hundred Little Put Seem Somehow Tell Thousand Will Year Yet]
I know General Grant better than any other person in the country can know him. It was my duty to study him, and I did so day and night, when I saw him and when I did not see him, and now I tell you what I know, he cannot govern this country. >>13611<<
[ Any Better Cannot Country Day Did Duty General Govern Grant Him Know Night Now Other Person Saw See Study Tell Than]
If indeed, as Hilbert asserted, mathematics is a meaningless game played with meaningless marks on paper, the only mathematical experience to which we can refer is the making of marks on paper. >>1183<<
[ Asserted Experience Game Indeed Making Marks Mathematical Mathematics Meaningless Only Paper Played Refer Which]
The best an American can look forward to is the lonely pleasure of one who stands at long last on a chilly and inhospitable mountaintop where few have been before, where few can follow and where few will consent to believe he has been. >>7874<<
[ American Been Before Believe Best Chilly Consent Few Follow Forward Inhospitable Last Lonely Long Look Mountaintop Pleasure Stands Where Will]
We have played a critical role in meeting the new safety standards. The Canadian space industry contributed new tools that make the inspection of the space shuttle possible. >>5362<<
[ Canadian Contributed Critical Industry Inspection Make Meeting New Played Possible Role Safety Shuttle Space Standards Tools]
The early American arrived at a land of which he knew nothing. >>15602<<
[ American Arrived Early Knew Land Nothing Which]
I'm cute - and God I hate that. Because that's not cool. I'm like your niece, and nobody wants to date their niece. It's the chubby cheeks. The whole reason people voted for me on American Idol is because I'm an everyday, normal girl. >>2991<<
[ American Because Cheeks Chubby Cool Cute Date Everyday Girl God Hate Idol Niece Nobody Normal Reason Their Voted Wants Whole Your]
Corn ethanol can help in the short term, but it has serious limitations, and none of this is going to work if we don't dramatically improve the efficiency of our cars and trucks. >>5202<<
[ Cars Corn Dramatically Efficiency Ethanol Going Help Improve Limitations None Our Serious Short Term Trucks Work]
People should recognize who you are and how you can act rather then how famous you are. >>15154<<
[ Act Famous How Rather Recognize Should Then]
The lash may force men to physical labor, it cannot force them to spiritual creativity. >>587<<
[ Cannot Creativity Force Labor Lash May Men Physical Spiritual Them]
People thought me a bit strange at first; a blond haired, blue-eyed Norwegian who sang Mexican folk songs, but I used it to my advantage and got a job. And so the music became my ticket to education. >>13486<<
[ Advantage Became Bit Blond Blue-Eyed Education First Folk Got Job Mexican Music Norwegian Sang Songs Strange Thought Ticket Used]
A situation is always comic if it participates simultaneously in two series of events which are absolutely independent of each other, and if it can be interpreted in two quite different meanings. >>1298<<
[ Absolutely Always Comic Different Each Events Independent Interpreted Meanings Other Participates Quite Series Simultaneously Situation Two Which]
Government cannot be all things to all people. >>7069<<
[ Cannot Government Things]
The United States armed forces and coalition troops deserve recognition and support for their work to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and ensure the safety and security of the American people, civilians abroad, and the people of Iraq. >>7892<<
[ Abroad American Armed Civilians Coalition Deserve Ensure Forces Hussein Iraq Power Recognition Remove Saddam Safety Security States Support Their Troops United Work]
When I write a book, I'm making it the best book I can. >>11298<<
[ Best Book Making Write]
I gave her life, I can take life away. >>15140<<
[ Away Gave Her Life Take]
It is a mistake to think that we can control the breeding of mankind in the long run by an appeal to conscience. >>6280<<
[ Appeal Breeding Conscience Control Long Mankind Mistake Run Think]
Most of the trouble in this world has been caused by folks who can't mind their own business, because they have no business of their own to mind, any more than a smallpox virus has. >>2257<<
[ Any Because Been Business Caused Folks Mind More Most Own Smallpox Than Their Trouble Virus World]
When bright young minds can't afford college, America pays the price. >>595<<
[ Afford America Bright College Minds Pays Price Young]
I have been privileged to have the opportunity to work with many of African American fraternal and social organizations that are active in my congressional district. They all do important work that makes a tangible difference to the quality of life in our community. >>6866<<
[ Active African American Been Community Congressional Difference District Fraternal Important Life Makes Many Opportunity Organizations Our Privileged Quality Social Tangible Work]
God, he deals you blows that at sometimes you think you can't handle and in the last year there have been things that we thought we couldn't handle but we've dealt with it up until this point. >>4741<<
[ Been Blows Deals Dealt God Handle Last Point Sometimes Things Think Thought Until Up Year]
The manager is by himself. He can't mingle with his players. I enjoyed my players, but I could not socialize with them so I spent a lot of time alone in my hotel room. Those four walls kind of close in on you. >>8986<<
[ Alone Close Could Enjoyed Four Himself His Hotel Kind Lot Manager Mingle Players Room Socialize Spent Them Those Time Walls]
The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. >>11049<<
[ Cannot Done Life Look Most Often Ones Rewarding Things]
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's somebody doing something because I pushed them in that direction. >>4819<<
[ Because Direction Doing Pushed Somebody Something Stand Them Thing]
I find that when I play reality-based characters, it is only as fun for me if I have a lot of time to do research. If I don't it just isn't exciting but if I do, it can be fun because I can learn about that person and the world that they live in and I can become somebody else. >>6255<<
[ Because Become Characters Else Exciting Find Fun Just Learn Live Lot Only Person Play Reality-Based Research Somebody Time World]
How can an article about me or the Batman be the true story when I am not consulted or interviewed? >>7709<<
[ Am Article Batman Consulted How Interviewed Story True]
If you can't stand the heat, don't go to Cancun in the summer. >>13662<<
[ Go Heat Stand Summer]
Most people live in the city and go to the country at the weekend, and that's posh and aristocratic, but actually to live in the country and come to London when you can't take it any more is different. >>6791<<
[ Actually Any Aristocratic City Come Country Different Go Live London More Most Take Weekend]
They make revolutionary propaganda because they know the privileged class can never be overturned peacefully. >>10338<<
[ Because Class Know Make Never Peacefully Privileged Propaganda Revolutionary]
Existence of an excited state is not a prerequisite for the production of inhibition; inhibition can exist apart from excitation no less than, when called forth against an excitation already in progress, it can suppress or moderate it. >>13087<<
[ Against Already Apart Called Excited Exist Existence Forth Inhibition Less Moderate Prerequisite Production Progress State Suppress Than]
For example, lead paint in old houses can be a greater threat to children's health than lead that may be under some industrial site where there are no children. >>14198<<
[ Children Example Greater Health Houses Industrial Lead May Old Paint Site Some Than Threat Under Where]
So, if you're doing good longform with talented people than you can step out and you can be the president or a construction worker and people accept that. It's really the roles you give yourself. >>11468<<
[ Accept Construction Doing Give Good Out President Really Roles Step Talented Than Worker Yourself]
Total falsehoods can be easily exposed for what they are by citing exceptions to their claims. Hence, they are less likely to be accepted as the total truth. >>7129<<
[ Accepted Citing Claims Easily Exceptions Exposed Falsehoods Hence Less Likely Their Total Truth]
If you act like you know what you're doing, you can do anything you want - except neurosurgery. >>13794<<
[ Act Anything Doing Except Know Want]
I can't read historical fiction because I find the real thing so much more interesting. >>5152<<
[ Because Fiction Find Historical Interesting More Much Read Real Thing]
And then you might decide that the country can just spend maybe years or decades to regain that credit, or maybe give that county the support, the financial support that the market is not willing not do. >>11806<<
[ Country County Credit Decades Decide Financial Give Just Market Maybe Might Regain Spend Support Then Willing Years]
When I speak of the beauty of a game of chess, then naturally this is subjective. Beauty can be found in a very technical, mathematical game for example. That is the beauty of clarity. >>8220<<
[ Beauty Chess Clarity Example Found Game Mathematical Naturally Speak Subjective Technical Then Very]
I can't imagine anyone who doesn't think the world is safer without a tyrant who murdered his own people, used weapons of mass destruction against them and flouted the world for so many years. >>7053<<
[ Against Anyone Destruction His Imagine Many Mass Murdered Own Safer Them Think Tyrant Used Weapons Without World Years]
Prejudice is like a hair across your cheek. You can't see it, you can't find it with your fingers, but you keep brushing at it because the feel of it is irritating. >>394<<
[ Across Because Brushing Cheek Feel Find Fingers Hair Irritating Keep Prejudice See Your]
It's odd that you can get so anesthetized by your own pain or your own problem that you don't quite fully share the hell of someone close to you. >>7519<<
[ Close Fully Get Hell Odd Own Pain Problem Quite Share Someone Your]
I don't particularly like babies. I don't mind them for about four minutes. That's my max. After that I can't quite see what everyone's fussing about. >>5850<<
[ After Babies Everyone Four Max Mind Minutes Particularly Quite See Them]
Life is a process of working out what's not working for you and disentangling yourself from it and trying then not walk into the same thing again. Watching your patterns and correcting them if you can. >>4678<<
[ Again Correcting Into Life Out Patterns Process Same Them Then Thing Trying Walk Watching Working Your Yourself]
Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding. Computers>>5482<<
[ Compassion Computers Dreams Human Love Machine Magnificent Our Realization Replace Spark Spirit Tools Understanding]
I can understand why some of these drummers and bass players become cult figures with all of their equipment and the incredible amount of technique they have. But there's very little that I think satisfies you intellectually or emotionally. >>2243<<
[ Amount Bass Become Cult Drummers Emotionally Equipment Figures Incredible Intellectually Little Players Satisfies Some Technique Their These Think Understand Very Why]
No crime can ever be defended on rational grounds. >>8895<<
[ Crime Defended Ever Grounds Rational]
In short, we have, among African countries, a duty of solidarity. >>1656<<
[ African Among Countries Duty Short Solidarity]
Of course, there can be serious injustices within free societies. >>12994<<
[ Course Free Injustices Serious Societies Within]
There is no better news, than the fact that Jesus can actually turn a life upside down and save it. >>11994<<
[ Actually Better Down Fact Jesus Life News Save Than Turn Upside]
And the program was developed in large part by behavioral scientists who were working with the military, who do everything they possibly can to measure a soldier's stress levels to see how they're doing physically and emotionally, as they go through this program. >>9569<<
[ Behavioral Developed Doing Emotionally Everything Go How Large Levels Measure Military Part Physically Possibly Program Scientists See Soldier Stress Through Were Working]
You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself. >>12304<<
[ Dream Get Give Golden Got Happen Just Make Out Sit Wait Yourself]
Unless people can be kept in the dark, it is best for those who love the truth to give them the full light. >>15093<<
[ Best Dark Full Give Kept Light Love Them Those Truth Unless]
If we do not provide education for every single American, we are consigning those without an education to second-class status. >>7895<<
[ American Education Every Provide Second-Class Single Status Those Without]
You have people who can't act and they get all these parts. Paris Hilton falls into her own category. She's made a career out of it. >>7034<<
[ Act Career Category Falls Get Her Hilton Into Made Out Own Paris Parts She These]
I ask the vice president to stop dodging the issue with legalese, and acknowledge his continued ties with Halliburton to the American people. >>8499<<
[ Acknowledge American Ask Continued Dodging His Issue President Stop Ties Vice]
I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. >>5175<<
[ American Black History Month Want]
Charge forward with hope and get the best medical advice you can. Talk to your friends, neighbors, family, and together you attack it. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react to it. >>14519<<
[ Advice Always Attack Best Charge Control Family Forward Friends Get Happens Hope How Medical Neighbors React Talk Together Us Your]
My mind is vacant on names, but I know him as well as anything. When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don't need them they drop back. >>3567<<
[ Anything Back Drop Head Him Know Mind Names Need Out Them Vacant Well]
I can remember when Democrats believed that it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyranny. >>10002<<
[ America Believed Democrats Duty Fight Freedom Over Remember Tyranny]
I'm an actor and this is a role I'm playing. But people can get wacky. >>2366<<
[ Actor Get Playing Role Wacky]
I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing. >>1<<
[ Appealing Classy Comfortable Myself See Sexy Very]
Many poor and low-income women cannot afford to purchase contraceptive services and supplies on their own. >>13289<<
[ Afford Cannot Contraceptive Low-Income Many Own Poor Purchase Services Supplies Their Women]
What can be more foolish than to think that all this rare fabric of heaven and earth could come by chance, when all the skill of art is not able to make an oyster! >>5109<<
[ Able Art Chance Come Could Earth Fabric Foolish Heaven Make More Oyster Rare Skill Than Think]
You can build a throne with bayonets, but you can't sit on it for long. >>15591<<
[ Bayonets Build Long Sit Throne]
Once you get into the habit of work, you can be more productive in the things you want to do. >>5956<<
[ Get Habit Into More Once Productive Things Want Work]
Hollywood will accept actresses playing ten years older, but actors can play ten years younger. >>12657<<
[ Accept Actors Actresses Hollywood Older Play Playing Ten Will Years Younger]
In fact, Cannonball Run II. I used to pick that as the worst movie ever made. >>13256<<
[ Cannonball Ever Fact Ii Made Movie Pick Run Used Worst]
So along with that is spending a lot of time with the ball. For me it was, I loved to juggle the ball in my front yard, and I always challenged myself - how many juggles can I get today? I think for players to get better, it's just about spending the time. >>2815<<
[ Along Always Ball Better Challenged Front Get How Juggle Just Lot Loved Many Myself Players Spending Think Time Today Yard]
When stocks are attractive, you buy them. Sure, they can go lower. I've bought stocks at $12 that went to $2, but then they later went to $30. You just don't know when you can find the bottom. >>9112<<
[ Attractive Bottom Bought Buy Find Go Just Know Later Lower Stocks Sure Them Then Went]
One-day cricket is a very important part of our play. We've got a long way to go until the next World Cup and for us it's one ruthless game after another where we can play well. >>6473<<
[ After Another Cricket Cup Game Go Got Important Long Next One-Day Our Part Play Ruthless Until Us Very Way Well Where World]
What I really tried to do with Helen was make her show this sad side of her. She was married off at 16, was so young and living in this castle that can't leave because of how she looks, and married to a man she hates and three times her age. >>8258<<
[ Age Because Castle Hates Helen Her How Leave Living Looks Make Man Married Off Really Sad She Show Side Three Times Tried Young]
We've seen the hubris. And now we're seeing the scandals. >>5465<<
[ Hubris Now Scandals Seeing Seen]
I don't really try to predict what can and will happen with things. Sometimes you think something's gonna be a huge success, and it isn't. And sometimes you pay no attention to something whatsoever, and God just makes it into everything. >>13903<<
[ Attention Everything God Gonna Happen Huge Into Just Makes Pay Predict Really Something Sometimes Success Things Think Try Whatsoever Will]
I feel like a person living on the brink of a volcano crater. >>13307<<
[ Brink Crater Feel Living Person Volcano]
I don't think there's any way we can save the polar bears. >>13657<<
[ Any Bears Polar Save Think Way]
Since 1980, we've used reconciliation 22 times, and out of those times, Republicans used it 16 times. So, earth to my Republican friends, you can have your option but you cannot change these facts. They're in the Congressional Record. >>1777<<
[ Cannot Change Congressional Earth Facts Friends Option Out Reconciliation Record Republican Republicans Since These Those Times Used Your]
There are a couple of things that I'm sure people don't think are important, but I do. I don't like hair changes unless there's a reason for it. Clothing - I don't like to see an outfit worn more than one time in an hour - you can wear it again a few weeks later. >>13528<<
[ Again Changes Clothing Couple Few Hair Hour Important Later More Outfit Reason See Sure Than Things Think Time Unless Wear Weeks Worn]
The Israeli lobby has clout in the U.S., which means that re-arranging the region and controlling its resources one way or another, will serve Israel through its control over the American administration. >>619<<
[ Administration American Another Clout Control Controlling Israel Israeli Lobby Means Over Region Resources Serve Through Way Which Will]
Anyway, I just haven't been able to find any humanity in any Republican candidate ever in my entire life. >>12396<<
[ Able Any Anyway Been Candidate Entire Ever Find Haven Humanity Just Life Republican]
I can see in your eyes, I can see in your faces, I can see you cry. But what I want to say, there's no reason to cry. Do not, in the name of peace, go in the streets and riot. >>14934<<
[ Cry Eyes Faces Go Name Peace Reason Riot Say See Streets Want Your]
As the American public continues to focus more intensely on illegal immigration and securing the nation's borders, the number of members of the House Immigration Reform Caucus continues to grow. >>5719<<
[ American Borders Caucus Continues Focus Grow House Illegal Immigration Intensely Members More Nation Number Public Reform Securing]
Something about her eyes or voice has always suggested the hint of a free spirit, trapped in a Peck and Peck cage, dreaming of making rude noises at public gatherings of Republicans. >>5923<<
[ Always Cage Dreaming Eyes Free Gatherings Her Hint Making Noises Peck Public Republicans Rude Something Spirit Suggested Trapped Voice]
I'm the most insecure guy in Hollywood. If you had it good all your life, you figure it can't ever get bad, but when you had it bad, you wonder how long a thing like this will last. >>8330<<
[ Bad Ever Figure Get Good Guy Had Hollywood How Insecure Last Life Long Most Thing Will Wonder Your]
It is one of the most saddening things in life that, try as we may, we can never be certain of making people happy, whereas we can almost always be certain of making them unhappy. >>7168<<
[ Almost Always Certain Happy Life Making May Most Never Them Things Try Unhappy Whereas]
I'm not certain that the BBC can claim to be making a wide enough range of distinctive programmes to make the case convincingly. >>4034<<
[ Bbc Case Certain Claim Convincingly Distinctive Enough Make Making Programmes Range Wide]
There is no racial or ethnic involvement in Thanksgiving, and people who may be very distant from the Christian system can see the beauty and the positive spirit that comes from the holiday. >>3008<<
[ Beauty Christian Comes Distant Ethnic Holiday Involvement May Positive Racial See Spirit System Thanksgiving Very]
It's a hard thing to age a character because you can't really suddenly give someone gray hair. >>1125<<
[ Age Because Character Give Gray Hair Hard Really Someone Suddenly Thing]
You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt. Politics>>6259<<
[ Borrow Cannot Debt Out Recession Spend Way Your]
There are so many things a large intelligence espionage organization can do to justify its existence, that people can get promotions for, because it could result in results. >>333<<
[ Because Could Espionage Existence Get Intelligence Justify Large Many Organization Promotions Result Results Things]
A little bit of attention can go a long way. >>8245<<
[ Attention Bit Go Little Long Way]
With bass, especially bottom end, the vibration has to happen on stage otherwise the feel is wrong. This is why you can't scale the equipment down too far. >>4568<<
[ Bass Bottom Down End Equipment Especially Far Feel Happen Otherwise Scale Stage Too Vibration Why Wrong]
I can feel that the world this day is different than all the days of our lives before. >>12904<<
[ Before Day Days Different Feel Lives Our Than World]
The first thing that happens is that you're overwhelmed by so much attention. It's just so unnatural. Only people who've been in that position can realize what it's like. I mean, you have to be there. >>2807<<
[ Attention Been First Happens Just Mean Much Only Overwhelmed Position Realize Thing Unnatural]
A subtle thought that is in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value. >>610<<
[ Error Establish Fruitful Give Great Inquiry May Rise Subtle Thought Truths Value Yet]
Because religion has such a compelling hold on the deep psyches of so many people, feminists cannot afford to leave it in the hands of the fathers. >>2900<<
[ Afford Because Cannot Compelling Deep Fathers Feminists Hands Hold Leave Many Religion Such]
I would go to radio stations and they were supposed to be interviewing me and playing my record and they would say, We're playing too many women right now, we can't play your record. >>6657<<
[ Go Interviewing Many Now Play Playing Radio Record Right Say Stations Supposed Too Were Women Would Your]
In light of these facts Republicans have put forth a variety of proposals to make Social Security remain solvent for future generations. But up to this point, Democrats have chosen to oppose our good faith efforts and insist that indeed there is no problem. >>4125<<
[ Chosen Democrats Efforts Facts Faith Forth Future Generations Good Indeed Insist Light Make Oppose Our Point Problem Proposals Put Remain Republicans Security Social Solvent These Up Variety]
The idea of human rights as a fundamental principle can be seen to underlie throughout Islamic teachings. >>7949<<
[ Fundamental Human Idea Islamic Principle Rights Seen Teachings Throughout Underlie]
I have to believe that people can change, otherwise I deny the Gospel, and I will not do that. >>14127<<
[ Believe Change Deny Gospel Otherwise Will]
You can never learn it all and I hope to continue my growth as a person and a musician. >>5020<<
[ Continue Growth Hope Learn Musician Never Person]
Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat. >>8999<<
[ Afloat Contradictions Harmony Keep Learning Live Only Your]
At one of the annual conventions of the American Society for Aesthetics much confusion arose when the Society for Anesthetics met at the same time in the same hotel. >>558<<
[ Aesthetics American Annual Arose Confusion Conventions Hotel Met Much Same Society Time]
I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a reporter. I don't know where I got the idea that it was a romantic calling. >>8289<<
[ Calling Got Idea Know Remember Reporter Romantic Time Want Where]
You haven't lost anything when you know were it is. Death can hide but not divide. >>6442<<
[ Anything Death Divide Haven Hide Know Lost Were]
Success is never final, but failure can be. >>11070<<
[ Failure Final Never Success]
I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road. >>6451<<
[ Before Change Claim Cross Even Everything Look Nothing Noticed Predestined Road]
We cannot afford idleness, waste or inefficiency. >>14538<<
[ Afford Cannot Idleness Inefficiency Waste]
There are some moments in life, some feelings; one can only point to them and pass by. >>14432<<
[ Feelings Life Moments Only Pass Point Some Them]
What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. >>6746<<
[ Achieve Believe Conceive Man Mind]
Television? The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good can come of it. >>12815<<
[ Come Good Greek Half Latin Television Word]
A man's heart may have a secret sanctuary where only one woman may enter, but it is full of little anterooms which are seldom vacant. >>12358<<
[ Enter Full Heart Little Man May Only Sanctuary Secret Seldom Vacant Where Which Woman]
You start way down on a low B flat on the tuba and you have a chromatic scale; you can match the colours all the way up, till you get to the top of the trumpet. >>10384<<
[ Colours Down Flat Get Low Match Scale Start Till Top Trumpet Tuba Up Way]
Unfair trade agreements, passed by both Republicans and Democrats, have sent millions of jobs to other countries. We need to stop this hemorrhaging and find ways for American workers to compete in the new market. >>4754<<
[ Agreements American Both Compete Countries Democrats Find Hemorrhaging Jobs Market Millions Need New Other Passed Republicans Sent Stop Trade Unfair Ways Workers]
Recent economic data shows that our economy is robust, growing and headed in the right direction. The numbers don't lie. Americans are currently enjoying falling gas prices, low unemployment, increased job creation, and a stock market that has reached an all-time high. >>6498<<
[ All-Time Americans Creation Currently Data Direction Economic Economy Enjoying Falling Gas Growing Headed High Increased Job Lie Low Market Numbers Our Prices Reached Recent Right Robust Shows Stock Unemployment]
Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them. >>14389<<
[ Belongs Canada Canadians Country Feel Home Parts Provinces Strong Them Will]
We can close the gap and improve what happens in the classroom by using educational technology that is the same high quality everywhere. >>10994<<
[ Classroom Close Educational Everywhere Gap Happens High Improve Quality Same Technology Using]
Can you think of anything more permanently elating than to know that you are on the right road at last? >>6999<<
[ Anything Know Last More Permanently Right Road Than Think]
I think the most important thing my wife Cynthia and I can do for Kristen is to teach her how to grow up to be a woman and make her own decisions. Meanwhile, we sometimes have to guide her. >>9654<<
[ Cynthia Decisions Grow Guide Her How Important Make Meanwhile Most Own Sometimes Teach Thing Think Up Wife Woman]
Bush sees the evil as out there in the wider world, residing in people who 'hate freedom'. Look at his immediate response to the pictures of prisoner abuse; this is not what Americans do, these are not our values. >>13242<<
[ Abuse Americans Bush Evil Freedom Hate His Immediate Look Our Out Pictures Prisoner Residing Response Sees These Values Wider World]
The greatest evil which fortune can inflict on men is to endow them with small talents and great ambition. >>14586<<
[ Ambition Endow Evil Fortune Great Greatest Inflict Men Small Talents Them Which]
It's very simple. If the American people care about a lot of things including corruption in government, then, in fact, if you use the power to appoint in order to do political business, to clear fields, to save your party money and so on, if it's not a crime - and I believe it is - it certainly is business as usual, politics of corruption. >>7271<<
[ American Appoint Believe Business Care Certainly Clear Corruption Crime Fact Fields Government Including Lot Money Order Party Political Politics Power Save Simple Then Things Use Usual Very Your]
You can't stop loving or wanting to love because when its right it's the best thing in the world. When you're in a relationship and its good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete. >>13954<<
[ Because Best Complete Else Even Feel Good Life Love Loving Nothing Relationship Right Stop Thing Wanting Whole World Your]
Such evidence is not the only kind which produces belief; though positivism maintains that it is the only kind which ought to produce so high a degree of confidence as all minds have or can be made to have through their agreements. >>15508<<
[ Agreements Belief Confidence Degree Evidence High Kind Made Maintains Minds Only Ought Produce Produces Such Their Though Through Which]
Do we settle on a regional team because we can go to its ballpark and see its games on television? Or do we choose a team as our favorite because it has an especially appealing player, a Barry Bonds or an Ichiro? >>14220<<
[ Appealing Ballpark Barry Because Bonds Choose Especially Favorite Games Go Our Player Regional See Settle Team Television]
Some venues are better run than others. Sometimes it's just maddening to deal with full dinners being served in front of your face. You can have a good or bad show anywhere. >>994<<
[ Anywhere Bad Being Better Deal Dinners Face Front Full Good Just Maddening Others Run Served Show Some Sometimes Than Venues Your]
You can keep yourself alive. That's the magic of being an actor. >>1835<<
[ Actor Alive Being Keep Magic Yourself]
Man must be in space - that is what we are destined for. There is nothing else that we can do. >>974<<
[ Destined Else Man Must Nothing Space]
As adults, we do know more, but we don't know enough. People can be very unthinkingly callous. >>11538<<
[ Adults Callous Enough Know More Unthinkingly Very]
The word of the mouth is a very powerful thing and you can say something about someone that is not necessarily true, but people will believe it and it will become a constant reminder and every time that your name is bought up, that will come up. >>2470<<
[ Become Believe Bought Come Constant Every Mouth Name Necessarily Powerful Reminder Say Someone Something Thing Time True Up Very Will Word Your]
No one will ever know what I went through to secure those negatives. The world can never appreciate it. It changed the whole course of my life. >>1826<<
[ Appreciate Changed Course Ever Know Life Negatives Never Secure Those Through Went Whole Will World]
In love, unlike most other passions, the recollection of what you have had and lost is always better than what you can hope for in the future. >>13681<<
[ Always Better Future Had Hope Lost Love Most Other Passions Recollection Than Unlike]
It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word. >>7293<<
[ Any Damn Indeed Least Mind Poor Spell Think Two Ways Which Word]
Maybe every other American movie shouldn't be based on a comic book. Other countries will think Americans live in an infantile fantasy land where reality is whatever we say it is and every problem can be solved with violence. >>9227<<
[ American Americans Based Book Comic Countries Every Fantasy Infantile Land Live Maybe Movie Other Problem Reality Say Solved Think Violence Whatever Where Will]
I can well conceive a man without hands, feet, head. But I cannot conceive man without thought; he would be a stone or a brute. >>11120<<
[ Brute Cannot Conceive Feet Hands Head Man Stone Thought Well Without Would]
To work on the actual location I think is great. This thing of going to Canada and pretending you're in New York, it's terrible. >>8421<<
[ Actual Canada Going Great Location New Pretending Terrible Thing Think Work York]
One of the most powerful defences the media can offer for controversial actions is, of course, public interest. >>15272<<
[ Actions Controversial Course Interest Media Most Offer Powerful Public]
I can eat a man, but I'm not sure of the fiber content. >>4390<<
[ Content Eat Fiber Man Sure]
And it sort of jogged a memory of something that I read at school and I read it, and I thought God this is it. So you never can tell. I could find something this afternoon. >>14951<<
[ Afternoon Could Find God Memory Never Read School Something Sort Tell Thought]
Senior development specialists in the Treasury can be counted on one hand. America's government is not even aware of the gap between its commitments and action, because almost nobody in authority understands the actions that would be needed to meet the commitments. >>12499<<
[ Action Actions Almost America Authority Aware Because Between Commitments Counted Development Even Gap Government Hand Meet Needed Nobody Senior Specialists Treasury Understands Would]
The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities. >>9970<<
[ Administration Communities Cut Desperately Devastation Hurricane Katrina Lives Rebuild Their Trying Using Wages]
A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men can not get out. >>1196<<
[ Fool Get Men Out Pond Stone Throw Wise]
I'm a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they're interested in. >>5398<<
[ Achieve Any Believer Communication Each Effects Enhances Freedoms Great How Interested Kind Learn Other Profound Terms Tool]
I do believe that reading can help you understand what you're writing and see what others are doing. But sometimes the desire for more information can act as an inhibitor. >>11654<<
[ Act Believe Desire Doing Help Information More Others Reading See Sometimes Understand Writing]
I really don't like talking about money. All I can say is that the Good Lord must have wanted me to have it. >>1429<<
[ Good Lord Money Must Really Say Talking Wanted]
One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team. >>21<<
[ Cannot Crucial Ingredient Make Man Team]
In an easy matter. Anybody can be eloquent. >>10982<<
[ Anybody Easy Eloquent Matter]
I think I would make a good spy. I can sort of be a chameleon. People don't notice me very easily. I never get recognized. >>3872<<
[ Chameleon Easily Get Good Make Never Notice Recognized Sort Spy Think Very Would]
I think you know what you're up against when you take on a piece that you know is going to involve dragging up a lot emotions - you can end up being deeply immersed in gloom. >>2260<<
[ Against Being Deeply Dragging Emotions End Gloom Going Immersed Involve Know Lot Piece Take Think Up]
The conservative revival cannot be dismissed. >>8460<<
[ Cannot Conservative Dismissed Revival]
Whoever you are, you will not write this book. I can tell you nothing. Do not call me again. Ever. >>2393<<
[ Again Book Call Ever Nothing Tell Whoever Will Write]
You cannot say that you are happy when you don't win. >>15041<<
[ Cannot Happy Say Win]
To get where you want to go you can't only do what you like. >>36<<
[ Get Go Only Want Where]
I distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink. Funny>>8763<<
[ Anyone Camels Distrust Drink Else Go Week Without]
I'm no different from anybody else. If I don't have a card, I can't check out these books. >>14393<<
[ Anybody Books Card Check Different Else Out These]
The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness and kindness, can be trained to do most things. >>3307<<
[ Animal Domestic Firmness Kindness Male Most Things Trained Treated Which]
My whole family is lactose intolerant and when we take pictures we can't say cheese. >>8956<<
[ Cheese Family Intolerant Pictures Say Take Whole]
I'm not an historian but I can get interested - obsessively interested - with any aspect of the past, whether it's palaeontology or archaeology or the very recent past. >>8886<<
[ Any Archaeology Aspect Get Historian Interested Obsessively Palaeontology Past Recent Very Whether]
Writing sessions can last an hour or sixteen hours, depending on how it's going. >>2497<<
[ Depending Going Hour Hours How Last Sessions Sixteen Writing]
Take all that is given whether wealth, love or language, nothing comes by mistake and with good digestion all can be turned to health. >>6627<<
[ Comes Digestion Given Good Health Language Love Mistake Nothing Take Turned Wealth Whether]
You can't get a job without experience and you can't get experience until you have a job. Once you solve that problem you are home free. >>2148<<
[ Experience Free Get Home Job Once Problem Solve Until Without]
You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. >>7620<<
[ Before Expect Them Things Yourself]
I would say that American poetry has always been a poetry of personal testimony. >>13823<<
[ Always American Been Personal Poetry Say Testimony Would]
Americans spend 3 billion hours per year filling out tax forms and keeping tax records. >>11778<<
[ Americans Billion Filling Forms Hours Keeping Out Per Records Spend Tax Year]
You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them. >>6293<<
[ Anything Bayonets Except Sit Them]
Among the reasons for this was the fact that the U.S.A. is one mass market. It is only when you have a mass market that large-scale manufacturing which involves very substantial expenditures can be justified. >>6833<<
[ Among Expenditures Fact Involves Justified Large-Scale Manufacturing Market Mass Only Reasons Substantial Very Which]
This is due partly to the fact that Americans are much better fed than Europeans, and partly to the undeveloped resources of a new country, but more largely to our climate, which acts as a constant stimulus. >>13858<<
[ Acts Americans Better Climate Constant Country Due Europeans Fact Fed Largely More Much New Our Partly Resources Stimulus Than Undeveloped Which]
I can't climb very seriously now but I was a bit of a freak. >>3827<<
[ Bit Climb Freak Now Seriously Very]
This source of corruption, alas, is inherent in the democratic system itself, and it can only be controlled, if at all, by finding ways to encourage legislators to subordinate ambition to principle. >>2155<<
[ Alas Ambition Controlled Corruption Democratic Encourage Finding Inherent Itself Legislators Only Principle Source Subordinate System Ways]
We thought I was going to be a great athlete, and we were wrong, and I thought I was going to be a great entertainer, and that wasn't it either. I'm going to be an American Citizen. First class. >>5945<<
[ American Athlete Citizen Class Either Entertainer First Going Great Thought Were Wrong]
Family life is too intimate to be preserved by the spirit of justice. It can be sustained by a spirit of love which goes beyond justice. >>10652<<
[ Beyond Family Goes Intimate Justice Life Love Preserved Spirit Sustained Too Which]
When people keep telling you that you can't do a thing, you kind of like to try it. >>13374<<
[ Keep Kind Telling Thing Try]
So, there's only so much you can do with a rock video. >>9548<<
[ Much Only Rock Video]
For we can affirm with a good conscience that we have, after reading the Holy Scripture, applied ourselves and yet daily apply ourselves to the extent that the grace of the Lord permits to inquiry into and investigation of the consensus of the true and purer antiquity. >>2831<<
[ Affirm After Antiquity Applied Apply Conscience Consensus Daily Extent Good Grace Holy Inquiry Into Investigation Lord Ourselves Permits Purer Reading Scripture True Yet]
You can't have virtue without sin. What I'm after is having my characters' virtues defined by how they operate in a very sinful environment. That's how you test people. >>9968<<
[ After Characters Defined Environment Having How Operate Sin Sinful Test Very Virtue Virtues Without]
Success and money can really be quite blinding. >>6364<<
[ Blinding Money Quite Really Success]
The people I want are very famous and very rich, and all I can offer them is a bit of exposure on TV and a bit of cash, so it's a miracle we get any guests at all. But we have been very lucky. >>10736<<
[ Any Been Bit Cash Exposure Famous Get Guests Lucky Miracle Offer Rich Them Tv Very Want]
In life, so many things are taken for granted, but one thing I can honestly say is that I took every day, enjoyed the game of putting on that uniform and playing the great game of baseball. >>1602<<
[ Baseball Day Enjoyed Every Game Granted Great Honestly Life Many Playing Putting Say Taken Thing Things Took Uniform]
Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears. >>377<<
[ Action Anything Facing Fears Just Mind Perseverance Remember Set Takes Your]
It is acceptable to bring someone to tears if it explains to them in an emotional way why a product, a service, or a candidate is the right person, is the right thing to do. >>9090<<
[ Acceptable Bring Candidate Emotional Explains Person Product Right Service Someone Tears Them Thing Way Why]
Like anyone who goes to college, you're leaving a familiar surrounding and a comfortable environment and your friends and everything, and you're starting fresh. It can be pretty daunting. >>1407<<
[ Anyone College Comfortable Daunting Environment Everything Familiar Fresh Friends Goes Leaving Pretty Starting Surrounding Your]
The pictures we saw before we got down here didn't even touch the reality of what it is like being here. We can be right on the beach with all the devastation and still not be able to imagine what it was like when the wall of water actually came up. >>12900<<
[ Able Actually Beach Before Being Came Devastation Down Even Got Here Imagine Pictures Reality Right Saw Still Touch Up Wall Water]
We are supposed to enjoy the good stuff now, while we can, with the people we love. Life has a funny way of teaching us that lesson over and over again. >>4367<<
[ Again Enjoy Funny Good Lesson Life Love Now Over Stuff Supposed Teaching Us Way While]
This same habitual blindness to spiritual, substantive dimensions of every significant challenge continues to handicap Hollywood. >>9808<<
[ Blindness Challenge Continues Dimensions Every Habitual Handicap Hollywood Same Significant Spiritual Substantive]
Businesses should no longer be allowed to depress wages by hiring illegal labor and then falsely claim that Americans don't want to do the jobs. >>12228<<
[ Allowed Americans Businesses Claim Depress Falsely Hiring Illegal Jobs Labor Longer Should Then Wages Want]
We need to increase access to health insurance through Health Savings Accounts and high deductible policies, so individuals and families can purchase the insurance that's best for them and meets their specific needs. >>13649<<
[ Access Accounts Best Families Health High Increase Individuals Insurance Meets Need Needs Policies Purchase Savings Specific Their Them Through]
The young people look great on television. They're youthful and have a lot of zip and energy, but when you see them live, they can only do about 20 minutes because they haven't got the training to hold an audience for an hour and a half or so. >>1236<<
[ Audience Because Energy Got Great Half Haven Hold Hour Live Look Lot Minutes Only See Television Them Training Young Youthful Zip]
I can do most anything and not have a problem with it. The only time I have negative attention is when I run naked through the streets brandishing a handgun. >>5369<<
[ Anything Attention Handgun Most Naked Negative Only Problem Run Streets Through Time]
American movies and music deliver themes of freedom, innocence, and power that appeal to others - partly because America itself was put together out of a multiplicity of national traditions. >>5602<<
[ America American Appeal Because Deliver Freedom Innocence Itself Movies Multiplicity Music National Others Out Partly Power Put Themes Together Traditions]
We can sit around and go, okay, is there really a plan, does somebody really know what's happening, is it all planned out, because sometimes it just seems too remarkable to me the things that have happened to me. >>9159<<
[ Around Because Does Go Happened Happening Just Know Okay Out Plan Planned Really Remarkable Seems Sit Somebody Sometimes Things Too]
You can have immediate regrets, but if you look at stuff and say, 'Things happen for a reason', there's a fatalistic thing about it. Something will happen that will justify it in some way. >>8386<<
[ Happen Immediate Justify Look Reason Regrets Say Some Something Stuff Thing Things Way Will]
You gotta have fun. Regardless of how you look at it, we're playing a game. It's a business, it's our job, but I don't think you can do well unless you're having fun. >>7452<<
[ Business Fun Game Gotta Having How Job Look Our Playing Regardless Think Unless Well]
How can we help President Obama? >>2663<<
[ Help How Obama Obama President]
I want to continue doing as big a variety of things as I can do, and if that means I have the honor of getting to do more feature work, I would love that. I know that if I make any other long-term TV commitments, it's not going to be on a drama. >>527<<
[ Any Big Commitments Continue Doing Drama Feature Getting Going Honor Know Long-Term Love Make Means More Other Things Tv Variety Want Work Would]
I'm tired of fighting. I've always known that I can't be an action star all my life. >>2749<<
[ Action Always Fighting Known Life Star Tired]
Words contract a significance which clings to them long after the condition of things to which they owe it has passed away. >>8813<<
[ After Away Clings Condition Contract Long Owe Passed Significance Them Things Which Words]
Every nation whose affairs betray a want of wisdom and stability may calculate on every loss which can be sustained from the more systematic policy of its wiser neighbors. >>9211<<
[ Affairs Betray Calculate Every Loss May More Nation Neighbors Policy Stability Sustained Systematic Want Which Whose Wisdom Wiser]
Operation Northern Star with Canada has made significant progress in battling meth from the north, and we are engaged in numerous training opportunities in Mexico to help curb the problem from the south. >>14746<<
[ Battling Canada Curb Engaged Help Made Mexico North Northern Numerous Operation Opportunities Problem Progress Significant South Star Training]
I don't think anyone can tell you what it is that makes you a star. >>552<<
[ Anyone Makes Star Tell Think]
An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. >>8023<<
[ Above Broader Concerns Confines His Humanity Individual Individualistic Living Narrow Rise Started Until]
I can't imagine dating a boy, meeting him only outside the home. What's a home and family for if it's not the center of one's life? >>15631<<
[ Boy Center Dating Family Him Home Imagine Life Meeting Only Outside]
One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter. >>7582<<
[ Hardest Having Heart Life Things Utter Words Your]
At my age, you need to verify that everything is fine. I put a lot of pressure on my body, and I feel sometimes pain in my back and in my knees, so I have to be sure that I can keep on training hard before going on. >>9233<<
[ Age Back Before Body Everything Feel Fine Going Hard Keep Knees Lot Need Pain Pressure Put Sometimes Sure Training Verify]
You can't get rid of it with exercise alone. You can do the most vigorous exercise and only burn up 300 calories in an hour. If you've got fat on your body, the exercise firms and tones the muscles. But when you use that tape measure, what makes it bigger? It's the fat! >>8359<<
[ Alone Bigger Body Burn Calories Exercise Fat Firms Get Got Hour Makes Measure Most Muscles Only Rid Tape Tones Up Use Vigorous Your]
There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls. >>14235<<
[ Cannot Days Else Ends Ever Every Genuine Guide Hear Life Listens Only Pulls Somebody Something Sound Spend Strings True Waits Will Your Yourself]
You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world. >>5828<<
[ Anything Created Desperately Energy Enough Exuberance Inner Joins Must Skin Through Want World]
Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda. >>515<<
[ Attracted Elite Itself Masses Mob Momentum Only Propaganda Totalitarianism Won]
When news comes out, it ought to be reported. There shouldn't be a moratorium based on legitimate news, just because it may or may not affect one candidate or the other. That's just absurd. >>7174<<
[ Absurd Affect Based Because Candidate Comes Just Legitimate May Moratorium News Other Ought Out Reported]
Of the unjust rights which in virtue of this ceremony an iniquitous law gives me over the person and property of another, I cannot legally, but I can morally, divest myself. >>10988<<
[ Another Cannot Ceremony Divest Gives Law Legally Morally Myself Over Person Property Rights Unjust Virtue Which]
A man may not always be what he appears to be, but what he appears to be is always a significant part of what he is. >>5419<<
[ Always Appears Man May Part Significant]
One cannot imagine Scots music and song without the contribution of Burns. >>10442<<
[ Burns Cannot Contribution Imagine Music Scots Song Without]
We must see what in the Israeli identity - in the Israeli - we can give to other people rather than speaking so often of taking, expanding territory. >>15590<<
[ Expanding Give Identity Israeli Must Often Other Rather See Speaking Taking Territory Than]
I feel that my job is to create an atmosphere where creative people can do their best work. >>5137<<
[ Atmosphere Best Create Creative Feel Job Their Where Work]
I ask the American people to consider the legacy this administration has handed us in the defense budget as we spend billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars without the tools and ability to track these dollars. >>8450<<
[ Ability Administration American Ask Billions Budget Consider Defense Dollars Handed Legacy Spend Taxpayer These Tools Track Us Without]
I decided that Europeans and Americans are like men and women: they understand each other worse, and it matters less, than either of them suppose. >>7396<<
[ Americans Decided Each Either Europeans Less Matters Men Other Suppose Than Them Understand Women Worse]
The best artist has that thought alone Which is contained within the marble shell; The sculptor's hand can only break the spell To free the figures slumbering in the stone. >>9917<<
[ Alone Artist Best Break Contained Figures Free Hand Marble Only Sculptor Shell Slumbering Spell Stone Thought Which Within]
No one in the world can beat Ella Fitzgerald as a riff singer. >>14892<<
[ Beat Ella Fitzgerald Riff Singer World]
It may be that the most interesting American struggle is the struggle to set oneself free from the limits one is born to, and then to learn something of the value of those limits. >>9366<<
[ American Born Free Interesting Learn Limits May Most Oneself Set Something Struggle Then Those Value]
I was able to do To Sleep with Anger, a very powerful film about African Americans, their spirituality, and the things that happened within a small community and a family. >>5638<<
[ Able African Americans Anger Community Family Film Happened Powerful Sleep Small Spirituality Their Things Very Within]
All life is a blur of Republicans and meat. >>5978<<
[ Blur Life Meat Republicans]
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. >>6352<<
[ Did Regret Tempered Things Time]
I've always been spiritual but I've never had a proper context, and it took me awhile to find the proper context. It's hard to realize you can have any kind of relationship with God you want... and so I now have a punk rock relationship with God. >>3341<<
[ Always Any Awhile Been Context Find God Had Hard Kind Never Now Proper Punk Realize Relationship Rock Spiritual Took Want]
Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don't just stand there, make it happen. >>7181<<
[ Apply Education Get God Happen Just Make Something Stand Then Yourself]
Without imagination we can go nowhere. And imagination is not restricted to the arts. Every scientist I have met who has been a success has had to imagine. >>4170<<
[ Arts Been Every Go Had Imagination Imagine Met Nowhere Restricted Scientist Success Without]
I can't very well tell my batters don't hit it to him. Wherever they hit it, he's there anyway. >>6817<<
[ Anyway Batters Him Hit Tell Very Well Wherever]
I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashion. >>6563<<
[ Cannot Conscience Cut Fashion Fit Will Year]
Golf is the hardest game in the world. There is no way you can ever get it. Just when you think you do, the game jumps up and puts you in your place. >>3464<<
[ Ever Game Get Golf Hardest Jumps Just Place Puts Think Up Way World Your]
After Big Media, U.S. colleges and universities are the biggest enemies of the values of red-state Americans. >>12702<<
[ After Americans Big Biggest Colleges Enemies Media Universities Values]
Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again. >>5661<<
[ Again Cannot Even Fall Get Keep Knowledge Making Mistakes Only Own Up]
I can't discriminate? Oh, that's ripe, coming from a straight white man. What's the matter, baby doesn't feel like he belongs? Well why don't you try a place that was set up just for you? Like the world! >>3875<<
[ Baby Belongs Coming Discriminate Feel Just Man Matter Oh Place Ripe Set Straight Try Up Well White Why World]
The human being is in the most literal sense a political animal, not merely a gregarious animal, but an animal which can individuate itself only in the midst of society. >>9481<<
[ Animal Being Gregarious Human Itself Literal Merely Midst Most Only Political Sense Society Which]
The seeded draw came into being. This means that the two best players of the tournament are placed in opposite halves in the draw, and cannot possibly meet until the finals, if they come through successfully against all the rest of the participants. >>10168<<
[ Against Being Best Came Cannot Come Draw Finals Halves Into Means Meet Opposite Participants Placed Players Possibly Rest Successfully Through Tournament Two Until]
I decided at age 9, but I was reinforced at age 13 when a teacher told me I had talent. I can't say she really motivated me because I already knew. I knew I had talent. I went to the Jewish community theater and got in plays there. Then I went for the movies.' >>4205<<
[ Age Already Because Community Decided Got Had Jewish Knew Motivated Movies Plays Really Reinforced Say She Talent Teacher Theater Then Told Went]
My approach to acting is that I am totally intuitive. I read the script and I get it. If I don't get it, I can't do it. >>5175<<
[ Acting Am Approach Get Intuitive Read Script Totally]
I try to avoid a specific image. I seek to play as many different women as I can to avoid having a label put on me. >>3685<<
[ Avoid Different Having Image Label Many Play Put Seek Specific Try Women]
A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner. >>2532<<
[ Cannot Devout Make Man Manner Pair Rightly Shoes Unless]
Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage. >>10549<<
[ Advantage Best Efficiency Existing Highest Material Obviously Type Utilize Which]
I just hope I can live long enough to see the fame. >>9345<<
[ Enough Fame Hope Just Live Long See]
Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families. >>9933<<
[ Affected Age American Disability Disproportionately Families Financial Important Income Insure Most Nets Old Privatization Safety Security Social Their Times Women Would]
We were not realizing that, with just a machete, you can do a genocide. >>5493<<
[ Genocide Just Realizing Were]
Volleyball is a Jewish sport. It's fun, and nobody can get hurt. >>11071<<
[ Fun Get Hurt Jewish Nobody Sport Volleyball]
Sometimes it's nice to have a song that can be taken more then one way, so it can be interpreted differently. >>8599<<
[ Differently Interpreted More Nice Sometimes Song Taken Then Way]
It is madness to attempt to hold. In the first place the troops cannot do it and in the second place if they do not retreat they will be destroyed. I repeat that this order be rescinded or that you find someone else. >>12422<<
[ Attempt Cannot Destroyed Else Find First Hold Madness Order Place Repeat Retreat Second Someone Troops Will]
About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment. >>1415<<
[ Achieve Any Good Honestly Hope Judgment Most Originality Steal Writer]
The defeat of the Americans in Canada and the advantages gained by the British arms in the Jerseys, and indeed for some months in every other quarter, gave to the royal cause an air of triumph. >>14869<<
[ Advantages Air Americans Arms British Canada Cause Defeat Every Gained Gave Indeed Months Other Quarter Royal Some Triumph]
The idea that we can actually have an impact on places more or less instantly, too, by responding in some way or not responding, I think, also makes it true. >>13242<<
[ Actually Also Idea Impact Instantly Less Makes More Places Responding Some Think Too True Way]
If you can run one business well, you can run any business well. >>1525<<
[ Any Business Run Well]
Social Security is the very foundation of retirement security for millions of Americans. >>7856<<
[ Americans Foundation Millions Retirement Security Social Very]
Oh my goodness gracious, what you can buy off the Internet in terms of overhead photography. A trained ape can know an awful lot of what is going on in this world, just by punching on his mouse, for a relatively modest cost. >>12417<<
[ Ape Awful Buy Cost Going Goodness Gracious His Internet Just Know Lot Modest Mouse Off Oh Overhead Photography Punching Relatively Terms Trained World]
India saw from the beginning, and, even in her ages of reason and her age of increasing ignorance, she never lost hold of the insight, that life cannot be rightly seen in the sole light, cannot be perfectly lived in the sole power of its externalities. >>679<<
[ Age Ages Beginning Cannot Even Her Hold Ignorance Increasing India Insight Life Light Lived Lost Never Perfectly Power Reason Rightly Saw Seen She Sole]
Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds. >>15172<<
[ Attain Deeds Grace Moments Quality Sometimes Words]
When anyone tells me I can't do anything... I'm just not listening any more. >>7642<<
[ Any Anyone Anything Just Listening More Tells]
It is possible to be a master in false philosophy, easier, in fact, than to be a master in the truth, because a false philosophy can be made as simple and consistent as one pleases. >>12595<<
[ Because Consistent Easier Fact False Made Master Philosophy Pleases Possible Simple Than Truth]
I'll fill those canyons in your soul, like a river lead you home. And I'll walk a step behind, in the shadows so you shine. Just ask, it will be done and I will prove my love, until you're sure that I'm the one. >>241<<
[ Ask Behind Canyons Done Fill Home Just Lead Love Prove River Shadows Shine Soul Step Sure Those Until Walk Will Your]
Information imposes certain criteria on how it can be stored. >>13361<<
[ Certain Criteria How Imposes Information Stored]
The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. >>6577<<
[ Best Find Out Somebody Them Trust Way]
People's ignorance really pisses me off. Stupidity is when you can't help it-ignorance is when you choose not to understand something. >>9756<<
[ Choose Help Ignorance Off Really Something Stupidity Understand]
It's kind of hard to get deep with Rodgers and Hammerstein. I can't think of a moral in the music - it's just fun. >>8965<<
[ Deep Fun Get Hammerstein Hard Just Kind Moral Music Rodgers Think]
You never pull the trigger until you know you can win. >>155<<
[ Know Never Pull Trigger Until Win]
We assume people we know can't be serial killers. >>2058<<
[ Assume Killers Know Serial]
Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it. >>924<<
[ Age Enchanting Every Live Provided Within]
Richard Donner is one of the few directors in Hollywood that can make whatever movie he wants exactly the way he wants it. No one will stop him. >>14712<<
[ Directors Donner Exactly Few Him Hollywood Make Movie Richard Stop Wants Way Whatever Will]
I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday. >>6603<<
[ Cannot Chicken Every His Kingdom Peasant Poor Pot Sunday Want]
The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. >>7887<<
[ Always Americans Choose Cost Freedom High Never Paid Path Shall Submission Surrender]
The Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife, actually, was an effort to put something on the mall in Washington so American tourists could walk through America, and in their minds everything on the mall would be American. >>11847<<
[ Actually America American Could Effort Everything Festival Mall Minds Put Smithsonian Something Their Through Tourists Walk Washington Would]
One of the most lasting pleasures you can experience is the feeling that comes over you when you genuinely forgive an enemy - whether he knows it or not. >>1059<<
[ Comes Enemy Experience Feeling Forgive Genuinely Knows Lasting Most Over Pleasures Whether]
There was a time in American history when almost every white person knew who Aretha Franklin was. >>2130<<
[ Almost American Aretha Every Franklin History Knew Person Time White]
The whites come to applaud a Negro performer just like the colored do. When you've got the respect of white and colored, you can ease a lot of things. >>3134<<
[ Applaud Colored Come Ease Got Just Lot Negro Performer Respect Things White Whites]
We must safely secure our border by investing in more law enforcement and technology, and receiving cooperation from the Mexican government. >>10432<<
[ Border Cooperation Enforcement Government Investing Law Mexican More Must Our Receiving Safely Secure Technology]
Law enforcement officers are never 'off duty.' They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get. >>1777<<
[ Any Dedicated Duty Enforcement Get Help Law Need Never Off Officers Peace Place Protect Public Safety Servants Sworn Threatened Time]
This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is. >>12193<<
[ Deep Dive How Into Life Pool See Swimming Water]
As a fiscal conservative, I believe one of the most important roles the federal government can play in assuring that our economy remains strong is to keep our fiscal house in order. >>1780<<
[ Assuring Believe Conservative Economy Federal Fiscal Government House Important Keep Most Order Our Play Remains Roles Strong]
When I make an American movie it's going to come out all over the world-it doesn't happen the same way for an Italian film or a French film. >>1197<<
[ American Come Film French Going Happen Italian Make Movie Out Over Same Way]
You cannot expect so much freedom in a land of 1.3 billion people. >>2884<<
[ Billion Cannot Expect Freedom Land Much]
I think America concedes that true American music has sprung from the Negro. >>6244<<
[ America American Music Negro Sprung Think True]
Gratitude is a burden upon our imperfect nature, and we are but too willing to ease ourselves of it, or at least to lighten it as much as we can. >>13602<<
[ Burden Ease Gratitude Imperfect Least Lighten Much Nature Our Ourselves Too Upon Willing]
Nothing is insignificant in the history of a young community, and - above all - nothing seems impossible. >>13532<<
[ Above Community History Impossible Insignificant Nothing Seems Young]
By providing outstanding economic leadership, this country can wage its attack successfully - and can thereby build the foundations of a peaceful world. >>5039<<
[ Attack Build Country Economic Foundations Leadership Outstanding Peaceful Providing Successfully Thereby Wage World]
When my friends and I would act out movies as kids, we'd play the guys' roles, since they had the most interesting things to do. Decades later, I can hardly believe my sons and daughter are seeing many of the same limited choices in current films. >>3770<<
[ Act Believe Choices Current Daughter Decades Films Friends Guys Had Hardly Interesting Kids Later Limited Many Most Movies Out Play Roles Same Seeing Since Sons Things Would]
One certainly has a soul; but how it came to allow itself to be enclosed in a body is more than I can imagine. I only know if once mine gets out, I'll have a bit of a tussle before I let it get in again to that of any other. >>2340<<
[ Again Allow Any Before Bit Body Came Certainly Enclosed Get Gets How Imagine Itself Know Mine More Once Only Other Out Soul Than]
I've seen it too many times in Hollywood. Talking about a relationship in public can jinx it. And if you have your picture taken together, you might as well start packing your bags. >>5478<<
[ Bags Hollywood Many Might Packing Picture Public Relationship Seen Start Taken Talking Times Together Too Well Your]
If it turns out to be a hit, well, good luck dealing with fame. And if it's not a hit and you can still survive and make music you believe in, well, then you're truly blessed. I think that's where we are now. >>1917<<
[ Believe Blessed Dealing Fame Good Hit Luck Make Music Now Out Still Survive Then Think Truly Turns Well Where]
That's why I wrote this book: to show how these people can imbue us with hope. I read somewhere that when a person takes part in community action, his health improves. Something happens to him or to her biologically. It's like a tonic. >>14121<<
[ Action Biologically Book Community Happens Health Her Him His Hope How Improves Part Person Read Show Something Somewhere Takes These Tonic Us Why Wrote]
Hell is paved with great granite blocks hewn from the hearts of those who said, I can do no other. >>2010<<
[ Blocks Granite Great Hearts Hell Other Paved Said Those]
Any idea can be brought into the classroom if the point is to inquire into its structure, history, influence and so forth. But no idea belongs in the classroom if the point of introducing it is to recruit your students for the political agenda it may be thought to imply. >>4883<<
[ Agenda Any Belongs Brought Classroom Forth History Idea Imply Influence Inquire Into Introducing May Point Political Recruit Structure Students Thought Your]
Because of this the representation I'm interested in is of those things only the eye can touch. >>10693<<
[ Because Eye Interested Only Representation Things Those Touch]
I think it's easy for people to assume that fame is equal to glory, but it can be a very isolating experience. >>2290<<
[ Assume Easy Equal Experience Fame Glory Isolating Think Very]
How can you be content to be in the world like tulips in a garden, to make a fine show, and be good for nothing. >>625<<
[ Content Fine Garden Good How Make Nothing Show World]
I cannot give a single concert at which I do not play one piece after the other in an agony of terror because my memory threatens to fail me. This fear torments me for days beforehand. >>12774<<
[ After Agony Because Beforehand Cannot Concert Days Fail Fear Give Memory Other Piece Play Single Terror Threatens Torments Which]
I do most of my work with kids. They are the very foundation of our future. We are so incredibly disrespectful to them in America in every way because they can't vote. >>15378<<
[ America Because Disrespectful Every Foundation Future Incredibly Kids Most Our Them Very Vote Way Work]
No nation as young as America can be expected to become immediately a power in the arts. >>13488<<
[ America Arts Become Expected Immediately Nation Power Young]
The least one can say of power is that a vocation for it is suspicious. >>12330<<
[ Least Power Say Suspicious Vocation]
I was an adopted child of my grandparents, and I don't know how I can ever express my gratitude for that, because my parents would have been a mess, you know. >>7582<<
[ Adopted Because Been Child Ever Express Grandparents Gratitude How Know Mess Parents Would]
I can't ever remember not wanting to be a scientist. >>13577<<
[ Ever Remember Scientist Wanting]
The junior senator from Wisconsin, by his reckless charges, has so preyed upon the fears and hatreds and prejudices of the American people that he has started a prairie fire which neither he nor anyone else may be able to control. >>5251<<
[ Able American Anyone Charges Control Else Fears Fire Hatreds His Junior May Neither Nor Prairie Prejudices Reckless Senator Started Upon Which Wisconsin]
So far as the economic condition of society and the general mode of living and thinking were concerned, I might claim to have lived in the time of the American Revolution. >>10602<<
[ American Claim Concerned Condition Economic Far General Lived Living Might Mode Revolution Society Thinking Time Were]
Hosni Mubarak... his constitution is not democratic, but he is democratic. We can voice our opinions now. The press is free. >>9228<<
[ Constitution Democratic Free His Now Opinions Our Press Voice]
I cannot help thinking that the menace of Hell makes as many devils as the severe penal codes of inhuman humanity make villains. >>2340<<
[ Cannot Codes Devils Hell Help Humanity Inhuman Make Makes Many Menace Penal Severe Thinking Villains]
I was not a classic mother. But my kids were never palmed off to boarding school. So, I didn't bake cookies. You can buy cookies, but you can't buy love. >>15011<<
[ Bake Boarding Buy Classic Cookies Kids Love Mother Never Off School Were]
Americans no longer look to government for economic security; rather, they look to their portfolios. Government>>10991<<
[ Americans Economic Government Longer Look Portfolios Rather Security Their]
I like the theater enormously, but I truly love films - the whole bizarre, boring process that it can be. >>4207<<
[ Bizarre Boring Enormously Films Love Process Theater Truly Whole]
I can look back at stuff I wrote in my early days and squirm at some of the mistakes I made. But we're all learning every day; we never stop. I just hope people keep on liking what I do. That gives me such a kick. >>7712<<
[ Back Day Days Early Every Gives Hope Just Keep Kick Learning Liking Look Made Mistakes Never Some Stop Stuff Such Wrote]
No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it. >>11305<<
[ Acceptance Gain General Idea Intelligent Mixed Some Stupidity Unless]
For instance, I was a little surprised that the Shiites didn't rise up against Saddam and the Baath party across most of the country when the Americans moved in March and April of 2003. >>3132<<
[ Across Against Americans April Country Instance Little March Most Moved Party Rise Saddam Surprised Up]
It's no accident that my first novel was called Americana. This was a private declaration of independence, a statement of my intention to use the whole picture, the whole culture. >>3884<<
[ Accident Americana Called Culture Declaration First Independence Intention Novel Picture Private Statement Use Whole]
To grieve is something extremely difficult, we don't even know how to begin to grieve, and I don't know how you can be taught to grieve. >>11773<<
[ Begin Difficult Even Extremely Grieve How Know Something Taught]
It is going to be special to drive in the Netherlands because it means I can take part in a Formula One demonstration in a country where I have a lot of family and friends. >>11422<<
[ Because Country Demonstration Drive Family Formula Friends Going Lot Means Netherlands Part Special Take Where]
The fascists in most Latin American countries tell the people that the reason their wages will not buy as much in the way of goods is because of Yankee imperialism. The fascists in Latin America learn to speak and act like natives. >>14779<<
[ Act America American Because Buy Countries Fascists Goods Imperialism Latin Learn Most Much Natives Reason Speak Tell Their Wages Way Will Yankee]
A military coup needs a sacrifice and courage that you can't find in an army without morale. >>14013<<
[ Army Coup Courage Find Military Morale Needs Sacrifice Without]
Yet there is disappointment in Washington and in the United States that Canada is not supporting us fully. >>2700<<
[ Canada Disappointment Fully States Supporting United Us Washington Yet]
Maybe in a few months I can start to daydream if we are still top of the league. That is the main one for us. >>14125<<
[ Daydream Few League Main Maybe Months Start Still Top Us]
Education can lift individuals out of poverty and into rewarding careers. >>5942<<
[ Careers Education Individuals Into Lift Out Poverty Rewarding]
It is also very engaging - and a delight - to go back to Bangladesh as often as I can, which is not only my old home, but also where some of my closest friends and collaborators live and work. >>12907<<
[ Also Back Bangladesh Closest Collaborators Delight Engaging Friends Go Home Live Often Old Only Some Very Where Which Work]
It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth. >>2240<<
[ Drink Drunk Fourteenth Get Only Remember Takes Thirteenth Trouble]
From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned. >>7715<<
[ Crooked Fashioned Made Man Nothing Straight Such Which Wood]
The nice thing about the gallery shows is that without having to pay any money you can just go and see it. >>10914<<
[ Any Gallery Go Having Just Money Nice Pay See Shows Thing Without]
One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies. >>867<<
[ Analogies Between Imagine Mathematician See Ultimate]
The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. >>7372<<
[ Alter Altering Attitudes Being Discovery Generation Greatest His Human Life]
Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. >>14116<<
[ Catch Joy Love Net Souls Which]
I am an artist. The track is my canvas, and the car is my brush. >>6738<<
[ Am Artist Brush Canvas Car Track]
I'm fortunate now that I coach at Duke University and we've won a lot. I have some kids who haven't failed that much. But when they get to college, they're going to fail some time. That's a thing that I can help them the most with. >>8265<<
[ Coach College Duke Fail Failed Fortunate Get Going Haven Help Kids Lot Most Much Now Some Them Thing Time University Won]
Why can't teachers end up owning schools, the way waiters can open their own restaurants? >>1935<<
[ End Open Own Owning Restaurants Schools Teachers Their Up Waiters Way Why]
We like security: we like the pope to be infallible in matters of faith, and grave doctors to be so in moral questions so that we can feel reassured. >>11120<<
[ Doctors Faith Feel Grave Infallible Matters Moral Pope Questions Reassured Security]
For years after I resigned, I was still faithful to their way of thinking. But not in the American Communists. >>7784<<
[ After American Communists Faithful Resigned Still Their Thinking Way Years]
American Idol transcends age, gender, ethnicity, everything. >>14508<<
[ Age American Ethnicity Everything Gender Idol Transcends]
With bundled machines you can throw away the hardware and keep the software, and it's still a good buy. >>10946<<
[ Away Buy Good Hardware Keep Machines Software Still Throw]
My belief in God is responsible for what I am... How can I refuse to talk about something which is so much a prt of my life both as a man and as a actor? >>14583<<
[ Actor Am Belief Both God How Life Man Much Refuse Responsible Something Talk Which]
A blind man can make art if what is in his mind can be passed to another mind in some tangible form. >>8781<<
[ Another Art Blind Form His Make Man Mind Passed Some Tangible]
They are focused on whether they can do something. They never think whether they should do something. >>3471<<
[ Focused Never Should Something Think Whether]
That difficult start drove me on to inspire children and let them know that it is never to late to repair a bad experience at school, and once you get your head down and start to read books, you can really achieve. >>848<<
[ Achieve Bad Books Children Difficult Down Drove Experience Get Head Inspire Know Late Never Once Read Really Repair School Start Them Your]
Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that's down can come up. >>2240<<
[ Come Comes Down Everything Goes Must Time Up]
American literature has never been content to be just one among the many literatures of the Western World. It has always aspired to be the literature not only of a new continent but of a New World. >>3811<<
[ Always American Among Aspired Been Content Continent Just Literature Many Never New Only Western World]
We can no longer stand for the Security Council passing resolutions and then in effect heaving alongside and taking a vacation. We cannot leave it to the secretary general to go cap in hand. >>10295<<
[ Alongside Cannot Cap Council Effect General Go Hand Leave Longer Passing Resolutions Secretary Security Stand Taking Then Vacation]
It's easy to imagine ways the future can be ugly and depressing. It's harder, but more worthwhile, to imagine plausible ways we can make it better. >>12723<<
[ Better Depressing Easy Future Harder Imagine Make More Plausible Ugly Ways Worthwhile]
Soul music is pain - you can hear the slaves, the beatin' and the hurtin'. >>15506<<
[ Hear Music Pain Slaves Soul]
It doesn't matter who is playing or how old they are. I just worry about what I can control. It doesn't give me more or less motivation. >>12897<<
[ Control Give How Just Less Matter More Motivation Old Playing Worry]
Catastrophes are often stimulated by the failure to feel the emergence of a domain, and so what cannot be felt in the imagination is experienced as embodied sensation in the catastrophe. >>14212<<
[ Cannot Catastrophe Catastrophes Domain Embodied Emergence Experienced Failure Feel Felt Imagination Often Sensation Stimulated]
Italians can not beat us, but we can certainly lose against them. >>3530<<
[ Against Beat Certainly Italians Lose Them Us]
I live in Italy part time, and they're obsessed with what's happening in LA too. They make fun of Americans, but the world wants to know what's going on in Hollywood. >>9587<<
[ Americans Fun Going Happening Hollywood Italy Know La Live Make Obsessed Part Time Too Wants World]
The lesson is that you can still make mistakes and be forgiven. >>4177<<
[ Forgiven Lesson Make Mistakes Still]
A lot of Republicans are white Christians, but the Republican Party is reaching out to Hispanics, and reaching out to blacks, and reaching out to Asians. >>4618<<
[ Asians Blacks Christians Hispanics Lot Out Party Reaching Republican Republicans White]
No man can be a politician, except he be first a historian or a traveller; for except he can see what must be, or what may be, he is no politician. >>6330<<
[ Except First Historian Man May Must Politician See Traveller]
The Canadian spirit is cautious, observant and critical where the American is assertive. >>11629<<
[ American Assertive Canadian Cautious Critical Observant Spirit Where]
Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes. >>4163<<
[ Canada Cow Doing Feeds Imagine Milk Old Ontario Quebec Well West]
If today is your typical day in America, 80 of our fellow citizens will die from gunfire. In the last two weeks, more Americans have died from gunfire here at home in the United States than in the entire war in Iraq since it started. >>953<<
[ America Americans Citizens Day Die Died Entire Fellow Here Home Iraq Last More Our Since Started States Than Today Two Typical United War Weeks Will Your]
I try to be the best man I can for the day. >>2684<<
[ Best Day Man Try]
The man who has no money is poor, but one who has nothing but money is poorer. He only is rich who can enjoy without owning; he is poor who though he has millions is covetous. >>9370<<
[ Covetous Enjoy Man Millions Money Nothing Only Owning Poor Poorer Rich Though Without]
How can you not like Britney Spears? >>8940<<
[ Britney How Spears]
People say New Yorkers can't get along. Not true. I saw two New Yorkers, complete strangers, sharing a cab. One guy took the tires and the radio; the other guy took the engine. >>8714<<
[ Along Cab Complete Engine Get Guy New Other Radio Saw Say Sharing Strangers Tires Took True Two Yorkers]
I think you should be a child for as long as you can. I have been successful for 74 years being able to do that. Don't rush into adulthood, it isn't all that much fun. >>10605<<
[ Able Adulthood Been Being Child Fun Into Long Much Rush Should Successful Think Years]
It's my motor, it's the thing that keeps me going and so when I have these auditions for these big movies, I can depend on myself because I've been working consistently. >>8969<<
[ Auditions Because Been Big Consistently Depend Going Keeps Motor Movies Myself These Thing Working]
If the right people do the right things, we can walk, we can have a future. But if people don't put time into it to make it run in a right way, I don't think your team will work. >>6278<<
[ Future Into Make Put Right Run Team Things Think Time Walk Way Will Work Your]
Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. Anger>>7865<<
[ Angry Cannot Make Others Since Them Wish Yourself]
I've always believed that it's important to show a new look periodically. Predictability can lead to failure. >>11380<<
[ Always Believed Failure Important Lead Look New Periodically Predictability Show]
I can remember Doris Day before she was a virgin. >>8717<<
[ Before Day Doris Remember She]
The wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom. >>2283<<
[ Advance American Freedom Strength Use Wisest]
Substantial progress toward better things can rarely be taken without developing new evils requiring new remedies. >>14006<<
[ Better Developing Evils New Progress Rarely Remedies Requiring Substantial Taken Things Toward Without]
It's definitely an influence, I mean how can you not say you are influenced to play rock. >>9047<<
[ Definitely How Influence Influenced Mean Play Rock Say]
Most American Jews came from the lower middle classes, and therefore they brought with them not a lot of Jewish culture. The American Jewish story starts with Ellis Island, and the candy store in the Bronx. >>6663<<
[ American Bronx Brought Came Candy Classes Culture Ellis Island Jewish Jews Lot Lower Middle Most Starts Store Story Them Therefore]
One of your tasks is to separate the "personal" from the "substantive." The two can become confused, especially if someone rubs the President wrong. >>12417<<
[ Become Confused Especially Personal President Rubs Separate Someone Substantive Tasks Two Wrong Your]
Woodrow Wilson called for leaders who, by boldly interpreting the nation's conscience, could lift a people out of their everyday selves. That people can be lifted into their better selves is the secret of transforming leadership. >>2241<<
[ Better Boldly Called Conscience Could Everyday Interpreting Into Leaders Leadership Lift Lifted Nation Out Secret Selves Their Transforming Wilson]
How pathetically scanty my self-knowledge is compared with, say, my knowledge of my room. There is no such thing as observation of the inner world, as there is of the outer world. >>7676<<
[ Compared How Inner Knowledge Observation Outer Room Say Scanty Self-Knowledge Such Thing World]
But either way you cannot deny the sales and what we did. >>2068<<
[ Cannot Deny Did Either Sales Way]
You can dress it up, but it comes down to the fact that a movie is only as good as its script. >>6269<<
[ Comes Down Dress Fact Good Movie Only Script Up]
By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character. >>8091<<
[ Character Constant Develop Greatness Self-Control Self-Discipline]
Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land... the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt! >>3885<<
[ Belly Cartoon Chick Friends Good Goth Hot Land Love Many Month Nine Only Our Out Place Play Pregnant Sent Shirt Still Thanks Way Where Wishes Woman]
This is the most terrible thing that can happen in a friendly country if Thai people have to escape from the backdoor of an embassy. >>13103<<
[ Country Embassy Escape Friendly Happen Most Terrible Thai Thing]
Whether something is old-fashioned or not doesn't resolve the question of whether it's true or not. I can see the temptation of simply thinking, 'Well, there's a cultural mainstream which flows neatly in one direction. You just align with it'. And that really won't do. >>15273<<
[ Align Cultural Direction Flows Just Mainstream Neatly Old-Fashioned Question Really Resolve See Simply Something Temptation Thinking True Well Whether Which Won]
I want to do films I can relate to emotionally. >>13285<<
[ Emotionally Films Relate Want]
Because if you've got the wit, you can make anything into a melody, ultimately. >>10384<<
[ Anything Because Got Into Make Melody Ultimately Wit]
Math and science fields are not the only areas where we see the United States lagging behind. Less than 1 percent of American high school students study the critical foreign languages of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Russian, combined. >>9774<<
[ American Arabic Areas Behind Chinese Combined Critical Fields Foreign High Japanese Korean Languages Less Math Only Percent Russian School Science See States Students Study Than United Where]
I can imagine wanting to work with this ensemble and this company always. >>8732<<
[ Always Company Ensemble Imagine Wanting Work]
Absence of occupation is not rest; A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed. >>3414<<
[ Absence Distressed Mind Occupation Quite Rest Vacant]
Should such an ignorant people lead the world? How did it come to this in the first place? 82 percent of us don't even have a passport! Just a handful can speak a language other than English. >>10208<<
[ Come Did English Even First Handful How Ignorant Just Language Lead Other Passport Percent Place Should Speak Such Than Us World]
The only song I can sing is "Lady in Red" so that must tell you how great it must have been. >>8258<<
[ Been Great How Lady Must Only Red Sing Song Tell]
What is grand is necessarily obscure to weak men. That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care. >>1499<<
[ Care Explicit Grand Idiot Made Men Necessarily Obscure Weak Which Worth]
To the American people I say, awaken to what is happening. It is the duty of each citizen to be vigilant, to protect liberty, to speak out, left and right and disagree lest be trampled underfoot by misguided zealotry and extreme partisanship. >>2331<<
[ American Awaken Citizen Disagree Duty Each Extreme Happening Left Lest Liberty Misguided Out Partisanship Protect Right Say Speak Trampled Underfoot Vigilant]
The only difference between me and others is that they think they can change something with cute little poems, nice cards or embracing trees and being nice to little lapdogs. >>12235<<
[ Being Between Cards Change Cute Difference Embracing Little Nice Only Others Poems Something Think Trees]
Blessed are they who have nothing to say and who cannot be persuaded to say it. >>9040<<
[ Blessed Cannot Nothing Persuaded Say]
But I think there was a sense amongst the House Republicans especially that we didn't just want to be opposed to Bill Clinton; that we wanted to tell the country what we were for and to brand ourselves in a more positive manner. >>5564<<
[ Amongst Bill Brand Clinton Country Especially House Just Manner More Opposed Ourselves Positive Republicans Sense Tell Think Want Wanted Were]
Eighty percent of Americans with HIV do not know they are infected. >>4531<<
[ Americans Eighty Hiv Infected Know Percent]
I am not part of the problem. I am a Republican. >>11691<<
[ Am Part Problem Republican]
There was this thing written that I had gone into a candle store, and my hair went up in flames because of all the hair spray. First of all, I never have hair spray in my hair, and I've never even heard of this store, and my hair has never been burned. >>13072<<
[ Because Been Burned Candle Even First Flames Gone Had Hair Heard Into Never Spray Store Thing Up Went Written]
I used to fish the Border rivers, but nowadays you have to queue up for a shot and I can't stand that. >>9149<<
[ Border Fish Nowadays Queue Rivers Shot Stand Up Used]
This horror of pain is a rather low instinct and... if I think of human beings I've known and of my own life, such as it is, I can't recall any case of pain which didn't, on the whole, enrich life. >>10368<<
[ Any Beings Case Enrich Horror Human Instinct Known Life Low Own Pain Rather Recall Such Think Which Whole]
Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being. >>10017<<
[ Almost Anyone Author Being Business Collect Fame Money State]
You cannot combine being a movie star with not being a movie star. >>342<<
[ Being Cannot Combine Movie Star]
All you can do is do the best you can and I did that. I had a great time. I made a product and I was not embarrassed by it at all so you do it and you move on. >>14507<<
[ Best Did Embarrassed Great Had Made Move Product Time]
Now that I'm coming out with my own record people can see I'm a solo artist. >>8627<<
[ Artist Coming Now Out Own Record See Solo]
One thing is certain, You can't shake hands with a fist. >>3088<<
[ Certain Fist Hands Shake Thing]
He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. >>4489<<
[ Cannot Fool Gain Gives Keep Lose]
Anybody who comes to the cinema is bringing they're whole sexual history, their literary history, their movie literacy, their culture, their language, their religion, whatever they've got. I can't possibly manipulate all of that, nor do I want to. >>3490<<
[ Anybody Bringing Cinema Comes Culture Got History Language Literacy Literary Manipulate Movie Nor Possibly Religion Sexual Their Want Whatever Whole]
Some autistic children cannot stand the sound of certain voices. I have come across cases where teachers tell me that certain children have problems with their voice or another person's voice. This problem tends to be related to high-pitched ladies' voices. >>5839<<
[ Across Another Autistic Cannot Cases Certain Children Come Ladies Person Problem Problems Related Some Sound Stand Teachers Tell Tends Their Voice Voices Where]
Which goes to show you, you can make all the laws you want, but you cannot change people's ways. If you must change them, you have to understand that it will take a long time. >>9243<<
[ Cannot Change Goes Laws Long Make Must Show Take Them Time Understand Want Ways Which Will]
Rape is the most humiliating thing that can be done to you; it's the most vulnerable that you can be. But once I realized that, I became a stronger person and faced all my fears. >>484<<
[ Became Done Faced Fears Humiliating Most Once Person Realized Stronger Thing Vulnerable]