Quotations that match 'bees'.

When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.
[ Act Bees Fighting Hear Him Man Preach See Were]
Religion was nearly dead because there was no longer real belief in future life; but something was struggling to take its place - service - social service - the ants creed, the bees creed.
[ Ants Because Bees Belief Creed Dead Future Life Longer Nearly Place Real Religion Service Social Something Struggling Take]
It was a great thing to be a human being. It was something tremendous. Suddenly I'm conscious of a million sensations buzzing in me like bees in a hive. Gentlemen, it was a great thing.
[ Bees Being Buzzing Conscious Gentlemen Great Hive Human Million Sensations Something Suddenly Thing Tremendous]
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few. Nature
[ Alone Bee Bees Clover Few Make Prairie Takes Will]
Let us turn elsewhere, to the wasps and bees, who unquestionably come first in the laying up of a heritage for their offspring.
[ Bees Come Elsewhere First Heritage Laying Offspring Their Turn Unquestionably Up Us Wasps]
When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.
[ Bees Blooms Come Flower Uninvited]
The bees learn where they live by landmarks. If they're moved within their home range, they get confused.
[ Bees Confused Get Home Landmarks Learn Live Moved Range Their Where Within]
It's wonderful to me that bees have this simple, age-old thing going on.
[ Age-Old Bees Going Simple Thing Wonderful]
When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.
[ Bees Expect Go Honey Must Search Stung]
In Tarzan I only had to worry about the bees.
[ Bees Had Only Tarzan Worry]
There is a number among us, young and old, of all sorts almost among us, that swarm up and down towns, and woods, and fields, whose care and work hitherto hath been like bees, only to get honey to their own hive.
[ Almost Among Been Bees Care Down Fields Get Hath Hitherto Hive Honey Number Old Only Own Sorts Their Towns Up Us Whose Woods Work Young]
That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees. Nature
[ Bees Cannot Good Which]
A person who is too nice an observer of the business of the crowd, like one who is too curious in observing the labor of bees, will often be stung for his curiosity.
[ Bees Business Crowd Curiosity Curious His Labor Nice Observer Observing Often Person Stung Too Will]
You've never seen death? Look in the mirror every day and you will see it like bees working in a glass hive.
[ Bees Day Death Every Glass Hive Look Mirror Never See Seen Will Working]
Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.
[ Another Bees Books Carry Mind Quickening Which]