Authors that match 'beck'.

Beck American Musician (1970-)
Glenn Beck American Journalist (1964-)
Jeff Beck British Musician (1944-)
Martha Beck American Author (1962-)
Ulrich Beck German Sociologist (1944-)
Franz Beckenbauer German Athlete (1945-)
Boris Becker German Athlete (1967-)
Gary Becker American Economist (1930-)
Walter Becker American Musician (1950-)
Thomas Becket English Clergyman (1118-1170)
Samuel Beckett Irish Playwright (1906-1989)
David Beckham English Athlete (1975-)
Victoria Beckham English Musician (1974-)
Kate Beckinsale English Actress (1973-)
Gerry Beckley American Musician (1952-)
Max Beckmann German Artist (1884-1950)
Charles A. Beckwith American Soldier (1929-1994)
Bix Beiderbecke American Musician (1903-1931)
Erma Bombeck American Journalist (1927-1996)
Dave Brubeck American Musician (1920-)
Willis Goldbeck (-)
Margaret Lee Runbeck (-)
John Steinbeck American Author (1902-1968)

Quotations that match 'beck'.

Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold.
[ Always Am Another Being Distance Every Found Horizon Limits Never Photographic Potential Reached Reveals Threshold Upon]
Beckett had an unerring light on things, which I much appreciated.
[ Appreciated Beckett Had Light Much Things Unerring Which]
I would say seeing the original Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page at the old Fillmore was a pretty powerful influence on me.
[ Beck Fillmore Influence Jeff Jimmy Old Original Page Powerful Pretty Say Seeing Would]
I constantly felt (as I suppose many an ambitious girl has felt) a thumping from within unanswered by any beckoning from without.
[ Ambitious Any Constantly Felt Girl Many Suppose Unanswered Within Without]
Figo is as important to England as Beckham is.
[ Beckham England Important]
I don't put myself on Jeff Beck's level, but I can relate to him when he says he'd rather be working on his car collection than playing the guitar.
[ Beck Car Collection Guitar Him His Jeff Level Myself Playing Put Rather Relate Says Than Working]
As Beckett said, it's not enough to die, one has to be forgotten as well.
[ Beckett Die Enough Forgotten Said Well]
I love tennis with a passion. I challenged Boris Becker to a match once and he said he was up for it but he never called back. I bet I could make him run around.
[ Around Back Bet Called Challenged Could Him Love Make Match Never Once Passion Run Said Tennis Up]
When we toured... I was hungry to take out people like Jeff Beck in front of us; Fleetwood Mac, just before they hit; Heart, just before they hit.
[ Beck Before Fleetwood Front Heart Hit Hungry Jeff Just Mac Out Take Toured Us]
As a kid, I used to go see all the jazz players, Oscar Peterson, Stan Kenton, Dave Brubeck, Dizzy Gillespe.
[ Dave Dizzy Go Jazz Kid Oscar Players See Stan Used]
Spring beckons! All things to the call respond; the trees are leaving and cashiers abscond.
[ Call Leaving Respond Spring Things Trees]
The reason I didn't fly over from Maui at their beck and call is my wife was about to have a baby at any time. Those guys knew that. These guys would not compromise and meet me halfway.
[ Any Baby Beck Call Compromise Fly Guys Halfway Knew Meet Over Reason Their These Those Time Wife Would]
I'm rarely grabbed by anything the way I was when I was 10 years younger. About the only relatively new artists whose albums I own are Beck, and They Might Be Giants.
[ Albums Anything Artists Beck Giants Grabbed Might New Only Own Rarely Relatively Way Whose Years Younger]
The first play I saw was a Samuel Beckett play which was great.
[ Beckett First Great Play Samuel Saw Which]
Forty minutes in front of Beck isn't really where it's at.
[ Beck Forty Front Minutes Really Where]
Beck said he didn't believe in the theory of a song coming through you as if you were an open vessel. I agree with him to a certain extent.
[ Agree Beck Believe Certain Coming Extent Him Open Said Song Theory Through Vessel Were]
Every time I listen to Jeff Beck my whole view of guitar changes radically. He's way, way out, doing things you never expect.
[ Beck Changes Doing Every Expect Guitar Jeff Listen Never Out Radically Things Time View Way Whole]
I can turn on some jazz guitarist, and he won't do a thing for me, if he's not playing electrically. But Jeff Beck's great to listen to.
[ Beck Great Guitarist Jazz Jeff Listen Playing Some Thing Turn Won]
In London there was an article about all these girls bending it like Beckham, and in India there's this big wave of girls playing football. Wow! I can't believe a movie's done this!
[ Article Beckham Believe Bending Big Done Football Girls India London Movie Playing These Wave Wow]
Beckham is unusual. He was desperate to be a footballer. His mind was made up when he was nine or ten. Many kids think that it's beyond them. But you can't succeed without practising at any sport.
[ Any Beckham Beyond Desperate Footballer His Kids Made Many Mind Nine Practising Sport Succeed Ten Them Think Unusual Up Without]
When you get to readin' about where the music and John Steinbeck and all those people like that come from, the further you go the more interesting it becomes.
[ Becomes Come Further Get Go Interesting John More Music Those Where]
Nicolette, Kendalle, and Alexandra are my children. Their mother, Cynthia Beck, and I, love them very much.
[ Beck Children Cynthia Love Mother Much Their Them Very]
We have nothing in our history or position to invite aggression; we have everything to beckon us to the cultivation of relations of peace and amity with all nations.
[ Aggression Amity Cultivation Everything History Invite Nations Nothing Our Peace Position Relations Us]
The Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has just published the story of her life. I confess that it is not in my reading table.
[ Beckham Confess Girl Her Just Life Published Reading Spice Story Table Victoria]
If the Obama administration is this afraid of Glenn Beck, how do they deal with the Iranians?
[ Administration Afraid Beck Deal Glenn How Iranians Obama Obama]
I got a phone call saying we are from the News of the World, and we're exposing you and David Beckham. My heart did not beat for a minute.
[ Beat Beckham Call David Did Exposing Got Heart Minute News Phone Saying World]
I'm the artist formally known as Beck. I have a genius wig. When I put that wig on, then the true genius emerges. I don't have enough hair to be a genius. I think you have to have hair going everywhere.
[ Artist Beck Emerges Enough Everywhere Formally Genius Going Hair Known Put Then Think True Wig]
People like Beck and Shawn Colvin are some of the people I listen to lately.
[ Beck Lately Listen Shawn Some]
Dancing with Kate Beckinsale made me very excited.
[ Dancing Excited Kate Made Very]
There's not a good poet I know who has not at the beck and call of his memory a vast quantity of poetry that composes his mental library.
[ Beck Call Composes Good His Know Library Memory Mental Poet Poetry Quantity Vast]
My personal favourite is Jeff Beck. All the others are wonderful as well.
[ Beck Favourite Jeff Others Personal Well Wonderful]
Where do I begin? I loved working with Kate Hepburn, which was one of the highlights of my life; Working with Richard Burton in Beckett was another great joy.
[ Another Beckett Begin Burton Great Hepburn Highlights Joy Kate Life Loved Richard Where Which Working]
When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
[ Among Follow Hard Hidden Him His Love May Pinions Steep Sword Though Ways Wings Wound Yield]
We used to get on planes, and they'd ask who we were, and we'd say, 'The Dave Brubeck Quartet', and they'd say, 'Who?' In later years they'd say, 'Oh', which amounts to the same thing.
[ Amounts Ask Dave Get Later Oh Planes Quartet Same Say Thing Used Were Which Years]
There's just not a lot of guys around playing like that these days; a lot of steel players are plugging into stomp boxes, trying to sound like Jeff Beck on a steel guitar.
[ Around Beck Boxes Days Guitar Guys Into Jeff Just Lot Players Playing Plugging Sound Steel Stomp These Trying]
Beckham? His wife can't sing and his barber can't cut hair.
[ Barber Beckham Cut Hair His Sing Wife]
The old, subjective, stagnant, indolent and wretched life for woman has gone. She has as many resources as men, as many activities beckon her on. As large possibilities swell and inspire her heart.
[ Activities Gone Heart Her Indolent Inspire Large Life Many Men Old Possibilities Resources She Stagnant Subjective Swell Woman Wretched]
I don't think there's been any writer like Samuel Beckett. He's unique. He was a most charming man and I used to send him my plays.
[ Any Beckett Been Charming Him Man Most Plays Samuel Send Think Unique Used Writer]