Authors that match 'anthony'.

Anthony Anderson American Actor (1970-)
Carmelo Anthony American Athlete (1984-)
Katharine Anthony American Writer (1877-1965)
Marc Anthony American Musician (1969-)
Piers Anthony English Writer (1934-)
Robert Anthony Educator (-)
Susan B. Anthony American Activist (1820-1906)
Anthony Blunt English Historian (1907-1983)
Anthony Bourdain American Author (1956-)
Anthony Braxton Musician (1945-)
Anthony Burgess English Novelist (1917-1993)
Anthony Caro English Sculptor (1924-)
Anthony Collins English Philosopher (1676-1729)
Anthony Comstock American Politician (1844-1915)
Anthony Crosland British Politician (1918-1977)
Anthony J. D'Angelo (-)
Anthony Daniels English Actor (1946-)
Anthony Davis American Composer (1951-)
Anthony Doerr American Writer (-)
Anthony Eden English Politician (1897-1977)
Anthony Edwards American Actor (1962-)
James Anthony Froude English Historian (1818-1894)
Anthony Michael Hall American Actor (1968-)
Anthony Hamilton (-)
Anthony Head English Actor (1954-)
Anthony Hecht American Poet (1923-2004)
Anthony Hitt American Businessman (1964-)
Anthony Holden British Journalist (1947-)
Anthony Hope British Writer (1863-1933)
Anthony Hopkins Welsh Actor (1937-)
Anthony Kennedy American Judge (1936-)
Anthony Kiedis American Musician (1962-)
Anthony Lake American Statesman (1939-)
Anthony LaPaglia Actor (-)
Anthony de Mello (-)
Anthony Minghella British Director (1954-)
Anthony Perkins American Actor (1932-1992)
Anthony Powell British Novelist (1905-2000)
Anthony Price English Author (1928-)
Anthony Principi (-)
Anthony Quayle English Actor (1913-1989)
Anthony Quinn Mexican Actor (1915-2001)
Anthony Rapp American Actor (1971-)
Anthony Sampson British Writer (1926-2004)
Anthony Storr English Author (1920-2001)
Anthony Trollope English Author (1815-1882)
Anthony Wayne American Soldier (1745-1796)
Anthony D. Weiner American Politician (1964-)
Anthony Weiner American Politician (1964-)
Anthony A. Williams American Politician (1951-)
Anthony Zinni American Statesman (1943-)

Quotations that match 'anthony'.

Some of the best actors in the world are very exterior actors, Anthony Hopkins being one of them. He knows exactly how to turn his face to get a certain expression. He knows exactly what to do with eyes, and with his voice. It's very exterior.
[ Actors Anthony Being Best Certain Exactly Expression Exterior Eyes Face Get His Hopkins How Knows Some Them Turn Very Voice World]
I did get to work with Anthony Hopkins on 'The Human Stain.' If I ever manage to accomplish a quarter of what he's achieved, I'll have had one hell of a career.
[ Accomplish Achieved Anthony Career Did Ever Get Had Hell Hopkins Human Manage Quarter Stain Work]
I dont like any of them, because they don't read the books. In Kiss Me Deadly my story is better than his story. Anthony Quinn played in The Lond Wait and he didn't read the book either.
[ Anthony Any Because Better Book Books Deadly Dont Either His Kiss Played Quinn Read Story Than Them Wait]
Flea and Anthony are into funk, like old school Meters and stuff like that.
[ Anthony Flea Funk Into Meters Old School Stuff]
It's always been my dream to do a dance scene with Anthony Hopkins.
[ Always Anthony Been Dance Dream Hopkins Scene]
Susan B. Anthony formed the Equal Rights Association, refuted ideas that women were inferior to men, and fought for a woman's right to vote.
[ Anthony Association Equal Formed Fought Ideas Inferior Men Refuted Right Rights Susan Vote Were Woman Women]
I went see the horror thriller, Hannibal. I am a massive fan of Anthony Hopkins. He is superb in the film.
[ Am Anthony Fan Film Hannibal Hopkins Horror Massive See Superb Thriller Went]
Being nominated is a great thrill, and we like to say that all four of us were nominated, which means that our director, Anthony Page was nominated four times.
[ Anthony Being Director Four Great Means Nominated Our Page Say Thrill Times Us Were Which]
I wanted to do - there was this film called 'Magic' that Anthony Hopkins did. And the director wanted me. The writer wanted me. Joe Levine said no, I don't want any comedians in this.
[ Anthony Any Called Comedians Did Director Film Hopkins Joe Levine Magic Said Want Wanted Writer]
A favorite cast? Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, and my wife.
[ Anthony Cast Favorite Freeman Gene Hackman Hopkins Lisa Morgan Wife]
When you work with Sir Anthony there are days when he will do a lot of takes if he's really enjoying a scene.
[ Anthony Days Enjoying Lot Really Scene Sir Takes Will Work]
In Wales it's brilliant. I go to the pub and see everybody who I went to school with. And everybody goes 'So what you doing now?' And I go, 'Oh, I'm doing a film with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins.' And they go, 'Ooh, good.' And that's it.
[ Anthony Antonio Brilliant Doing Everybody Film Go Goes Good Hopkins Now Oh Ooh Pub School See Wales Went]
Anthony Hopkins says you just keep acting. Do it all the time and eventually it will happen. He got his break, after all, by taking a role nobody else wanted. A cannibal!
[ Acting After Anthony Break Cannibal Else Eventually Got Happen His Hopkins Just Keep Nobody Role Says Taking Time Wanted Will]
I wanted to be Anthony Hopkins and ended up being neither a film star nor having a career on the stage.
[ Anthony Being Career Ended Film Having Hopkins Neither Nor Stage Star Up Wanted]
Michael Anthony is the Diplomat of Rock N Roll. He is the regular guy.
[ Anthony Diplomat Guy Michael Regular Rock Roll]
Still, it can be more effective to accomplish what you need to accomplish with the minimum effort. Watch Anthony Hopkins. He doesn't appear to be doing anything. He is so still that you can't see him working, but you are drawn into his character through his very stillness.
[ Accomplish Anthony Anything Appear Character Doing Drawn Effective Effort Him His Hopkins Into Minimum More Need See Still Stillness Through Very Watch Working]
Through persistent dedication, Susan B. Anthony, and other remarkable leaders, women were finally granted the right to vote in 1920.
[ Anthony Dedication Finally Granted Leaders Other Persistent Remarkable Right Susan Through Vote Were Women]