Author: Melissa Maur - Canadian - Musician

As soon as I became old enough to make my dreams my reality, I became a firm believer that the subconscious and the world outside of our flesh and blood is essentially the truth.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Became Believer Blood Dreams Enough Essentially Firm Flesh Make Old Our Outside Reality Soon Subconscious Truth World] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

But everything you do in life has a downside.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Downside Everything Life] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I am for sure a redhead and there aren't that many of us out there in music.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Am Many Music Out Redhead Sure Us] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I don't like to be afraid. I'm afraid every day, all the time.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Afraid Day Every Time] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I don't want a record company, but I need one, unfortunately.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Company Need Record Unfortunately Want] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I hate horror movies.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Hate Horror Movies] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I love big budgeted, epic rock landscapes. That's what turns me on.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Big Epic Landscapes Love Rock Turns] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I made money. What am I gonna invest in? Stocks? No. I'm going to invest in music.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Am Going Gonna Invest Made Money Music Stocks] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I mean, I grew up with pretty down-to-earth, atheist parents, but I was born a Pisces.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Atheist Born Down-To-Earth Grew Mean Parents Pretty Up] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I mean, the way I see it is, every penny I've ever made through music is free money.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Ever Every Free Made Mean Money Music Penny See Through Way] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I sold my life to Capitol Records; it sucks.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Capitol Life Records Sold Sucks] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

I've made a life and career as a professional musician.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Career Life Made Musician Professional] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

Music is my love.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Love Music] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

So, there's only so much you can do with a rock video.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Much Only Rock Video] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

Sure, give me an adventure and I'll ride it.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Adventure Give Ride Sure] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

The intentions of record companies are not good, from the musician's perspective.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Companies Good Intentions Musician Perspective Record] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

This planet Earth, the act of putting a roof over our heads, our flesh and blood existence, it's all very temporary.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ Act Blood Earth Existence Flesh Heads Our Over Planet Putting Roof Temporary Very] [Melissa Auf der Maur]

Well, being a Canadian, I love SCTV, and I think it's the basis for all good North American comedy, so I compare everything to that.-Melissa Auf der Maur
[ American Basis Being Canadian Comedy Compare Everything Good Love North Sctv Think Well] [Melissa Auf der Maur]