Author: Shirley Jackson - American - Novelist

I delight in what I fear.-Shirley Jackson
[ Delight Fear] [Shirley Jackson]

I have always loved to use fear, to take it and comprehend it and make it work and consolidate a situation where I was afraid and take it whole and work from there.-Shirley Jackson
[ Afraid Always Comprehend Consolidate Fear Loved Make Situation Take Use Where Whole Work] [Shirley Jackson]

I never was a person who wanted a handout. I was a cafeteria worker. I'm not too proud to ask the Best Western manager to give me a job. I have cleaned homes.-Shirley Jackson
[ Ask Best Cleaned Give Handout Homes Job Manager Never Person Proud Too Wanted Western Worker] [Shirley Jackson]

I very much dislike writing about myself or my work, and when pressed for autobiographical material can only give a bare chronological outline which contains no pertinent facts.-Shirley Jackson
[ Autobiographical Bare Chronological Contains Dislike Facts Give Material Much Myself Only Outline Pertinent Pressed Very Which Work Writing] [Shirley Jackson]

Life Among the Savages is a disrespectful memoir of my children.-Shirley Jackson
[ Among Children Disrespectful Life Memoir Savages] [Shirley Jackson]